What is Psychic Reading, and How Do They Work?

If you’ve got questions about psychic readings – I’ve got the answers. Read on to find out what psychic readings are and answers to our commonly asked questions.

Think about a time when you had a concern regarding your love life, career, or family situation, and you had the urge to consult a psychic because you needed the insight to handle a situation regarding any of those things. And you are not alone in wanting to get some intuitive insight from a psychic that can provide that to you. 

Even if you are not concerned about those things, you might be curious about what it is like getting a psychic reading and what is involved in doing that. So the first thing to review is how to get a psychic reading. 

How Can You Get A Psychic Reading?

Woman with a psychic aura

There are several ways how you can get a psychic reading. First, you can see a psychic in person as you could look and see if local psychics have a Facebook business page or a Google listing, and email or call them to arrange a time to visit them. If you have time to spare, drive to see a psychic.

However, if you prefer not to, these psychics likely do readings for you virtually. That became common during the COVID-19 pandemic, and now that this is the post-pandemic era, virtual meetings, including psychic readings, are still popular. It may be more comforting to you to get a psychic reading from the comfort of your home. 

You can also go on psychic platforms and find a psychic that would be the best fit to meet your needs. You can choose if you want to get a reading from a tarot reader, astrologer, fortune teller or a medium, depending on why you want to get a reading. You can find psychics that offer all of those services on various platforms. 

You can get many reading methods as some psychics will chat with you through the platform and deliver your reading by that method. Others can get the reading via phone or video chat. Other psychics can create personalized videos and send them to you or will send you an email reading. That depends on the type of delivery the psychic chooses and the policy of their work platform. That also depends on what you desire. 

When you look to hire a psychic on a platform, you want to hire the correct one for your psychic needs and ensure that the psychic will deliver the reading in the way you prefer. For example, you have a question regarding your love life, want to get a tarot reading, and like a live video chat reading. So you will want to find a psychic to help you with all that. You want also to check their ratings, which I will cover in a bit. 

Another way to get a psychic reading is attending a psychic fair that may be coming to your area. Psychic fairs often occur in many cities, which means you may be willing to travel somewhat if it is not in your town. However, you can find various psychics that offer different services, and those readings will all be in person. 

You may also be concerned about whether these psychics are legitimate or accurate. You may also wonder if getting a psychic reading is scary. So let’s cover that right now. 

How Do You Know That A Psychic Is Accurate?

You must realize that a good-quality psychic will clarify that their readings have no 100 percent accuracy rate. This is because psychics are human, just like you and I. And the other thing is that a future prediction can always change, as nothing is set in stone. However, if the psychic taps into your situation well, can give you excellent intuitive insight that makes sense to you, and can predict a realistic outcome based on your path (which you can always change), then that makes them as accurate as they can be. 

If a psychic is very off with your reading, does that mean they are not skilled or a fraud? Not necessarily. It can mean that the psychic does not connect with you well, energy-wise, which can happen. If you worry about fraudulent psychics, let’s review the signs that the psychic you are consulting may be fake. (See our guide on whether psychics are real for more information).

What Are The Signs Of A Fraudulent Psychic?

If you are getting a psychic reading from a reputable platform, the psychic is likely legitimate because they vet their readers before hiring them as advisors. However, it is always essential to pay attention to red flags, such as a psychic saying they are 100 percent accurate or that your future predictions are set in stone, and steer clear from those who say they can erase curses. Also, go with your intuition. If the psychic feels like they are not legitimate, you must go with that. 

You should also look at the reviews for each psychic if most are positive, then there is a good chance the psychic is kosher. On the other hand, there may be some negative reviews by disgruntled clients because they may have gotten the news they needed to hear, not what they wanted. Now, let’s go over whether or not a psychic reading is scary. 

Are Psychic Readings Scary?

No – psychic readings are not at all scary. There are no dark forces that have anything to do with the reading. Psychics have various skills, such as clairvoyance (seeing things beyond the veil), clairaudience (hearing things beyond the veil), and clairsentience (sensing things beyond the veil), and other skills. There is nothing scary about those gifts; the psychic will do what they can to make the reading loving, caring, and as comfortable for you. 

If there is ever a psychic that makes you feel uncomfortable, then you will want to tell them. Remember, some psychics are to the point with what they say to you, which means they can come up as a little harsh, as they don’t want to beat around the bush.

However, they intend not to scare you. They want to be straight with you. That is a good thing. Now you know what a psychic reading entails, here are some FAQs many people have about psychic readings and psychics. 

How much do psychic readings cost?

The cost of going to a psychic for a reading will vary. Some charge a flat fee, and others charge by the minute if you are on a psychic platform. Some psychics may charge as little as $15 for a 20-minute reading and as much as $500 for a general reading. Some may set higher than that. It boils down to the psychic’s experience, confidence, and fame. 

Some psychics may only want to charge a little for their readings because they know many people are hard up on their cash and want to be fair. However, psychics that are experienced and famous will charge more money. 

Platform psychics will charge by the minute, which can be as low as $0.99 per minute or as high as $30 per minute. It depends on the platform and the psychic to determine that price. 

How do psychic readings work?

Many psychics have various abilities; as mentioned previously, they are clairvoyant as they see beyond the veil. Some are clairaudient as they hear beyond the veil. Many are claircognizant, intuitive knowing, and clairsentient, meaning they feel what others feel. Some psychics are also mediums which means they can communicate with spirits. Psychics have to work on these skills to use them to tap into the energies of others on an intuitive level as they will use one or more of those skills. 

For example, a clairvoyant psychic will see what you did over the last 24 hours, and they may pick up an image of you making popcorn. They will ask you if you made popcorn, and you will be blown away because you did – or they may be close, whereas you went to the theatre and ate popcorn. Therefore, psychics tap into your energy, and mediums tap into the energy of spirits, which is how they work. 

How accurate are psychic readings?

As mentioned, psychics do not have a 100 percent accuracy rate because they are imperfect. However, the best you can get is that a psychic can tap into your energies well enough to see or hear or sense the energies around your situation intuitively so they can give you the insight you need. For example, when predicting the future, legitimate psychics will tell you that your future is never set in stone, as free will plays a role. However, they can give you the most likely scenario of an outcome based on your path, and you have the power to change it. There is also room for error regarding interpreting signs and symbols psychics get based on your energy. 

How do online psychic readings work?

Online psychic readings like Psychic Source or Oranum work the same way as in-person psychic readings. The psychic or medium taps into the energies surrounding you online (or of the deceased around you when it comes to mediumship). They connect with your energy through video, chat, or phone like they would connect to you in person. Energy is energy, and it does not matter how the psychic taps into it.

And yes, that even means a psychic in North America could tap into the energies of a querent in Australia because distance means nothing regarding how energy is concerned.