What Is Clairempathy?

Today we’ll explore clairempathy – what it is and what it means for those with it.

You are learning a lot about psychic abilities, and you hear about them being referred to as “clairs,” and there are various ones. You can connect with other souls or the spiritual realm through these “clair” abilities. You know about clairvoyance, which means seeing beyond the veil, and you also know about clairaudience, which is hearing beyond the veil.

There is also clairsentience which is feeling energies from others and through the spiritual realm, as that goes hand in hand with empathy. There is also claircognizance, which is knowing what will happen or what happened to someone without even talking to them. The “clair” ability I will focus on now is clairempathy. 

Clairempathy Explained

What is clairempathy? It means a clear feeling. You may think it is the same thing as clairsentience, and even though there are similarities between those two abilities, they are not the same. Clairsentience is feeling what others are feeling, usually on a physical level. However, it can be mental and emotional, too, as you would feel the excess energies from others in a room you walk into, which can overwhelm you. 

By contrast, clairempathy refers to the perception of emotional energy. The individual with clairempathy understands other people’s feelings, thoughts, and symptoms but does not necessarily feel them physically. 

There is a similarity between claircognizance and clairempathy, too. In contrast, those with clairempathy know things about other people without explaining how they do, such as the fact that they may have gone through some trauma without knowing how they know and why. Like clairsentience, the one with clairempathy feels emotions, as that is one of the similarities between the two psychic abilities. Let’s now go over the signs that you may have the psychic gift of clairempathy. 

Clairempaths Have The Same Emotions As Others

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You will feel the emotions of others if you have clairempathy. For example, if a friend is upset, you can talk to them and help them feel better, but you won’t feel what they are feeling. However, if you have clairempathy, you will feel the upset feeling that your friend has because of being so in tune with their vibration. So the bottom line is that if you have clairempathy, you will feel the emotions that others have and take those emotions as yours. 

Those who have clairempathy can become overwhelmed because of having to take on the emotions of others. And that even applies to someone who does not show their emotions. If you have a friend telling you and everyone else that they are fine and happy and they smile, but the reality is they are sad, you will feel through their facade and feel the sadness they feel.

In other words, no one can fool someone who has clairempathy. If you tell someone with that psychic ability that you are OK even though you are falling apart inside, they will know you are not being honest because they feel you are falling apart inside. 

Another thing too is if someone is sneaky, someone with clairempathy will also feel that and know that individual’s true motives. So there is also a similarity to claircognizance, but the difference is that the one with clairempathy will feel what the sneaky person feels. Hence, the need to manipulate and scam someone for their benefit, and there could be a hint of revenge. 

Clairempathy – You Are In A Constant State Of Overwhelm

If you have clairempathy, you will be in a constant state of overwhelm because taking on the emotions and feelings of others is overwhelming. There is no question about that. For example, imagine feeling happy because one person is one, then you are with someone sad, then you take that emotion on, and then you come across someone full of rage, which means you take that on, and so on! That is overwhelming. 

Therefore, when you are taking on the emotions of others, you will be constantly anxious and distressed. And perhaps you have believed that you were too sensitive and making mountains out of molehills regarding your emotions. Maybe others told you that growing up, and you thought of them because you felt that way. However, the fact of the matter is when you do take on so many emotions that others have, that is overwhelming. 

It is also exhausting constantly to feel the emotions that others are feeling, especially if you are in contact with various people who will feel different emotions. That is a lot to take in for one person. That is why it is imperative to implement some self-care tactics. 

You Need To Be Alone

Clairempathy is an intense psychic gift, and because you feel too many people’s emotions, you will need to be alone if you have this gift. It is essential for those who have clairempathy to stay alone during times of stress, and even if there is no stress, recharging and recalibrating yourself is necessary for self-care. The pressure you would have to endure from taking on too many emotions is too intense. It will drain you energetically, and that is when you need to self-isolate so you can take time to recover your energy. 

Suppose you have clairempathy and you have the need to be alone for no apparent reason. In that case, you need to honor that because even if you are not feeling the emotions of others on a conscious level, you may have too many emotions that others have who you have been around and feel in your subconscious.

Never question your need to self-isolate. Go and read a book to unwind, one that is humorous. If you want to pick up any emotions on anyone during your alone time, the best thing to do is pick up a humorous one from a fictional character that will raise your spirits. 

Clairempaths Need To Minimize Watching The News

The news is full of negativity about pandemics, viruses, war, and other terrible things. If you have clairempathy, all that information about what is happening in the world and how much suffering there is will affect you. You will feel the effects of those impacted by these things, which will be too much for you to handle. That is why watching the news is not a good idea for you, and you know this, which is why you minimize the news. 

You will only read enough about it, so you remain informed about what is happening, but once you begin to feel any adverse effects from it otherwise, you will want to end it. And even after reading the news, staying informed may require you to isolate so you can “detox” from the effects of picking up on the information from it emotionally. 

Have The Need To Limit Social Media Consumption

One of the worst things you can do if you have clairempathy is to scroll on social media. Not only will you find the doom and gloom news, but many users on there are in distress, complain, and will toss out their dirty laundry. All of that is too overwhelming and distressing for anyone with clairempathy. In addition, you likely have to deactivate your social media accounts and only stay on at times to keep in touch with those you care about instead. Social media can be toxic for anyone with clairempathy for those reasons. 

You Feel At Home When You Are In Nature

When surrounded by nature, you are most peaceful when you have clairempathy. You feel at home in natural surroundings with animals, plants, trees, and flowers. Your connection with the spirits in the universe and everything natural has a spirit with them. You feel that your energy even strengthens when you are in nature, and that may be how you want to recharge after going through so much stress. 

Yes, you may want to go in your room or an area of your home that brings you peace when you are feeling overwhelmed, but you may also feel compelled to go for a walk and connect yourself to nature to strengthen yourself and your energy again. If you could live in a cabin in the woods, that would be your dream instead of living somewhere urban when facing so many emotions from the other city dwellers. 

Clairempathy – You Have A Strong Desire To Improve The World

Since you will feel the emotions that others have around you if you have clairempathy, you are well aware of the dark side of the world. And you have a strong desire to make the world better. Therefore, you will do what you can to help others in need because doing your part will mean so much. 

If you have clairempathy, you will be the one not to hesitate to help someone who requires it, and you will also be the one who will check on a friend who you have not connected with for a while to see if they are okay. 

You are highly sensitive since you pick up so many other emotions from others, and that is why when you have clairempathy, you are in significant need of self-care. You can become drained by being exposed to so many emotions.