Yellow Auras – What They Are & What They Mean

If you’re wondering what the truth about yellow auras is you’re on the right page. I’ll explain about them, what personalities of yellow aura folks can be, and the meanings of the different shades.

What Does A Yellow Aura Mean?

The aura around a living being or an inanimate object is the energy bubble that surrounds it, as there are auras surrounding planets, including Earth. And the energy that comes from the individual, animal, or anything else will be shown through the aura. Auras come in various colors, rarely of only one color, as many colors can make up an aura. You have an aura, and your aura likely has plenty of different colors. However, there is always a dominant color in an aura. And that can reflect your personality, state of mind, and physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. The aura I will talk to you about now is the yellow one.

The Yellow Aura Explained

Yellow Psychic Aura

Do you have an aura with plenty of yellow, or is it your dominant color? If so, it shows that you have an adventurous side, has plenty of energy, and are full of wit and smarts. In addition, you like to have fun, and others see you as fun. Yellow is a joyful aura, and that is not a surprise because the sun is yellow, and the sun represents joy. Think of the sun in the tarot deck! That is one of the most positive cards. The yellow aura also coincides with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is in the abdomen area. That is the chakra that rules confidence, creativity, and power.

And if you happen to have yellow as your dominant color, but you have other factors that make you highly sensitive, you will not hold a grudge if someone offends you. You believe that life is too short to be angry. The other thing about you is that you are highly creative, which shows a lot. Let’s delve more into the personality of anyone with a dominant yellow aura.

The Personality Of Those Who Have A Dominant Yellow Aura

Even though you may have a dominant yellow aura that indicates your love to have some fun, you also know how to relax as long as you are enjoying yourself. You have a childlike nature and need to be with others who can relate to you. However, you are just as content alone as you are with people because you know how to keep yourself occupied. And you can picture someone who enjoys painting, for example, having no social life for a while. That person would not get lonely because they could paint to their heart’s content. And if you have a dominant yellow aura and had to be in lockdown during the thick of the pandemic, you handled it well for that reason.

You are also a free spirit. As innovators and inventors, many times would have a dominant yellow aura. If you are a creator, that is likely the case, as you would bring the joy you have into your work. You also love nature and life, and you are a thrill-seeker. However, you will not get yourself in danger because you are intelligent. You use your thrill-seeking energy in creativity.

You need to be physically active or intellectually stimulated, however. And you have an innate sense of happiness, indicating that you will always keep busy no matter what. You would also be one of those fun friends, partners, or co-workers who would brighten their day as you would be fun to be with and to work with. You are also the go-to person because you are smart, and resourceful which is why your co-workers may find you handy. However, there are downsides to the dominant yellow aura color.

The Downsides To The Dominant Yellow Aura Color

You already know that if you have a dominant yellow aura, you are pleasant to be around and intelligent, so you can be a good problem-solver and help others with that. However, there are negatives that you should know about, and one is that you don’t accept everyone into your circle because of your intelligence. You may be pleasant to everyone but will only allow those like you into your circle. Therefore, you do exclude many people without giving them a chance.

And even though you are not the type to get rattled when it comes to stress, you are still not as immune to it as you think. You can become sarcastic and say hurtful things to those who are sensitive. And the other thing is that having a dominant yellow aura can hamper your emotions since yellow is not a color of emotions. Therefore, you could lack sensitivity and not be in touch with your feelings.

Additionally, when other negative aspects of your aura come into play, such as black and grey, you will not feel secure. And therefore, you will become a perfectionist who will ruin your happy-go-lucky side as you become overly self-critical. That will ruin your mental health. And finally, if you become too focused on a goal, you can withdraw from other aspects of your life, which is unhealthy. Now that you know about the yellow aura, shades of yellow can indicate your personality and state of mind a little more. Let’s go over those.

The Shades Of Yellow In Your Aura

There is not only one shade of yellow in your aura, as there are various shades that can change certain aspects of your personality. Let’s go over these shades:

  • Light yellow: This can show up in your aura if you are embarking on something new, as it can represent naivete, but there is a substantial degree of optimism. Therefore, if you are turning a new leaf, you will likely have light yellow in your aura.
  • Very bright yellow: You have a pleasant, happy, and confident nature. However, there are still some confidence issues as you are not feeling a strong sense of self when the aura is this bright. You may be entering a time of spiritual growth.
  • Golden yellow: You are an influential leader and teacher as you know how to motivate others and help them find their purpose because this color aura represents spiritual enlightenment.

Suppose you want to improve your shade of yellow, where it begins to show some golden hues. In that case, you will want to develop a positive mindset by living in a state of gratitude, looking at everything with a positive lens, and believing that each challenge you experience is a lesson to learn. You will also want to live in a spiritual state and also know that any attack that you encounter is not a personal one as it reflects the state of mind the attacker has. The next aura I will delve into is red. Let me send you some resources to you can learn to sharpen your yellow aura:

1. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Self-Healing and Balancing Techniques, by Steve B. Millard.

2. The Solar Plexus or Abdominal Brain, by Theron Q. Dumont.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: The Ultimate Guide to Opening, Balancing, and Healing Manipura, by Mari Silva.

4. The Golden Codes of Shamballa: Spiritual numbers to uplift humanity and multiply all the energies of love, light, and happiness, by Georgios Mylonas.

5. How to Be Happy: 52 Ways to Fill Your Days with Loving Kindness, by Olivia Gibbs

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