2024’s Best Tarot Reading Sites

Looking for a tarot reading online but don’t know where to start?
We’re here to help you find:

  • Where to get truly eye-opening tarot readings
  • How to choose a trustworthy site
  • The best online tarot readers

So What Is A Tarot Reading?

Tarot readings involve a deck of special cards laid out into a pattern (called a ‘spread’).
These cards, along with the knowledge and expertise of the reader can be interpreted. This allows you to get useful and affirming insight into your life.

Each tarot card has its own meaning, usually symbolic.
There are variations of the tarot deck and each advisor has their own style and interpretation.

Having one online means you don’t have to travel to someone. You’ve got tons of choice at your fingertips, 24/7.

Here Are The Best Online Tarot Reading Sites For 2024

SiteYour Best ChoiceTop FeaturesGet A Tarot Reading
For Value

For Value

  • 280+ love/relationship experts
  • Readings from just $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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For Career & Money Readings

For Career & Money Readings

  • Consistently accurate & insightful readings
  • Compassionate, genuine advisors
  • Love, relationships, careers + more
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For Love Readings

For Love Readings

  • Tons of 5* rated tarot readers
  • Buy 30 minutes, get 5 FREE Elite/Master mins
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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For Variety

For Variety

  • Massive range of gifted tarot readers
  • 10,000 free Oranum coins
  • Love, tarot, numerology & more
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What Can Tarot Be Used For?

Tarot is a highly versatile type of reading, used by millions. It give us a highly insightful way of getting guidance. It has a fascinating past and history.
Some of the things you can use a tarot reading online for include help with:

  • Career and jobs: Want advice on your career move or a promotion?
  • Money and finance: Want to find more wealth and abundance in your life?
  • Love and relationships: Want to attract your true soulmate or perhaps end uncertainty in your relationship?
  • Your general life purpose and path: What do you want from life? What has the universe got planned for you?
  • Big life decisions: Thinking of moving home? Planning a family?
  • Understanding your past: A past life reading via tarot can be incredibly be eye opening.

Who Are The Best Tarot Readers Online?

There’s hundreds of psychic tarot readers out there! Stick to a trusted site like the ones we recommend (PsychicOz is a great choice) and you can’t go too wrong. They all feature plenty of top rated advisors.

That said, it’s worth looking at a few profiles to get the guidance you need and deserve. Check out the reviews and whether you get a good ‘feel’ for that advisor.
You may want to consider their experience and ratings from recent clients. Stay clear of any with consistently bad ratings or negative comments.
Look for ones that can help you get the answers you need, just like you would for the best psychic sites.

With all that said, here’s a selection of the best psychic tarot readers from our trusted sites:

Psychic's PhotoTarot Reader's InfoCustomer RatingGet A Reading
Dancing Voice (Kasamba)

Dancing Voice (Kasamba)

  • A massive 10,500+ reviews
  • Reputation as highly truthful tarot reader
  • Health, career, finances + more
  • Has many famous clients!
Visit Kasamba
Krystal De Lalumiere (Keen)

Krystal De Lalumiere (Keen)

  • Professional psychic/tarot reader since 1995
  • 4.96/5 rating on Keen.com
  • First 3 minutes free
  • Very relaxing, warm vibes
Visit Keen
Tarot Matilda (AskNow)

Tarot Matilda (AskNow)

  • 20 years experience with tarot
  • Psychic and empathetic
  • From $1 a min intro offer
  • Great at helping you find answers
Visit AskNow
Sacred Soul Garden (Oranum)

Sacred Soul Garden (Oranum)

  • Tarot reader and EFT guide
  • Guidance with relationships, life + tons more
  • Highly gifted, versatile reader
  • Angel card tarot readings
Visit Oranum
Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

Choosing A Trusted Tarot Site

The wheel of fortune tarot card

Having so much choice can make finding the best tarot sites overwhelming. When you’re wanting advice on big issues, you want to ensure it’s from somewhere legit and trusted.
So how do you find a trusted site for an accurate online tarot?

Firstly start with the sites we’ve cherry-picked for you. AskNow, Kasamba, Mysticsense and Oranum are all established sites with tons of gifted tarot readers.
Have a browse of the site you’re interested in and get a feel for it.

Check out the tarot readers online there and have a skim through client reviews and ratings. This will show you very easily if that person gives accurate readings and great service.

You’ll find the best tarot sites are the ones that have been established for years. These are safe, reliable and trusted by tons of people.

How Much Do Tarot Readings Cost?

The cost of tarot online readings varies. Each site and advisor have different rates.
There are also introductory deals like AskNow’s $1 per minute. And most sites offer a few minutes free.

Generally you’ll looking at anywhere from $1 to $30+ per minute. That’s great as it means whatever your budget is, there’s plenty of choices for your tarot reading.

Free Tarot Readings

As the old saying goes “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. And that goes for free tarot readings.
What I’m getting at is you won’t be able to get a full reading free (sorry!).
That said, you can take full advantage of free minutes that many of the best tarot sites offer. And (like the AskNow offer above) some amazing intro offers.

Claim Your 5 Free Minutes At AskNow

9 Tips For Great Readings

Want to get the most from your reading? We’ve got you covered.
The team here at Psychics.guru put together these list of tips for you to try:

  1. Prepare: In advance, think about what you want from the tarot reading. Be specific as you can
  2. Get ready: Spend some time before the reading relaxing and clearing your mind. Many folks like to try some simple meditation or breathing exercises
  3. Make some notes during and after the reading on key things
  4. Take time after the reading to reflect. What was useful? What surprised you? What actions can you take?
  5. Have an open mind: If you start the reading with a fixed mindset or perhaps cynicism, you won’t get the most from it
  6. Ask your advisor questions: If you’re not sure about something they’ve said, or what the cards mean, ask!
  7. If you don’t feel a rapport with your tarot reading specialist, feel free to end the session and try another
  8. Be realistic – No reading is going to give you all the answers you need about all areas of your life. You’re still in charge of your decisions, actions and future!
  9. Trust: Trust that the universe has a unique, beautiful plan for you. And trust that your tarot reader wants the best for you.
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Best For Choice
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  • 200+ tarot reading specialists
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  • Tarot readers with real gifts and talents
Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.


Now you know how easy it is to get a tarot reading online, you just need to choose a site.

We’ve seen in this page that there are hundreds of talented psychic tarot advisors out there. They can offer you help, insight and guidance on any aspect of your life.
Every online tarot reading is 100% unique to you. Choose one today and start living the life you know you deserve.

Our Tarot Guides

Our experts have written plenty of useful guides covering a range of tarot topics such as:

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Tarot Reading FAQs

Can I get a free tarot reading?

Personally I wouldn’t trust any company that says they’ll give you a free reading.
(Of course, if it’s a talented friend or loved one then that’s another matter).

Like anything in the psychic reading realm, tarot takes skill and experience. So I’d be suspicious of the idea of a ‘free tarot reading’.
What you can do though is take advantage of free minutes and introductory offers at the best online tarot sites.
Nearly all sites offer these and that gives you peace of mind when you’re first starting.

How much do online tarot readers make?

I need to give you a vague answer here which is ‘it depends’. Usually though, each adviser can choose what rate they want to charge – as long as this falls in the range the tarot site wants to offer.

Can anyone read tarot cards?

Yes, anyone can learn to read tarot cards. Note that I use the word ‘learn’ as it can take some time to do so.
Tarot involves intuition and we all have that – we’re just not all good at tapping into it.
Be patient, be open and the skill will come!

Are tarot readings accurate?

Yes, generally a reading from a tarot advisor will be accurate. However, there’s a caveat.
And that is – you’re still in control of your future and destiny.

A tarot reading doesn’t mean everything is set in stone for you. It’s there for guidance and for answers.
But you are very much still in charge of your destiny!
Have a read of our tarot myths debunked page.

What is yes/no tarot?

This is a super simple form of reading where you’re asking a question that has a yes or no answer.

Some readers don’t like doing this form of tarot. It’s quite limiting in it’s scope but can be useful if you need to consult on something very simplistic.

How should I prepare for a reading?

To prepare for a tarot reading is simple. Firstly you want to have a clear idea of what you want from it.
Secondly, you need to be relaxed. Relaxed physically and mentally.

Finally I always say – have an open mind. If you are thinking “this will be a waste of time” or “I don’t believe any of this” then guess what – it will be a waste of time!
Open your mind up to what the reading may give you and how it can help you live a fulfilled life.

Why do tarot readers knock on the cards?

They knock on the cards as a kind of cleansing exercise. Think of it like cleaning and releasing energy that builds up in readings. Done with a clear intent, it’s a powerful yet easy way of improving the next reading.
Find out more in our beginner’s guide to tarot.

Are tarot readings real?

Very much so (as long as you stick to trusted tarot sites like the ones we list here).
Remember – tarot isn’t new – it has a long history If you choose a trusted, well reviewed tarot psychic you’ll be fine.