Fernando Albert – Exclusive Psychic Interview

Fernando (Akashicsoul)

Fernando, or Akashicsoul as he’s known on Fiverr.com, is a leading provider of online psychic services there. We did an exclusive interview with him to find out more. about his background and thoughts on readings.

Psychics.guru: Hi Fernando, how long have you been a professional psychic?
Fernando: I started offering readings at a semi-professional level back in 2009 and dedicated myself solely to
the path of Spirit in 2011, so almost 12 years.

Psychics.guru: When did you first know you were psychic?
Fernando: Since I was a small kid, I have been aware of quite a few things. I knew I could feel like other people, reading their emotions and feeling them as my own. I was able to get out of my body at will. I also had numerous premonitions that were always fulfilled, but I couldn’t control this.
Growing up, I used these gifts without knowing what they were for. Or, “How can I know this
already if I haven’t lived it
So, I was always aware that I had something special, although, for many years, I assumed it was the same for everybody.

Psychics.guru: What do you find are the most common things people ask for help on for a reading?
Fernando: Generally, most people are completely lost in their life. They do not know their passions, what to
do in life, and how to solve their love problems.
The main question they ask is about their love life or someone, particularly their career, to find one.

Psychics.guru: What tips do you have for people that are having their first psychic reading?
Fernando: It depends on their approach, but I asked them to question everything around them, including the
information I gave them in the reading.
Reflect and ponder upon the information provided during the psychic reading session and see how it integrates into their life—brainstorming and opening their eyes to any predicted opportunities or happenings.

Psychics.guru: Did anyone else in your family have psychic abilities?
Fernando: Yes, my dad has channelling abilities, as well as claricognition. He is susceptible to energy and has
been aware of the multiverse surrounding us since he was very young.
He is not a professional psychic; he chose another path. My mom claims she has felt the Spirit a few times, but I do not
deem her as open, nor does she claim it.

Psychics.guru: Do you use tools like tarot or others?
Fernando: In most readings, I open the Akashic Records and connect with that person’s Spirit Guides and
Higherself. However, sometimes I may use tools like runes or the Tarot; a deck I designed myself called The Conspiracy Tarot.

Psychics.guru: What do you love the most about your job?
Fernando: The significance behind it. Receiving messages from many people telling me how essential this reading was in their lives.
Getting messages where people say I have been a vital asset to their lives.

An immense feeling of gratitude because I could help them.
It also fills my heart when someone succeeds, finds love, or can extend their family.
Plus, the freedom to be an independent professional.

Psychics.guru: Thanks Fernando, super interesting getting to know you!

If you’d like schedule a reading with Fernando, pop over to Fiverr using the links on this page. As you’ll see, he has tons of positive ratings and reviews!

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