What Does The Bible Say About Psychics?

Ever wondered what the bible has to say about psychics and mediums? We’ve deep dived into the research and found out for you.

You and your friend received a flyer about a psychic fair in town, and you are intrigued by the idea, so you will want to go to the fair. However, you recall that each time you went to church, the sermons occasionally included how psychics are doing dangerous acts through divination, as the Bible condemns. 

You cannot help yourself as you are incredibly curious about what psychics do and what they can tell you about yourself and those around you. But what is in store for you? Only a psychic can say to you, and even then, nothing is set in stone because of free will. As curious as you are about going to the fair and what it can offer you, you also fear it because of what you learned about psychics when you went to church. So, let’s talk more about what the Bible says about psychics and psychic readings. 

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What Does The Bible Say About Psychic Readings?

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According to the Bible, it may appear harmless on the surface to get a psychic reading. However, as the Bible says about those into divination, psychics, tarot readers, palm readers, astrologers, and other occultists are delving into dark and evil spirits. Therefore, the warning is evident as it tells you to avoid anyone doing a psychic reading. It does not matter how fun or intriguing it appears on the outside. Clergy people tell you loud and clear that you are playing with fire if you get a psychic reading

They also tell you that those who pose as psychic readers are committing fraud because it is impossible to delve into the powers, as they say. Therefore, these psychics are only there to fool you and to take your money. Thus, the Bible says that those who participate in divination are working with forces of evil. However, at the same time. Some pretend they are psychics and will scam you. The latter part is genuine, unfortunately. 

Whether you follow the Bible or not, and whether you are religious or not, you cannot deny that many fraudulent people will do anything to make some quick cash, and taking that they are psychic is an excellent way to scam you. But unfortunately, this act only tarnishes the psychic and spiritual industry as it hurts the reputation of legitimate readers. And those honest readers are the ones that the Bible tells you to stay away from anyway. 

What Does The Bible Say About Legitimate Psychic Readers?

Clergy people see that there are legitimate psychics around who can tell you things that no one would ever know. Yet, they are the ones who they fear the most. That is because a fortune teller in the Bible could tell the future, and Paul got a demon out of this fortune teller. Therefore, the Bible says that psychics who are legitimate fortune tellers do work with Satan and demons. So, if you get a reading from these psychics, you also connect yourself to Satan, demons, and other dark forces. 

The Bible makes you believe that Satan is the one that pretends to care and to provide you with helpful information. Therefore, Satan and the demons will give you information about the future, so they will hook you with spiritism, which the Bible warns you against, as that is against God’s wishes. 

It may appear harmless initially, but Satan, in the end, will get you hooked to psychics and will end up controlling you through dark forces. Peter stated this:

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. – Peter 5:8. 

And the psychics working with these dark forces may not even realize what they are doing and how controlled they are. Therefore, the blame is not put on many psychics because they started delving into something that appeared innocent, and now they are owned by the devil, according to the Bible.

Therefore, as you can see, the Bible forbids you from getting a psychic reading because if you do, you cross paths with Satan, the devil, and other dark entities. 

However, you may wonder what the Bible says about other forms of spirit communication, such as mediumship. Mediumship readings are not the same as psychic readings. Psychic readings are all about the energy around the living. In contrast, mediumship readings are all about communicating with the spirits of the deceased or spirits of those who are living but may be nonverbal due to autism, being in a coma, or having highly advanced Alzheimer’s disease. Does the Bible have anything complimentary to say about mediumship as opposed to psychic readings? Let’s talk about that. 

What Does The Bible Say About Mediums?

The Bible tells you you will end up in Heaven or Hell after you pass away. If you were the one who obeyed God no matter what, then you would end up in Heaven, enjoying the afterlife there as you end up with a reward for being obedient to God. However, if you rebelled against God, you would end up in Hell, having to learn some bitter lessons. Therefore, there would not be any reason that spirits could communicate with anyone since they may be in Heaven or Hell. 

The Bible frowns upon mediumship for that reason, as they cannot access spirits according to the Bible. Instead, like psychics, mediums communicate with demons and dark entities posing as spirits of deceased loved ones. That has been stated by Corinthians 11:14-15:

14 And no wonder even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. 

Therefore, yet again, according to the Bible, those who practice mediumship are either communicating with dark entities or scamming you by making you believe they can, so they take your money for it. However, what about individuals with psychic gifts such as clairvoyance or clairaudience? Let’s go and look into that carefully. 

How Does The Bible Describe Clairvoyance And Other Psychic Gifts?

Many people have the gift of prophecy, seeing anything beyond the veil, or clairaudience, which is hearing anything beyond the veil. Everyone has a degree of intuition; even religious people cannot deny that. And many people are looking to increase and enhance their psychic skills because they want to know what is beyond what they can see, think, feel, and hear. They know there is more to life than what they see in front of them. 

However, according to the Bible, God created limitations on people for a reason: to make others rely on God when they needed some hope or comfort while going through something challenging. God gave people five senses to operate the way they need, and God wants you to rely on those senses; if you need anything beyond your five senses, then that is the opportunity to rely on Him. 

Therefore, the Bible even condemns those who want to enhance their psychic abilities, as once again, it says that you would be opening yourself up to evil forces. So that is why religious people would quell their desire to enhance their psychic abilities, let alone consult with psychics, because of how much the Bible condemns it. 

Those Who Are Religious Will Keep Away From Anything That Goes Against God

Psychics and mediums go against God, according to the Bible. That is why those who are religious Christians, Jews, or Muslims would never entertain getting “support” from any psychic or medium and would only rely on God. The Bible says that God is the only one that can give you the answers that you need, and you have to develop the faith that is the truth. God is there for you to rely on when you need support; there are no other ways around that. 

That is why many people interested in developing psychic and mediumship abilities break away from religion. And that can create a lot of rifts with families as they would expect their kids always to obey the faith and God. So you must respect the individual’s religious beliefs if that is the path they want to go towards, but at the same time, you must follow your truth. 

You Must Go With The Path Meant For You

You may have been raised in a religious household with much fear around psychics and mediums because of how much the Bible condemns them. However, if you firmly pull towards studying psychic development, you cannot ignore that truth because your family would disapprove. 

The truth is that psychics and mediums do not work with dark forces unless they specifically do, and you can always connect with your deceased loved ones.

Therefore, they are not inaccessible like the Bible wants you to believe. There is nothing to fear when it comes to psychic development, as long as your intentions by honing those skills are pure. And you do not have to tell your family that this is the path you want to take if you fear it will upset them. You are not alone in that position!