The Full Moon Tarot Spread

The full moon tarot spread is a fascinating spread you can do to gain some real insight. Today I’ll explain all about it and how it can help you. We’ll also go through a sample reading.

The lunar phases have an impact on the ocean tide, and they also affect humans and animals. The key lunar phases are the new and full moon, and the new moon represents new beginnings and setting intentions, whereas the full moon represents illumination, culmination, and release. I will focus on the full moon this week, how it can affect you, and how you can make the best of your energies.

Not only is there a tarot spread you will want to try during the full moon, but you will want to do a full moon ritual that can help you release what is no longer serving you, and the full moon tarot spread you can incorporate into your ritual. 

The Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon

When it is the full moon, that is when the moon is at its brightest and most prominent. The full moon is a time to reflect and see what you have achieved during the first half of the lunar cycle and where there is room for improvement. During this ritual, you will let go of anything that is no longer helping you. The essential thing is when you are performing this ritual, you have to be open and willing to be open to anything that could make your life better. 

When you begin your ritual, you will want to perform it on the night of the full moon or the day before. If you need to know when the full moon is, look at the lunar phases in your local area and show you the necessary information. Where you decide to hold your ceremony is up to you. You can do it outdoors if the weather is dry and mild. If you prefer to do the ceremony indoors but want to have exposure to the outdoors when it is dry and mild, you can always open the window. However, you will want to do the ritual indoors when the weather is not on your side.

If you live with others, you will want to let your family or friends know you need some private time. You will also need some tools for your ceremony, including your tarot deck, a notepad, a pen, a fireproof bowl, matches or a firestick, candles, and sage. Of course, you can always use a sage cleansing spray if you don’t want to burn sage or palo santo

Now that you are in your sacred space without any interruptions, you can create an altar or use one if you have it. If you have crystals, keep them with you, but they are unnecessary. Place the bowl where you choose, and then dim the lights. Light your candles, then light the sage or palo santo or spray the cleansing spray. First, you will want to purify your aura and your sacred space. Then you will want to take your tarot cards and do the full moon tarot spread. 

Tarot Spread To Use For The Full Moon Ritual

You’re ready to do the full moon tarot spread, and here is an excellent one, a six-card tarot spread. First, you will place cards one to three in a horizontal placement as card one is on the left, card two is in the middle, and card three is on the right. And then cards four to six are beneath the first three, as card four is beneath card one, card five is beneath card two, and card six is beneath card three. 

The first card of the full moon tarot spread will represent what you have created and attracted since the new moon. The second card will represent your current state, and the third will mean what makes you aware now. The fourth card represents what you need to let go, and card five represents how you will release what is no longer serving you. Finally, card six means what else you will need to help you release what is no longer serving you, such as extra resources. 

Then you will take your notepad and note the reading, and you will want to write down all of the insights you receive from each card. Again, you should take your time by doing this reading, as this is not something you want to rush. If the first half of your lunar cycle was difficult, this might be an emotional reading, so you should take your time with this. If it were easier, then the reading would be less impactful. However, it does not matter what you face during the first half of the lunar cycle. You will need to make this a habit to become spiritually aware. Let’s do a sample full moon tarot reading

Sample Full Moon Tarot Reading

Let’s do a sample reading on a querent who has been working on manifesting better ways to regulate their emotions, as that was their intention for the new moon. The querent struggles with allowing their feelings to get the best of them, and they don’t always make the most practical decisions because they are highly emotional often. Therefore, there is a tarot spread that they pulled during their full moon ritual, and here is what came up:

Full Moon Tarot Spread
  • Card one represents what they manifested since the new moon: Three of Swords.
  • Card two represents where they are now: Seven of Pentacles. 
  • Card three represents what is coming to them consciously: Nine of Wands.
  • Card four represents what no longer serves them: The Tower. 
  • Card five represents how the querent lets go of those energies: Knight of Swords.
  • Card six represents what added resources the querent can use to help them release: Ace of Wands.

Okay, so you see how this powerful full moon spread is based on finding ways to manage and regulate emotions. The querent wants to find a way to release emotional behavior that no longer serves them, so this is what the tarot spread shows. The first card represents what the querent manifested since the new moon and the Three of Swords came up.

You would not think that they would have manifested more heartbreak, as no one would purposely want to do that. That is not what this means anyway. The querent has been manifesting ways to manage complicated feelings such as heartache and grief. And this card can also represent betrayal, and perhaps the querent is manifesting ways to stop betraying themselves emotionally, which also leads to self-sabotage. 

The second card in this full moon tarot spread represents where they are now, and the Seven of Pentacles represents a work in progress. Developing emotional regulation will take a lot of time, and often therapy is needed. Between putting in the work independently and working on it through the help of a therapist, it is not a surprise it would take a long time to develop healthy emotional habits. And you will see more in card three. The third card represents what is consciously coming into their awareness, which is the Nine of Wands.

Making healthy emotional changes, or any significant change, takes a lot of work and effort. And there will be times when you will slip back into old ways if things get too challenging. The querent is learning that being the case. Whenever the Nine of Wands pops up, you know that whatever you are working on will not be easy, but with determination, you will get there. 

The fourth card of this full moon tarot spread represents what no longer serves the querent, and they got the Tower. There are two ways to interpret this card in this position, and one is that the querent would find better ways to cope with situations that can disrupt their lives that they have no control over. Or, it can represent the querent finding ways to stop learning lessons the hard way, which often boils down to developing healthier emotional regulation skills.

The best way the querent can let go of those energies based on card five is the Knight of Swords, representing radical acceptance. Again, that is the best way to develop healthy coping and emotional skills when facing situations that can be very stressful. If the querent is working with the therapist, then that is something that the therapist can help them with, as it is also not easy, but it is the best way to help regulate emotions. 

Finally, card six of the full moon tarot spread reveals the resources and other ways that the querent can utilize when it comes to helping them release the baggage that is not helping them. Again, the Ace of Wands came up, representing inspiration to make positive changes and find methods to help them more. Therefore, being part of inspiring groups online or looking through material that can inspire the querent can give them the tools to help them release what is no longer serving them. 

When it comes to the new and full moon, you can manifest anything you choose, whether it is a healthy lifestyle, a new possession, or something else entirely. The querent is working on better ways to manage their emotions which is a great thing to do because life is not easy. And the best ways you can cope with life’s blows and punches, the better off you will be. I would love to hear how the full moon tarot spread has given you insight during your rituals.