Types Of 6 Card Tarot Card Spreads

Today I’ll tell you everything you need to know about six card tarot spreads, and we’ll do a sample reading.

Once you have delved further into the tarot, you may look for new spreads, and you may want to challenge yourself to add more cards to your spreads. For example, if you have mastered the three-card and five-card spreads, you can now challenge yourself to do some readings on six-card tarot spreads.

Yes, add another card to the spread if you have been getting used to reading five-card tarot spreads will give you more messages from the Universe. Therefore, an extra card in the spread will also give you more clarity in the reading and information you can also think about.

An Introduction To Various 6 Card Tarot Spreads

Are you nervous about trying a six-card tarot spread if you have never attempted it? If so, you are not alone. Various six-card tarot spreads have to do with love, career, and healing; there are some universal ones too. Therefore, if you have any challenge in your life that you want to delve into, you can use a six-card tarot spread to gain the insight that you need.

And you can begin to practice with these spreads and begin to offer them to clients if you want to charge for your readings. First, look at the past, present, and future six-card tarot spread.

Past, Present, and Future Tarot Six Card Spreads

How can there be a past, present, and future six-card tarot spread since that represents the three-card spread? First, there are other three-card tarot spreads, as you can get other types of readings from those three-card spreads. There is also a five-card tarot spread that represents the past, present, and future.

Now, let’s talk about the six-card version of that. What you are going to do is have two sets of the three cards placed horizontally from left to right. One group will be beneath the other set. Now, let’s go into the meanings of each of the cards. Card one represents the past, card two represents the present, and card three represents the future.

Then go to card four beneath card one, meaning what you need to leave in the past. Then card five, beneath card two, represents how you can make your present better, then finally, card six represents how to move forward to create the best possible outcome, which is underneath card three.

Therefore, this is a past, present, and future tarot reading with extra insight you can use to make better decisions. Let me present a powerful six-card tarot spread for growth and healing.

The 6 Card Growth And Healing Tarot Spread

Here is a powerful spread; you will need to do some shadow work with this one. The position of these cards is the same as the past, present, and future six-card tarot spread. Now, let’s get right into it, as this is a spread you should try only if you are ready to look within and face the uncomfortable aspects of yourself. Here, you will unpack some fear, negative karma, and trauma. Now, let’s get into it. Card one represents what is happening to you right at this moment.

Card two means how you can move through your current life with grace. The third card shows you what you are learning from this particular point in your life. Card four represents what is leaving at the moment, and card five represents what is entering your life. Finally, card six represents the best treatment for your situation right now.

What can heal you right now? Now, let’s do a relationship six-card tarot spread.

Relationship Tarot Six Card Spread

You will use these cards in the same position as the previous two. This spread will give you insight into any relationship you are in or what you may get into in the future. Let’s go over the relationship spread. Card one represents you as a single person, away from your relationship. The second card represents the type of person you are in a relationship with.

The third card shows what you can do to improve your current relationship or how you can improve it in the future. The fourth card represents your partner as a single person. Card five represents your partner as a single person, and card six indicates how they can improve their relationship with you.

This is an excellent spread to do if you are in a relationship and you are facing challenges. Finally, let’s do a career six-card tarot spread.

Career Tarot 6 Card Spread

This career or work, or business tarot spread will help you resolve issues in your career or work life. The position will also be the same as the previous three spreads. Card one represents your current work situation, and card two represents your ideal situation work-wise. Card three represents any blockages you may face around your work, and card four represents the solution to your challenges. Card five indicates the advice you need to take regarding your career or work situation, and card six represents your outcome.

As you can see, the six-card tarot spreads are versatile, as those are a few examples of them. Now, let’s go over a sample reading.

Sample Past, Present, and Future Tarot Card Spread

Six Card Tarot Spread

Let’s sample past, present, and future reading for a querent. The querent began changing their belief system, which cost them a lot, so there needs to be more clarity about whether they should return to it. So here is the six-card tarot spread to look at their past, present, and future.

Card one, the past, is the Eight of Cups.

Card two, the present, is the Hierophant reversed.

Card three, the future, is the Ace of Cups.

Card four, representing the querent needs to leave in the past, is the Three of Cups.

Card five, how to make the present better, King of Cups.

Card six, how to move forward to create the best possible outcome, King of Pentacles.

So here is the querent’s situation. First, they changed their belief system and lifestyle, which meant they had to let go of old friends that were no longer serving them. Therefore, as the card in the past, the Eight of Cups, indicates, the querent had to walk away from something that was no longer fulfilling them.

Card two represents the present, and it shows the Hierophant reversed. Therefore, the querent is leaving the belief system they were raised with because they no longer feel it suits them. The old belief system no longer fulfills them, and it could be that their family is giving them a hard time, but the querent does not care. And the future card, card three, represents the Ace of Cups, which means the querent will develop feelings and love for the new belief system they are adopting.

Let’s look at how they feel about it now based on how cards four, five, and six influence the first three.

Card four, beneath card one, represents the Three of Cups. Therefore, the querent has to let go of some friends as they walk away from their old life. Their old friends may disapprove of the querent’s choices, so they must let them go. Card five represents the King of Cups, and even though the querent is feeling rebellious and wants no longer wants anything to do with the beliefs they were raised with, indicated by the Hierophant reversed, they have to find a way to master their emotions. Hence, they handle it with grace as much as possible.

It would not be surprising that the querent’s old friends were unkind to them once they made this change and made it known, and it is essential that the querent handles the hurt feelings well and does not lash out in response. Regulating emotions is what this is suggesting, as it is necessary to do that now. Finally, card six represents the King of Pentacles, which is about wealth and being in control.

This is an excellent outcome card as it supports how much the querent will genuinely love the new belief. It will make them feel rich, bring a lot of purpose to their lives, and help them change their habits for the better.

So it shows that the querent broke away from old belief systems that no longer serve them. Sure, they lost friends in the process and had to walk away from other things that may have been fulfilling at one time. However, their feelings to go for their purpose and new belief system show them that they would not feel fulfilled if they stayed with the old one.

They had to work to regulate emotions based on the fact that their old friends and likely family members would not be accepting of them. However, once the querent embraces their new belief, they will love it and enrich their lives.

That is a message that those who feel strongly about something must go with it; the risk is that others will not always accept it. However, it is your life! And never forget that! If you know other 6 card tarot spreads, please share them!

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