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Psychic Clarissa
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Psychic Clarissa is one of the most experienced, best rated psychics on the AskNow psychic site. In-between readings, we managed to chat to her to find out more Hi Clarissa, how long have you been a professional psychic for?

I have been an advisor for over 30 years. When did you first know you were psychic?

I can’t say that there was anytime that I didn’t know I had a psychic gift. I have always been able to see visions and have had premonitions my entire life. Because I come from a family of psychics, this seemed normal for everyone in my household. What are the most common things people ask for help on for a reading? 

People always want to know what their person of interest is thinking about them. There are also many people who wonder about past loves, and if there will be a second chance. What tips do you have for people having their first psychic reading? 

People shouldn’t be nervous, even though they often are. I tell people to RELAX. It’s important to have specific questions. If a person comes in with a specific question about love, for example, but tell me they want a “general reading”, they may get an entire reading on their financial future and leave disappointed. Also, psychics look into a person’s energy and thought processes. It’s a waste of time to ask psychics test questions like, “What color was his shirt?”. We deliver messages from spirit guides and angels that won’t necessarily include such details. Did anyone in your family have psychic abilities?

Yes, my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and 3 sisters all have abilities. Do you use tools like tarot or others?

I use the tarot as an aid but the deck is not necessary. What do you love most about your job?

I sleep easy every night knowing that I provided help to people who were desperate for answers that are often tormenting them. What do you feel are the most common misconceptions about psychics?

Psychics are normal people. We eat, sleep, and take vacations like everyone else. Many of my “regular” clients will call and ask me if I meditated on their person of interest on my days off. I usually don’t psychically “stalk” people when I’m not working. Additionally, we don’t try to read minds of people we meet on a day to day basis and will usually ask permission to do so. I imagine doing readings can be quite demanding on your mentally – how do you protect yourself from this and being affected by the energies of others? 

I smudge with sage after every single reading no matter how long or short the reading is to clear their energy from the next reading. Thanks so much Clarrissa!

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