What Is The Artist Tarot Card?

Today I’ll talk you through ‘The Artist’ tarot card. You’ll find out what it means, its origins and the messages it may be telling you.
Before I do that, some context for you.

Tarot has evolved over the centuries. When you look at modern tarot cards, you will see thousands of themes that no one would have ever imagined back in 1909 during the establishment of the Rider-Waite-Deck, which is always known as the classic.

Today, you will see tarot cards used as themes which include dogs, cats, teddy bears, Disney characters, and fairy tales, and there is even a deck that is part of the television show The Simpsons, and someone even created a COVID-19-related tarot deck in 2020.

As you can imagine, because of the evolution and history of tarot, artists of these decks have become more creative and have even renamed some of the cards in the Major Arcana.

One of those names that may be used in some modern decks is the Artist. However, if you think back to the original Rider-Waite-Smith or Toth tarot decks, there is no such card as the Artist tarot card..

Therefore, there is no Artist tarot card. But, the Artist tarot card does represent one of the original tarot cards in the Major Arcana. 
If you’re confused by that – don’t worry, I’ll explain everything about the artist tarot card!

What Tarot Card Does The Artist Represent?

The Artist tarot card is the card that represents Temperance.

And you may need clarification on the Temperance card, as you are not alone. However, the main gist of Temperance is that you use your intuition to encourage harmony in a certain way.
Therefore, the emphasis of this card balances, as well as the association with art and alchemy. 

If you look at the Temperance tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you will see a large-winged angel with both feminine and masculine traits. The angel is wearing a blue robe, and a triangle in the front represents the natural law and Earth bounds humans.

As you look at the feet, one foot stands on the rocks, indicating the need for grounding, and the other is in the water, which means you need to go with the flow. Therefore, going with the flow as you stay grounded is how to remain patient, have faith, and stick to how everything should be in moderation. 

And as you look in the background on the card, you will see a mountain range that reflects your life’s journey. Over the mountains, you will see a golden crown with a light which is the sign that you are taking the path representing your true purpose in life. The Temperance card reminds you to stay grounded, stay present, go with the flow, and roll with life’s punches without resistance.

That is the time to remain calm during stressful moments. It would be best to find a way to keep your temperament even so unimportant things don’t get to you as you do not want to expend your energy on it. 

Temperance also tells you that during stressful times, it is not the time to be overly opinionated and look at all perspectives, even if it is very different from yours. You need to be the one who is the peacekeeper so you can keep away from any extremes. Now, you may be asking how this has anything to do with why Temperance is also referred to as the Artist in tarot. Now that you know the fundamental meaning of the Temperance tarot card, let’s go over why Temperance is sometimes known as the Artist tarot card.

Why Is The Temperance Known As The Artist Tarot Card?

Temperance Tarot Card

You must indeed find a way to develop patience, stay in balance, and be in harmony when the world is falling apart, for you are a work of art. And yes, indeed, developing the skill to stay grounded and go with the flow during stressful times is a skill you must learn, and depending on the personality trait that you have, it may be easier for you to be able to stay in a state of calm while everything is chaotic around you than it is for someone who is naturally nervous and anxious to find balance when life is creating a lot of anxiety at the moment. However, it may take some reinvention to go with the flow, hold your opinions, and stay calm when nothing is going your way.

Reinvention or any invention involves art.

But here is the thing about the Temperance/Artist Tarot Card. There is alchemy associated with it. The thing about this card is that there is a lot of mixing, blending, and combining various elements that can manifest something brand new and even more significant than the separated parts. Blending can take on plenty of forms, and what do artists do? They blend techniques or materials to create a masterpiece.

They combine different color paints to make a beautiful painting. Or they blend different pastel colors to make a gorgeous masterpiece. Likewise, a sculptor has to mix different shapes and textures with the pottery. The thing with any art creation is that you can make it and change it. 

For example, you paint a masterpiece with various paint colors, but you find that you could be happier with the output, so you make some changes to improve it. That is what art involves. It involves creativity, imagination, invention, reinvention, and manifestation. That is why Temperance is known as the Artist.

And the message that the Temperance also provides to you is that because it is tough for you to be patient, calm, and to go with the flow when life is not going your way, you need to find a way to reinvent yourself and to create a new version of you so you can attain those traits and to listen to your Higher Self so you can stick to your true life purpose. This is even the case for naturally flexible, cheerful, and easy-going people, even though it may take less time and effort to create new versions of themselves to attain this. 

The Message That The Temperance Has For You Is To Find The Artist Within

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The Temperance tells you that you have it within you to be an artist because you have it within you to reinvent yourself. You can blend creativity, emotions, spirituality, and logic, and that is how you can do it. That is the only way to create a new version of yourself, so you can begin to go with the flow, roll with life’s punches, and follow your path and calling.

Sure, it takes some effort, but it also takes a lot of creativity, and let’s go over some ways you can reinvent yourself so you can attain those qualities and handle life the way it is. 

Some external factors that may interfere with finding peace within would be your relationship, career, or being on the wrong path. And when you are imbalanced within, you will struggle to go with the flow and to handle life’s challenges.
So the first step to reinventing yourself is being honest with yourself, looking at your life, and seeing what you could change to improve things.

If you are in a career dragging you down, you will need to take some courses to improve your skills so you can go into a different line of work. Of course, that will take time for you to do, but that is one way to reinvent yourself. As far as the relationship goes, it can be more complex if you are married and have fallen out of love with your spouse.

Divorce is always the last resort unless there is abuse or infidelity. Therefore, you could reinvent yourself by finding ways to reconnect with your spouse, or if you are not interested in that, you will have to create peace within by creating a life you want on the side for you. You get the idea of improving your external situation to feel calm. You have the power and creativity in you to do that. 

Reinventing yourself also means that you need to change some habits and routines. If you do the same thing all the time, you will become dissatisfied and bored, leading to frustration and irritability. Instead, find some exciting hobbies, and find time to incorporate them into your life. A 2009 study stated that it takes about 66 days for new habits to form, so you must be patient with yourself as you create a better you.

If you can find the artist within you by reinventing yourself and fixing aspects of your life that are not bringing you peace, you will have a much easier time rolling with life’s punches and being patient. The Temperance can also indicate that you may want to find the artist in you in the literal sense. 

Art Can Be Excellent Therapy

Everyone has frustrations that they struggle to express or don’t express healthily. That is why engaging in art is highly therapeutic, whether drawing, painting, pottery, or even creative writing. Art can be a healthy escape to take you away from the chaos you face when it comes to life, and you can connect with your Higher Self when you utilize art.

You can also connect with your expressive nature and emotions when you engage in some art. Therefore, you can learn to accept who you are and embrace your imperfections, which is the path to healing. When you heal, you can get what life offers and be patient with situations you cannot control and others. 

The Artist tarot card is the Temperance, as the message that the Temperance has for you is to create harmony and balance within you so you can handle life’s punches and curveballs. Since that is not easy for most people to do, as they lose patience and become frustrated, the Temperance card has a message as well for you to get to a point where you can find balance and harmony so you can align with your purpose and authentic self, you need to reinvent yourself. You are capable of doing it.

So there we have it – now you know all about the Artist tarot card. Hopefully now you’ll be more confident in understand it and applying it to your own tarot readings. You can also enjoy some free minutes of tarot reading at sites like Psychic Source, Oranum and Kasamba.

All you need to do is access the artist within you! Here are some resources that can help you find your inner calm and how to reinvent yourself:

1. Reinventing You!: Simple Steps to Transform Your Body, Mind, & Spirit, by Dana Arcuri.

2. Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior…and Feel Great Again, audiobook by Jeffrey E. Young, Janet S. Klosko, Aaron T. Beck, and narrated by Fred Sanders.

3. Drawing on the Artist Within: An Inspirational and Practical Guide to Increasing Your Creative Powers, by Betty Edwards.

4. Creativity: It’s not what you think: An artist’s journey from mind to heart to the source of all creativity, by Don Campbell.

5. The Art Therapy Way: A Self-Care Guide: 30-minute art therapy activities to calm anxiety, improve mood, de-stress, and connect to your inner voice, by Kendyl Arden. 

The Artist Tarot Card FAQs

What is the Artist Tarot Card?

It’s the tarot card that represents temperance. Think of it as that being how you can use intuition to get more harmony.