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Our Expert & Independent Guide To AskNow

You might have heard of AskNow already. If so, you’re probably wondering, are they legit? Can they be trusted?

The answers to both those questions are definitely ‘yes’!

In our exclusive review of we’ll tell you all about their services, their pros/cons, and how to get started.
It’s been a firm favourite of our team’s for some time and we’d love to tell you more. Read on to find out why AskNow is a great psychic reading service for you.

9.1out of 10

Advisor Skill & Experience9.1
Customer Service8.9
Reading Accuracy9.3

What Customers Are Saying About AskNow

Here’s what actual customers have said about the service recently:

  • “After using several other medium sites, I found medium Jozette on and she is honestly the only person I’ll go to for readings.”
  • “The best reading I ever had. Devin Starlight is amazing! This guy is quick, forward and knows what he is talking about.”
  • “I don’t know what I would do without them. I call at least once a week. They have been so accurate.”
  • “most accurate readings ever!!! I’ve been with them since 2015! Never been lied to!”

“The best reading I ever had. Devin Starlight is amazing! This guy is quick, forward and knows what he is talking about.”

– A happy customer

AskNow Psychics Prices For Readings

Prices for readings here start at $4.99. This is on the premium end of pricing compared to other sites. But this is offset by how experienced the advisors are (many have 20+ years experience).

So whilst you may be paying more than other sites, the value per minute you get from your reading is higher. (And in any case, it’s hard to put a price on true insights you get from a reading).

What Type Of Readings Can I Get At

I love the range of services at AskNow. I can guarantee that whatever type of reading you want, you’ll find it here.
This includes:

  • Psychic readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Clairvoyance
  • Channel writing
  • Manifestation
  • Crystal healing
  • Mediums
  • Numerology
  • Clearance and protection
  • Chakra balancing
  • Love and relationship help

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Top Rated Psychics At

There is a superb range of psychic advisors and readers at AskNow – below are some of the firm favorites with customers like you:

Psychic's PhotoPsychicUser RatingFree Minutes
Psychic Clarissa

Psychic Clarissa

  • 30 years professional psychic experience
  • 18,500+ readings given on AskNow
  • Elite psychic, tarot reader +more
  • Read the exclusive interview
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Psychic Trinity

Psychic Trinity

  • 20 years+ experience
  • Amazing with love+relationship readings
  • 22,680+ readings given
  • 5 star rated, gifted psychic
  • Read our exclusive interview
Get 5 Minutes Free
Prophetess Phyllis

Prophetess Phyllis

  • 30 years+ psychic experience
  • 29,650+ readings given on AskNow
  • Love, relationships, money, finance + more
  • Thousands of 5* reviews
  • Read our exclusive interview
Get 5 Minutes Free
Psychic Jozette

Psychic Jozette

  • 30+ years psychic experience
  • A real expert with love readings
  • 48,413+ readings given!
  • 5 star rated, gifted psychic
  • Find our exclusive interview with her
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Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

How To Get Started

Getting your first reading is super easy. If you’re not already a customer, you want to go to ‘login’ then follow the instructions when you click ‘new customers register here’.
Notice you’ve got two great options here to join the Club with $40 for 40 mins plus 5 free Elite/Master minutes.
Or $30 buying you 30 minutes.

Tip: it’s well worth opting into the emails – there’s often some great tips and offers in them! Psychics Signup
Once you’ve made your account and deposited money, you’ll want to choose a psychic.

Just head over to the ‘Psychics’ section and choose one that seems a good fit. Remember, you get 5 minutes free which is a great way of seeing if they’re right for you.

If they’re not online you can opt for a ‘callback’. If they’re available, just click ‘call’!

Claim Your 5 Free Minutes Now Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for the perfect psychic site, I’m afraid there isn’t one! Each is unique and I like to balance up giving you the strengths of each, with areas they can improve.

Here’s the pros and cons of AskNow to help you make up your mind:

What We Like
  • An impressive 5 free minutes
  • Callback service
  • Psychic advisors with significant experience
  • 'Club' pricing: buy 30 or 40 minutes and get 5 free
  • Highly accurate readings
Could Improve
  • 'Master advisers' can be pricey
  • There isn't a 'satisfaction guarantee' like has
  • App only available for Apple

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Mobile Readings At AskNow

Want a psychic reading at AskNow on your mobile? No problem!

You’ve got two options. If you’re an Apple user, you can download the free app from the Apple App Store.
If you’re not, or you don’t want to use an app, you can just use your mobile browser.

As you can see below, the mobile site is super easy to use.

AskNow Horoscopes

As a big fan of horoscopes, I always like to check out the offerings from each psychic site.

AskNow’s horoscope service is really, really good. As well as daily horoscopes (which always seem to be accurate), there are:

  • Weekly ‘lovescopes’
  • Lucky numbers
  • Compatibility
  • Today’s feelings
  • Lunar signs
  • Lunar phrases Psychics Key Facts

❔ Number of psychicsc100
⌚ Free minutes5
💲 Reading prices$4.99 per minute upwards
🀧 TarotYes
♈ AstrologyYes
📱 Mobile appYes

AskNow – Our Summary

As you’ve read in our psychics review, there is a lot on offer here, including tarot readings.

It’s no surprise then that it’s one of our top psychic sites we recommend for you.
The huge variety of readings and services means there’s something for everyone.

Most importantly, they have a team of experienced psychics you can trust. Many of the AskNow advisors have decades of experience to offer you.
I’ve personally had nine readings at AskNow and each one has been done with empathy, warmth and kindness.

Visit AskNow

They do a great series of videos which are well worth checking out. These have some great tips on things like how often to get a reading, why to get a reading and more.

Also great is the ‘Spotlights’ series. In these articles they deep dive into some of the top psychics. They’re a great way of finding out the advisor’s history and particular passions.

9.1out of 10

Advisor Skill & Experience9.1
Customer Service8.9
Reading Accuracy9.3

Overall AskNow is a top choice for anyone wanting a psychic reading. My two criticisms are the lack of a money back guarantee, and the app only being available to Apple users.

I’m nit-picking though – AskNow offers some amazing advisors with readings you can really trust.

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Exclusive Interviews

We’ve been lucky enough to speak to some of the top psychics at AskNow. Check out the exclusive interviews below and find out more about each of these advisors: – FAQs

Is trustworthy?

Absolutely. Firstly, any psychic site we recommend here has been thoroughly tested and vetted by us.
We spend our own money and get real readings – only sites where we had a great service make the cut.

Most importantly though, all psychics that apply to be on AskNow go through a long process of screening. only selects the very best psychic readers to appear on their site.

Do I need a promo code?

Nope, just sign up via our link and claim your 5 free minutes!

Does AskNow offer free psychic readings?

AskNow offers 5 free minutes for new customers. They also give you 5 Master Minutes free if you buy 30 or 40 minutes upfront.

Who owns

Nobody – they’re their own company.

Does AskNow offer a guarantee?

No, which is one of the small things I’d love them to improve on. I love their service but I think giving customers that extra piece of mind like other sites do would be a great selling point.

Is AskNow available in Spanish?

Si, esta disponible en español 🙂

What payment methods does AskNow accept?

You can make payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards.

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