Your Best Online Rune Reading Sites

Runes can be used for inspiration, answers, guidance and giving us crystal-clear clarity.
Best of all, you can get a rune psychic reading online, 24/7. Read on to find out:

  • Where to get a rune reading from
  • Who the best rune psychics are
  • What runes and runestones are

Best Sites For Psychic Rune Readings

If you’re wanting a rune reading but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. All of the sites we feature on this page (and especially our top three picks) offer plenty of trusted rune specialists with accurate and real readings.

Here’s what we looked for when finding rune psychic sites:

  • Accurate and gifted rune psychics
  • Introductory offers and/or free minutes
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Options for readings (e.g. chat, email, phone)

If a site doesn’t offer all of those, it doesn’t make the cut for Here are your top rune psychic reading sites for 2022:

SiteYour Best ChoiceTop FeaturesFind Your Psychic
For A Trusted Site

For A Trusted Site

  • Established for 20 years
  • Many advisors have 10s of thousands of ratings
  • Amazingly accurate readings & gifted psychics
Get Free Minutes
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For Love Readings

For Love Readings

  • Tons of 5* rated psychics, mediums & clairvoyants
  • Buy 30 minutes, get 5 FREE Elite/Master mins
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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For Variety

For Variety

  • Massive range of gifted psychics
  • 10,000 free Oranum coins
  • Love, tarot, numerology & more
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For Value

For Value

  • 280+ love/relationship experts
  • Readings from just $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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For Career & Money Readings

For Career & Money Readings

  • Consistently accurate & insightful readings
  • Compassionate, genuine advisors
  • Love, relationships, careers + more
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What Are Runes & How Do Psychics Use Them?

Runes are letters in an alphabet. It would perhaps be more accurate to say ‘alphabets’ as they relate to ones from different times and cultures. Using runes as a form of divination dates back at least to the fourth century.
Interestingly, the word ‘rune’ means something secret or hidden.

In the context of psychic readings, they use rune stones. Each stone has one of the 24 runes on it and are normally made from stone or wood.
They’re used in a similar way to tarot, in that they allow us to connect to our higher self and get guidance on our lives and future.

Your psychic will use the rune stones along with their intuition to help you answer the questions you have. It’s also important that you too are focussed in the rune reading to help the accuracy of it.

Many psychics use a three stage process for the rune reading:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Cast (i.e. the runes come out of the bag and are laid or thrown down)
  3. Interpretation (this is where the psychic’s skills and experience really come into play)

Our Top Rated Rune Psychics

Rune readings have grown in popularity in the last few years. The best psychic sites have attracted the world’s top rune psychics to them.
I was delighted to find such a large number of gifted rune specialists on sites like Kasamba, Oranum, Psychic Oz and others.

What I look for is trusted specialists that are experienced, honest and gifted. I looked for ones with consistently positive ratings and have deep knowledge in reading runes.

I’ve put together this hand-picked list of the best rune reading psychics for you:

Psychic's PhotoRune Psychic's InfoCustomer RatingGet A Reading
Gifted George (Kasamba)

Gifted George (Kasamba)

  • A massive 30 years rune & psychic experience
  • Covers any topic you need help with
  • Fast, straight and accurate readings
  • Chat, phone, email and mini readings
Visit Kasamba
Gisela (Oranum)

Gisela (Oranum)

  • 20 years rune and psychic experience
  • Positive, caring and supportive
  • Tons of glowing reviews
  • Clairvoyant, tarot and crystal ball
Visit Oranum
Carmen (Psychic Oz)

Carmen (Psychic Oz)

  • Superb rune reader, highly accurate
  • 10 years rune and psychic experience
  • Love, relationships, career, money +more
  • First three minutes free
Visit Psychic Oz
Cristina (AskNow)

Cristina (AskNow)

  • 30 years experience 
  • Expert in runes, tarot, numerology + more
  • Enjoy 5 minutes free
  • 13,000+ readings given
Visit AskNow
Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

What Runes Are There & What Do They Mean?

There are several rune alphabets which originate from different periods in history. Probably the most common though is the ‘Elder Futhark‘ alphabet, dating back to the 2nd to 8th centuries.
Given its the oldest Runic alphabet, it’s assumed that later versions were developed from it. Let’s look at the alphabet and what each rune means.
A caveat though – each rune is open to interpretation, especially in the context of the rune reading. Below I’ve used a summary of a couple of interpretations to give you a rough idea of their meaning.

The Elder Futhark Runes
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RuneLetterMain RepresentationElementSymbolizes
FehuFCattle/livestockFireWealth, fulfilment of goals.
New beginnings
Ability to obtain wealth
UruzUStrength, bull, ozEarthStrength, creativity
Power or strength that we don’t have control over
ThurisazThThorn, forceFireStrength against a possible enemy or difficulty
A protection and defence
AnsuzAEstuary, mouth, breathAirStability and order in our lives
RaidhoRWagon, wheelAirFocus of our energy to achieve what we want
KennazKTorchFireKnowledge and learning
Being able to handle situations with more focus
GeboGGiftAirConnection and energies when people give each other gifts
In relation to god – the gift of life we’ve been given
WunjiWJoyEarthBalance, sense of belonging
Likelihood of good news soon
HagalazHHail, hailstoneIceRestriction of time and space constrictions
NauthizNNeedFireSometimes our urge for something can hold us back.
Demonstrates what we need to ditch those shackles
IsaIIceIceA lull in activity – we need to change something
Symbolic of winter and then new lease of life in spring
JeraJ/YHarvest, year, seasonEarthCyclical nature of life
Going with the flow to achieve what we want
EihwazE/IYew TreeAirFinding something new in the end of something
A protecting force and enabler
PerthroPDice CupWaterProblem solving, memory
A reminder of our freewill in our lives
AlgizZElkAirThe power of restraint and protection
Protection of ourselves, home and belongings
SowiloSSunAirEnables us to see with more clarity
Finding the light and good in darker times
TiwazTTyr (God), CreatorAirSuccess without giving up things
BerkanaBBirch TreeEarthA birth rune which symbolizes new life and a new start
EhwazEHorseAirObtaining flow in what we do
MannazMHumanity, man (not the gender)AirA reminder of our power and potential to achieve whatever we want
LaguzLWater, lakeWaterWater flows freely – we can also do that if we let go.
An opportunity to use the flow to get what we desire
InguzNGSeed, fertilityEarthSpreading energy far
A protector rune, especially for our home
OthalaOInheritance, homeEarthA wealth rune but wealth in the sense of our heritage rather than things of financial value.
DagazDDawn, dayAir/FireSymbolises the stability that happens between opposites, like night and day.

What Will A Rune Reading Tell Me?

Like other forms of psychic reading (such as fortune telling), a rune session can cover pretty much anything you want it to. It’s common for people to get one for specific guidance or issues they’re having. It helps us have a deeper, clearer understanding of what’s happening in our lives and how to improve them.
Here are some examples of what people consult gifted rune psychics for:

  • Love and relationships
  • Answers to specific questions
  • A general reading
  • Money and finance
  • Career and jobs
  • Happiness and fulfilment
  • Guidance
  • Reassurance
  • Insight and clarity
  • Help find life balance

It’s really up to you – it’s your reading and your time. I normally recommend folks have a good idea of what they want from the reading though. This makes for a better, more insightful and specific reading.

How Much Do Rune Readings Cost?

Like any psychic reading online, the cost varies. The beauty of the best rune psychic reading sites is they all offer prices for every budget.

Some psychics will charge more if they have significant experience or are highly in demand.
So prices will usually start at just $1 per minute and work up to $40 per minute.

Top tip: take advantage of new customer introductory offers. Sites like Psychic Source for example, offer three minutes free and intro rates from just $0.99 per minute.
Other rune sites like Oranum give you free ‘coins’ which you can use to spend on whatever psychic reading you want.

Rune Readings Online – A Summary

As we’ve seen, runes offer a simple but incredibly effective way of giving you guidance. If you want some real clarity, motivation or a helping hand in your life, a rune psychic reading is a great option.

We narrowed down the choice of sites for you to the ones featured on this page. They all offer the best psychics online, with some amazing welcome offers. If you’re ready to schedule your rune reading, pick one and get started in minutes.

#1 Rated
  • 10,000 Oranum Coins FREE
  • Consistently insightful rune readings
  • 100s of gifted, well-rated advisors
  • Trusted, real and accurate rune specialists
  • 5 Minutes FREE
  • Offers from $1 per minute
  • 100s of rune reading experts
  • Discounted minutes when you buy in bulk
  • 3 FREE Minutes
  • Some truly gifted rune advisors
  • Thousands of 5* ratings
  • Expert, intuitive guidance via runes readings
Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

Rune Psychic Readings – FAQs

When were runes first used?

It’s believed runes date as far back as the 4th century.

Are rune psychic readings accurate?

Yes – an experienced rune reader knows how to use the stones as a tool. They will combine this with their gift of intuition and psychic skills to put everything together.
The end result is a reading that is accurate and has real meaning and power to you.

What can I get advice on in my reading?

Anything you want! Many folks use rune readings to answer questions. Some want guidance on relationship or love issues. For others it might be related to a big life decision they’re thinking of making.