What Is Clairvoyance?

Have you had times when you saw an image of something or someone and could not explain it, and then something about that image became relevant to you days or even months later? At the same time, do you have a strong appreciation for flowers, sculptures, or other fancy objects? Do you also see the glitter in the air when there is none? Do you sometimes see shadows and do not know where they emerge from? Then if you answer yes to all those things, you may be clairvoyant. 

Clairvoyance Explained

Clairvoyance is one of the “clairs,”:

Clairvoyant Woman

What Does Clairvoyance Mean?

Clairvoyance is a psychic skill related to vision. Therefore, clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” Clairvoyance is one of the common psychic skills and one that is depicted in movies and television shows. Think about the psychic who sees images of someone doing something in the future or sees an event happening. That is the definition of clairvoyance. 

If you want this explained well, think about when you made popcorn the night before you arranged to have a psychic reading. And the first thing the psychic says to you is that they see an image of a bowl of popcorn and will ask you if you had popcorn the night before.

Of course, that would blow you away because how could anyone have known you had popcorn (unless you mentioned it on social media, but if you have and the psychic is on your list, they would come up with something else you did not share)? But, the psychic saw your bowl of popcorn because they have the gift of clairvoyance. 

If you are wondering if you could be clairvoyant because you have had similar situations happen where you saw something, you were unsure if it was your imagination, wishful thinking, or if you have the gift of clairvoyance. Let’s go over signs that you may be clairvoyant. But firstly, you may want to know how bold the visions are if you are clairvoyant.

Are The Clairvoyant Visions Bold?

The short answer to this is, no, clairvoyant visions are not bold. They do not come up strongly as the visions are more subtle but most definitely noticeable. When you have a clairvoyant vision, you will not suddenly see a vivid image right before you as if it were physical. The image is subtle and faint. And if you see bold and vibrant visions that appear dramatically, then that is not clairvoyance. That is your imagination. Now, let’s go over the signs that you are clairvoyant. 

There Are Light And Color Flashes You See

You will want to check your eyes if you see shadows or glitter in the air because that can signify a detached retina. However, you would have other symptoms, too, that would cause a lot of pain and discomfort. So before you immediately think you are clairvoyant because you get flashes of light and shadows, you will want to head to the eye doctor. But if your eyes are fine or have nothing serious happening, such as a detached retina, seeing those light and color flashes and shadows can signify that you are clairvoyant. That is especially true if you are wide awake when you see them, as when you are tired late at night, you may see them too. Those sights you see are spirits or orbs; yes, you will see spirits when you are clairvoyant. But there are other signs that you are clairvoyant as well. 

Clairvoyants Are Daydreamers

Does your mind often wander when you are watching TV or even doing work, and you start envisioning your thoughts? Did you have many moments of daydreaming when you were a child (and ended up with an ADHD diagnosis at some point in life because you struggled to pay attention)? Do you often imagine things in your mind to the point that you are not living in reality? You may wonder if there is something wrong with you if you are answering yes to those questions. However, if you are a frequent daydreamer, you could be clairvoyant. 

And that may even go for maladaptive daydreaming, but maladaptive daydreaming is a symptom of mental health conditions and trauma disorders like PTSD. So you will want to ensure you can get a handle on that if the daydreaming disrupts your life to the point of functioning. However, if you can control daydreaming, that is not an issue. You are likely clairvoyant if you are the type that is known to shift your mind to a fantasy. 

Your Dreams Are Vivid And Happen A Lot

If you have dreams that feel so real, then they are vivid. You are dreaming, and you feel as if you are living in reality, and they are full of color. Dreams are not hazy, as you feel as if you are living a particular reality when you are dreaming, and it may make sense to you at the time of your dream because you are living that reality. It does not mean you remember the dream in detail the longer you have been awake, as the clutter that accumulates throughout the day will cause you to forget. But you may remember some aspects of the dream for some time. That is especially if the dream made some impression. 

Dreams are full of signs and symbols and can be prophetic, but not necessarily in how the dream presents itself. Instead, your dreams may tell a story that shares insights into what happens in reality. 

Clairvoyance Signs: You Love Art

You have a connection to art, whether paintings, sculptures, murals, drawings, etc. You may or may not be drawn to photography or want to get into a career involving art, such as graphic design. However, if art is not your thing, you may be drawn to beautiful things such as flowers, good-looking meals, or desserts. You may be into hobbies or even have a side hustle that involves beauty somehow. You may be into crafts and sell them on Etsy or bake cakes, design them, and sell them. You may be a photographer or an art teacher. Or, you may have a lot of pictures hanging from your walls, and you don’t like them bare, so you keep them aesthetically intriguing for yourself. 

Clairvoyants Can See Auras

You may see various colored lights around people, animals, plants, and other objects. Those are auras composed of electromagnetic energies that show different colors as people’s personalities, traits, mindsets, and experiences will influence the color of the aura. When it comes to auras of pets, plants, or inanimate objects, the auras will reflect from the people with whom those beings or things are associated as energies will rub onto them. 

For example, if a dog has a blue aura, then the dog may be with an owner who enjoys talking a lot and has a calm demeanor. But, on the other hand, if the dog has a red aura, then the dog could be aggressive, and perhaps the owners are as well. And as a clairvoyant, you may see that. 

You Understand How Ideas Fit Together

As a clairvoyant, you can add things up. You can understand how ideas can connect, and you visually do that. You can solve complex puzzles too, and may even be good at putting a 1,000-piece puzzle together. You can be a good problem-solver because you see how things can fit together. It does not mean you are a tech whiz. It only means you can see that there is a problem, and you will be the one to know what has been done to fix it. 

Here are some examples. You get a desk from IKEA, and you have to be the one to put it together. And you see, there is an issue with one of the pieces. The size is too small. You know that the desk cannot be put together correctly because you envision what the defective piece looks like, and you will call IKEA to tell them about the problem piece that is preventing you from putting the desk together. The company will send you the correct sized piece, as you envisioned, and now you can put your desk together. 

Clairvoyance: You Can Plan Things In Your Mind

Because you are clairvoyant, you can envision a plan in your mind. You may even decide to draw the plan you envision on paper so you remember what you envision. You can even see the result of a plan that you have in mind based on your plan of action that you can see. For example, if you are planning a party in your backyard, you will envision where the tables will go, and the buffet will go, and you will also envision the colors you will use to plan for your party. And you will envision where you plan to put the DJ. 

Those are the signs that you are clairvoyant. And you can always hone them by practicing psychic exercises such as remote viewing, meditating, and playing psychic games, you can get on your phone. You can become a master at clairvoyance with practice, making you one of the best psychics around.