The Past Life Tarot Spread

If you’re curious about the past life tarot spread you’re on the right page! Many of our readers want to delve more into their past lives. In this article I’ll explain:

  • The basics of reincarnation
  • How you might know you’ve had a past life
  • How a six card past life tarot spread would work
  • A sample reading of a past life spread

Not everyone believes in past lives and reincarnation. In some cases, people may not have had many previous lives, as they are younger souls and are the types that are more likely to be religious or atheist than spiritual. Therefore, they would not be open to past lives and reincarnation, nor would they be open to spirituality and tarot cards.

However, it is rare for mature, and older souls do not believe in reincarnation and past lives. And, if you are a mature or older soul that intuitively knows you had one but would like to know more about it, then there is a past life tarot spread that you will love. However, before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss past lives. 

Why Do Souls Reincarnate?

Every soul’s goal is to reach enlightenment, and the only way for the soul to do that is to keep reincarnating to learn lessons. And lessons are never easy as those lessons include grief, poverty, and struggle, and can include trauma. And any wrong-doing that the soul does in a previous life will have to reap the karma in a subsequent life. That does not always mean they will experience what they did to others, but they will be put into situations that will cause them to feel the way those they harmed felt. 

Before a soul incarnates, they create a blueprint of its life plan with its guides so it can plan a life it can live. Many souls are eager to evolve. And the spirit guides will be there to remind them that their egos will not be able to handle how much they want to go through; therefore, they keep them in check. However, often, many souls end up biting off more than they can chew as they go through too much pain and grief as they go through the human experience. Therefore, they are at risk of ending their soul contract early, such as suicide. 

The older the soul, the more life’s challenges they endure, and it may be karma they are facing, but many times there are chosen lessons they are learning. Older souls can also handle these challenges better than younger souls because they have more wisdom and experience. Therefore, when you come across someone so wise that has been through more heartache and trauma than you can imagine but yet, they have an upbeat demeanor, they are very likely an old soul. They are closer to reaching a state of enlightenment than younger souls. Now, you understand why souls reincarnate. Let’s talk about how you know you have had a past life. 

How Do You Know You Have Had A Past Life?

There are a few clues that you have had previous lives. Firstly, many times if you have a skill that comes naturally to you without your education, there is a good chance that you utilized that skill in previous lives. The same goes for interests. For example, if you have been very interested in cooking since you were four years old and have been an excellent cook as a child, but your parents did not teach you, then there is a good chance you had that skill in previous lives, and you enjoyed it. Maybe you were a chef. 

Also, likes and dislikes for no apparent reason can be a sign. The same goes for unexplained phobias. For example, if you have always feared swimming pools since you were a toddler but never had a negative experience, then perhaps you drowned in a previous life. Birthmarks can also signify how you passed in your last life. 

If you are drawn to specific places, that can also be a sign. If you have always been curious and drawn to Norway, for example, and you don’t have any family there, you may have lived there in a previous life. You can always get a past life regression from a hypnotherapist specializing in that. However, you can get some quick answers about your past life from the past life tarot spread. 

The Six-Card Past Life Tarot Spread

Here is a simple past life tarot spread that consists of six cards. You can lay cards one to three horizontally from left to right and beneath the first three, then place the second row of cards four to six, from left to right. The first card represents who you were in your previous life. That can be your personality or status role in society.

The second card indicates what you did in that life, which would have been your occupation. The third card indicates your challenges in your previous life, and the fourth card shows how you passed away. The fifth card indicates the lessons you learned in your previous life, and the sixth means how you have been influenced in that life. 

Are you ready to learn about yourself in your previous life? Before you do that, let’s go over a sample past life tarot reading, so you know what to expect when you do this reading!

Sample Past Life Tarot Reading

Let’s go over a past life reading sample for the querent named Sarah. Sarah has always wondered who she was in her previous life, and she also has a strong aversion to drinking and gets overly angry when there are injustices in the world to the point that she takes it personally. 

Sarah has become an advocate to support the new movements that have been coming out. Sure, it is upsetting to see people get away with things that they should not get away with when they cause harm and no repercussions happen. However, it is something that boils her blood more than ever. And she wanted to find out if her challenges and how she reacts to injustices relate to her past life. Therefore, here is a past life reading for Sarah, and this is what it shows.

Past Life Tarot Spread
  • Card one represents who Sarah was: The Hermit
  • Card two represents what Sarah did: Justice
  • Card three represents what challenges Sarah faced: Ten of Wands
  • Card four represents how Sarah died: The Devil
  • Card five represents the lessons that Sarah learned: Nine of Cups
  • Card six represents how Sarah was influenced: Six of Wands. 

The first card of this past life tarot spread shows who Sarah was and what her personality was like, and she got the Hermit to represent her. Therefore, she was quiet, introverted, and likely not married. Since Hermit correlates with Virgo, that is a feminine sign. However, based on the career she had indicated by the following card, it is not likely she was a woman in her previous life since women only had jobs outside of homemaking, farming, or receptionist work. She was likely a male who was highly analytical and had an obsessive nature. 

The second card of our past life spread she got represents what Sarah did as a profession, and Justice came up, which is clear that she worked in the legal field. That makes sense as to why she is so passionate about injustice. So she likely was a judge, lawyer, or even paralegal. However, she may have been a lawyer since she was working for either plaintiffs or defendants. She likely worked on the plaintiff’s behalf because she is passionate about injustices. Therefore, it makes sense that her past life profession is why she struggles today with injustices. 

The third card shows Sarah’s challenges in her previous life, and that is the Ten of Wands. Therefore, she was constantly burned out. Sarah likely never filled up her empty cup and kept pushing her limits. She must have had some severe cases she had to fight for, which is why, once again, she becomes charged up when dealing with injustices for herself and others. The exhaustion she faced while working for her clients was insurmountable. 

The fourth card shows how she passed away, and the Devil came up, which strongly suggests that she had addictions, and those addictions are what contributed to her demise. Based on the type of work she did and how much pressure she had to endure, it is not surprising that she would have fallen into an addiction. Perhaps she was a workaholic burning herself out constantly, working on exhausting cases that she had to work extremely hard to win for her clients. Therefore, that would make sense that this would have caused her to pass away as all the stress caught up. 

The fifth card of her past life tarot spread represents what lessons Sarah learned in her previous life. She got the Nine of Cups, and yes, it is the “wish” card, but this card can also represent anything that is done in excess. The theme for the Nine of Cups, other than the “wish” card, is to “eat, drink, and be merry.” this suggests that Sarah, in her previous life, drank and ate a lot and used it as a crutch to cope. The Devil placed as the card representing her death likely indicated that the lessons she learned in that life contributed to her death. Therefore, she probably ate and drank herself to death because she became addicted. And it makes sense since Sarah has an aversion to drinking. 

Sarah also has much better coping mechanisms than drinking and eating in this life. And finally, the sixth card indicates what influenced Sarah in her last life, and she got the Six of Wands. That is the “victory” card, so therefore, winning is what influenced her. She likely won so many cases that she was on a roll, and that also explains her passion for speaking up against injustices as she wants to be heard, seen, and acknowledged, and as long as she is, she wins.

Therefore, Sarah is a passionate woman who speaks against injustices and gets angry as she roots for the underdog. She was a lawyer with an introverted nature but was also powerful when defending clients. In her previous life, Sarah became obsessed with winning cases and overate, drank too much, and burned out, which fueled the addictions.

Therefore, learning more about your past life will require a regression, but you will learn much about it with this tarot spread.