The New Moon Tarot Spread Explained

Today I’ll explain everything you’ll want to know about the new moon tarot spread. Before I do that, let’s talk about the new moon and how it’s significant.

Each month the Universe gives you a gift that you may not even be aware of, but the gift allows you to create a fresh start. And that gift comes to you every 28 to 30 days, which is the new moon. You don’t see the new moon because it is hidden from the earth, and the reason for that is that the sun and the moon align because the sun is shining behind the moon. Therefore, it causes a blockage in the view of the moon. So all you see are stars and planets, but you do not see the moon when it is a new moon. 

When it is the time for the new moon, it is a time for reflection, setting intentions, and manifestation. The new moon is the perfect time to start goal-setting, and there is a tarot spread for the new moon to help you reflect on that. However, before you learn the new moon tarot spread and start pulling cards, you will want to do a ritual for the new moon itself. So let’s talk about that first. 

The New Moon Ritual

The New Moon

Like the full moon ritual, which is all about release, illumination, and revelation, the new moon is a time to do a sacred ritual because that is the time to do some self-reflection, set intentions, and begin new habits, projects, and goal-setting. When you start your ritual, you can do the new moon tarot spread. It does not matter what sign the new moon is in as long as you do the practice. You can do the new moon ritual in any way you decide, but you will want to ensure that you do some basic things to make it meaningful. 

You will first want to find a sacred space to perform the ritual, and it will need to be a space where you will not end up with any interruptions. Then, you will want to smudge the area with sage or palo santo. If you have a hard time with smudging, you can always use a smudging spray instead of having to inhale the smoke.

You will then create an altar if you don’t have one where you can place some crystals (optional), and then you will also light some candles. Next, take a pad of paper and a pen. Start meditating as you cleanse yourself, and then focus on everything you want to manifest during this lunar cycle. Then you will want to write down everything you want to start and bring into your life. 

You can also take a cleansing bath if you want to do that before you begin the ritual, as it is up to you how you do it, but as long as you do so. Now that you have started your ritual, you will want to know about the new moon tarot spread you will use to gain the insight you need during this new moon. 

The New Moon Tarot Spread

The best way to set your intentions and attract what you want is by doing a tarot spread, so you have the insight to do what you want to do and know what you want to manifest and how to do so. Here is a great new moon manifesting tarot spread. It’s a six-card spread where you have cards one to three, going from right to left horizontally, and then cards four to six are beneath cards one to three. That means card one is above card four, card two is above card five, and card six is above card three. 

Card one represents what you have released during the new moon, and card two means where you are currently. Card three represents what is growing within you, and card four shows what you wish to grow. Card five represents how you can bring your goals and intentions to reality. Finally, card six indicates the additional resources available as you manifest your dreams. 

Do one reading per thing you want to manifest, though it is best to set an intention to manifest only a few things at first. You may only be able to focus on a few things simultaneously. You can leave other things to manifest to subsequent new moons, as there are many opportunities to do that.

For example, if you want to start a new project and a relationship at the same time, perhaps you will want to focus on the thing that is more important to you during this lunar cycle before putting energies into something else, as you can wait until the next lunar cycle begins to do that. Now, let’s do a sample new moon tarot reading. 

The Sample New Moon Tarot Spread

Here is a sample new moon tarot reading where the querent wants to set an intention to eat healthier and live healthier. They have been falling off the wagon over the past month and want to get back into a healthier mode. Therefore, they know what to do to get into a healthier way. However, their concern is how they can stay focused on cutting out junk food or limiting it, exercise more, and meditate. Here is a new moon spread for the querent that can bring insight into how they can stick to their intentions to be healthier. 

New Moon Tarot Spread
  • Card one represents what the querent has released: King of Pentacles
  • Card two represents where the querent is in life: Three of Cups
  • Card three represents what is emerging within them: Eight of Swords
  • Card four represents what the querent wishes to grow: Knight of Pentacles
  • Card five represents how the querent can manifest their goals and intentions: Eight of Pentacles
  • Card six represents what additional resources are available to them to manifest their goals: Two of Swords.

The first card is the card that represents what the querent has released, and the King of Pentacles comes up. The King of Pentacles is a figure that symbolizes wealth and wisdom, and the querent may have been tying that to their self-worth, and that could be why the querent needs to be more careful about their lifestyle choices.

That can indicate some perfectionism, so if the querent could not be wealthy in ways they wished, they were subconsciously giving up on other aspects of life. So, therefore, they released the idea that they had to be “perfect” and be the type to tie wealth to their self-worth so they could believe they were worthy without their concept of wealth and “perfection.” That is a great thing to release. 

The second card in this new moon tarot spread represents where they are currently, and the Three of Cups comes up, which means they are getting emotional support from friends. And through the help of their friends, they are creating healthier and better versions of themselves, so they can stick to their intentions to live a healthier lifestyle. The third card indicates what is emerging within them: the Eight of Swords.

That is not a surprise based on what the querent had released, which was a trapped way of thinking that if they were not living up to their expectations, they would toss away the rest of their life. They realize that they did trap themselves in this belief, which is significant growth, as many times, people place unfair expectations on themselves and put themselves under unfair pressure. 

The fourth card in this new moon tarot spread represents what the querent wants to grow: patience and hard work. The Knight of Pentacles is the slowest-moving Knight, and to create a healthy lifestyle, you have to have patience and put in the work to do that. Therefore, the querent will need to know how to find ways to be patient with themselves. The fifth card represents how the querent can manifest their goals and intentions, and the Eight of Pentacles comes up, self-explanatory as the card represents work. Therefore, the querent will have to put a lot of work into keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. 

Finally, card six of our new moon tarot spread represents the additional resources available to them to manifest their goals, and the Two of Swords comes up. That card means having to make a difficult decision or choosing your hard. That means weighing the pros and cons of giving up certain things to live a healthy lifestyle, such as going to events that can be tempting because of having too much food, for example. The resources tied to that could be apps to help them stay on track, count calories, and count fitness goals. 

To sum up, the querent in this new moon tarot spread is looking to improve their lifestyle and to stay on the program during this lunar cycle, and they want to know how they can manifest that. The first thing is to release the idea of perfection tied to their self-worth, which could be an “all or nothing” approach. Secondly, they also need to rely on the emotional support of their friends to help them get there and manifest sticking to a good and healthy lifestyle. 

They also need to realize that their self-impositions have caused them to stay stuck, and they need to become more patient with themselves and do the work required to live a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, they may have to make challenging choices to manifest their goals, such as making sacrifices and taking advantage of apps to help them stick to their goals. When it is the new moon, why not try this new moon spread for yourself and see how you can manifest what you want?