What Tarot Cards Represent Pregnancy?

Today I’ll explain how tarot can help you with pregnancy, through readings and pregnancy tarot cards/spreads.

When making any predictions about pregnancy, the tarot is not an excellent method to rely on because, firstly, the tarot does not predict the future accurately, as free will can change directions. And many tarot readers are hesitant to agree to do pregnancy tarot readings for querents. Pregnancy tarot cards and readings goes along with health; doing health readings can border on ethics. But if it is presented in a specific way, it will be okay. 

That said, you cannot consult the tarot to make any diagnosis, which includes pregnancy. You need to go to the doctor about that. First, however, review how a tarot reader can read for pregnancy without violating ethics. 

How To Ask The Tarot About Pregnancy

There is a way to approach tarot when it comes to pregnancy or fertility readings. The ethics of it boil down to how you intend to use the tarot for pregnancy readings, which means you will need to ask specific questions to make it an ethical reading. If you are not pregnant yet, then you can ask the tarot cards:

Am I ready to become pregnant? – Even though this is a yes or no question, you can do a three-card mind, body, and soul spread to see if you are technically ready to bring a baby into this world. However, if you still have a lot of shadow work to do based on your mind, body, and soul not being up to it, it may be best to wait a while as you continue to work on yourself. 

If you are pregnant, you can ask the tarot cards the following questions:

  • How can I nurture my mind, body, and soul emotionally during pregnancy – As you would know, pregnancy takes a lot on your body. You must handle the sickness, fatigue, rapid change in emotions due to fluctuating hormones, and anticipation of the baby coming. That is a lot to take. Therefore, you can also do a mind, body, and soul spread to gain insight into how to nurture yourself best. 
  • What will be my baby’s zodiac sign? – You can pull a card to know your baby’s zodiac sign. Remember that swords represent air, which would be Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Cups represent water, which would be Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Wands represent fire, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, and finally, Pentacles are earth, which is Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. If you pull a card that does not match the timing of the birth, consider the sign being your baby’s moon or rising sign. 
  • What will my baby’s personality be like? – You can get creative with a spread of any kind when looking at your baby’s personality traits. The traits of the cards you pull can give you a sneak peek of what your baby will be like. For example, if you get the Tower, you could have a baby with an explosive personality or one known to present many surprises. 

You can also consult the tarot for baby names if you have a few names in mind, and you may get an idea from the tarot which name you should go with for your baby. Again, that is where the tarot can be helpful. 

However, you do not want to ask questions such as whether or not you are pregnant, as you need to take a test or go to the doctor instead. You also do not want to ask the cards for the baby’s sex or whether or not you will have complications. Refrain from consulting the tarot cards by asking them if you should deliver naturally or via C-section. Never ask the tarot pregnancy cards by asking them if a pregnancy symptom you are having is typical. You need to go to your doctor to discuss all of that. Your tarot cards are not doctors. What about pregnancy tarot spreads?

Pregnancy Tarot Spreads

If you search for tarot pregnancy spreads online, you will find many of them. Many tarot readers even use the ten-card Celtic Cross for pregnancy. First, however, let’s focus on a three-card pregnancy tarot spread where you can pull additional cards for clarification. The three-card spread is conception, the first card on the left.

Pregnancy Tarot Spread

Pregnancy or growth is the second card in the middle, and birth is the third card on the right. And if you have additional questions about each card presented, you can always pull as many clarifying cards as you want to get a better picture. 

Always remember that the tarot cards represent the energies you will face during pregnancy. So let’s go over a sample reading. 

Amber is pregnant and happy she finally achieved a pregnancy after experiencing infertility for a while. However, she is anxious to see how her pregnancy pans out on an emotional level, and she did the three-card tarot reading and pulled a clarifying card for the birth position. Therefore, the cards Amber got were Chariot for birth, Six of Cups for pregnancy or growth, and Temperance for delivery. She wanted to pull a clarifying card for that and got the Emperor. 

Therefore, Amber’s conception position being the Chariot is self-explanatory as she went through infertility treatments, and as a result, she was determined to conceive. And while she did conceive, she was in a state of determination. The middle card representing pregnancy is the Six of Cups, as this is a time for her to connect with her inner child, as she will find herself reminiscing about when she was young. And as she registers items on her registry, she will think back to seeing those items when her siblings were young. So she may find herself going down memory lane often. 

Finally, she got Temperance as the birth card, which can mean several things. First, she may be getting impatient with the pregnancy, and that will be when she must go with the flow and allow the baby to arrive on its own time. Or, she may find herself getting impatient with herself, and Temperance is a reminder to, once again, go with the flow and look for ways to relax.

She pulled the Emperor for clarification, and the Emperor reminded her to stay disciplined and to set boundaries, as she may find herself wanting to do too much. Temperance reminds you to do everything in moderation, and the Emperor stresses creating boundaries and allowing others to help. 

Are there specific tarot cards that can represent pregnancy? Yes, there are. Let’s go over those cards right now, so you know the potential may be there if you are reading about relationships and marriage if these cards come up (but never make assumptions that they could represent a pregnancy in your case). The position where these cards end up also can be an indicator. 

What Tarot Cards Indicate Pregnancy?

There are several tarot cards to be mindful of if they come up in a spread that could suggest pregnancy may be on the horizon. Of course, you do not want to assume anything, but it is something to be mindful of if the following cards appear in a reading that could suggest it as a possibility:

  • Empress – This Major Arcana card is the mothering card, and it can indicate fertility or pregnancy when it comes up in a reading. Another thing about the Empress is that it is a card that represents creation. 
  • Ace of Cups – This Minor Arcana card represents new beginnings based on emotions. When a woman is pregnant, so many emotions come into play due to the fluctuating pregnancy hormones. The Cups suit is all about feelings and family, as it is feminine. So while the Page of Cups may represent ideas about pregnancy, the Ace of Cups can mean one is on the way. 
  • Three of Cups – Here is another card that can represent creation and friendship, and when this card shows up in a relationship or marriage card, it can suggest that after the couple is together, based on the Two of Cups, then the Three of Cups can be the manifestation of a bun in the oven. 
  • Ace of Pentacles – Aces are all about new beginnings, and the Pentacles suit represents the earth element which is anything material or physical, and health is part of that. You may think of this card as representing new financial opportunities or financial gain, but it can also mean a physical gain from pregnancy. 
  • Queen of Cups – The Queen of Cups is similar to the Empress as she is the ultimate nurturer and is very maternal. Therefore, the Queen of Cups in a spread can represent pregnancy if the spread is relevant to it being a possibility. 

And if you have all of those cards in a spread that may tie to pregnancy, there is a good chance that pregnancy is in the cards for you. However, once again, you never want to consult the cards to determine if you are pregnant. You need to see your doctor about anything fertility-related. But those cards point out that being a mom is likely in your cards.