Blue Auras – What Do They Mean

Everything You Wanted To Know About Blue Auras

What the hell is a blue aura? What does it mean? In this guide I’ll talk you through all this, as well as how a blue aura connects to the throat chakra.

The aura is an energy bubble that surrounds you, animals, and any inanimate object. That includes the planet earth. And auras have different colors, which result from your mood, personality, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

It’s rare to have only one aura color surrounding living beings, especially humans since humans are complex. Auras are usually composed of different colors, though everyone has a dominant one. The one I’ll focus on here is the blue aura

The Blue Aura & Types Explained

Blue Aura
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When you think of the blue aura, you’ll sense that there is calm, tranquility, and sensitivity associated with the color. But you have to realize that there are different shades of blue, which will impact the meaning of your blue aura.

For example, a cloudy blue aura differs from a sky blue aura. However, if there is a lot of blue in your aura, you are intuitive, compassionate, and know how to relax. You have a chill nature.

That is mainly true if blue is your dominant aura color. And if not, if you have other passionate colors such as red and orange, but you have some blue, then you are beginning to take on traits of someone calm and sensitive. 

If your dominant aura color is blue, that represents your most dominant chakra, which is the Throat Chakra. However, that may not make sense to you since the Throat Chakra represents communication, and sometimes when you speak the truth, it’s not always calm.

But let me delve into that further by covering the link between the blue aura color and the Throat Chakra. 

The Link Between The Blue Aura Color And The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra
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There are seven chakras, and the Throat Chakra is the fifth one located around your neck and thyroid area. The Throat Chakra is about communication, being in tune with your truth, expression, and learning.

Perhaps you may not always be calm when speaking the truth about troubling situations. 

However, those with a dominant blue aura are calm and sensitive because they can talk about facts, are honest, and communicate well. And when you can communicate effectively, you will have a calmer disposition because you are not holding anything you want to say inside of you. And when you don’t speak up, you get extra stress, leading to anger, resentment, and anxiety. Now, let me delve into the personality of someone who has a blue aura as dominant. 

The Personality Of Someone With A Dominant Blue Aura

It won’t surprise you to know that those with dominant blue auras are sensitive and think profoundly. However, they are also quite expressive, honest, in tune with their voice, and great communicators. And those who have a dominant blue aura, then they feel empowered enough to speak the truth.

So if you think that is you, then you would relate to this. In addition, great communicators are also excellent listeners, which is another trait of someone with a lot of blue in their aura. 

When it comes to friendships and love, those with a lot of blue in their aura are often healthy. If you have the dominant blue aura, you will only stand for healthy relationships because truth and honesty are essential to you. And communication comes easy to you. You are loyal, and you are also the one that is calmer and stable which is grounding for any relationship. The same goes for you having the dominant aura in the workplace. 

If your aura is dominantly blue, you’ll gravitate toward jobs that allow you to give off creative and communicative energy. Therefore, you would like jobs that involve the arts, broadcasting, writing, and education. You would also make a loyal and honest employee. Now, remember – there isn’t just one shade of blue in your aura. There are various shades. Let’s now delve into it more. 

The Meanings Of Various Shades Of Blue In The Aura

You might already know that your aura has different shades of blue. And the shades go beyond dark blue to light blue. The shades of blue will alter the meaning of the color somewhat. Some of it may be positive, and others more negative. So let’s go over the meanings behind the different shades of blue in your aura:

  • True blue – If you have the true blue aura, also known as cobalt or royal blue, and it is a darker blue, you are incredibly sensitive to the point that you are clairvoyant. Furthermore, you are also giving, generous, and highly intuitive and would be drawn to metaphysics. 
  • Light or sky blue – If the shade of blue in your aura is light, you are peaceful, serene, and generally positive. You are an excellent communicator, and this shade of blue has a link to clarity. You would be an outstanding educator or writer.
  • Turquoise – This blue has some green, indicating your desire to get into a healing profession, as green can represent health. You are also compassionate, and you know how to find solutions in a calming way to adverse situations. 
  • Cloudy blue – If your blue aura is cloudy, that indicates that you have it in you to be expressive and truthful, but you are fearful of doing so. Perhaps your voice was silenced when you were a child, which is why you do not feel secure enough to speak up. You also are intuitive, but you struggle to trust it. The cloudiness represents insecurity. 
  • Indigo – If your aura is a cross between blue and purpose, indigo, you have deep intuition and psychic ability, as many mediums would have this color since they communicate with those on the Other Side. Because of the purple influence, your Third Eye Chakra would be very open and active. You are also compassionate and deliver psychic messages to those who need them. 

Now, you understand what the blue in your aura means. And now that you know that there can be different shades of blue in your aura, you will see how they represent your personality or situation a little deeper. And these auric colors and shades can change.

For example, if you have feared speaking your truth because you never want to upset others or don’t want to impose, you would likely have cloudy blue in your aura. However, if you learn to be more assertive and speak up, the cloudiness will clear up, and your blue aura will appear brighter. Remember that your aura is never set in stone, as other colors could take over the blue if a situation were to cause that to happen. 

If you want to improve the quality of your blue aura, open your Throat Chakra, and learn how to communicate better, here are some recommended books:

1. Whatever It Takes: Master the Habits to Transform Your Business, Relationships, and Life, by Brandon Bornancin.

2. The Science of Effective Communication: Improve Your Social Skills and Small Talk, Develop Charisma and Learn How to Talk to Anyone, by Ian Tuhovsky.

3. Communication Skills: Your Guide to Improving Social Intelligence, Developing Charisma, and Learning How to Talk to Anyone, by Devin White.

4. Throat Chakra: The Ultimate Guide to Unblocking, Balancing, and Opening Vishuddha, by Mari Silva. 

5. Throat Chakra Interactive Balancing Journal: 7 Days to Better Chakra Health, by Cassandra Thistle.

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