Interview With Psychic Anne St John

Anne St John is a Psychic Medium based in Florida. She offers appointments in person and also online – and also has her own aromatherapy shop.
And that’s not all – she’s also authored a book called ‘Miles Away‘ which details the channelled messages from her brother.
She’s been offering her services since 2011 and has helped countless people reach out to loved ones who have passed on.
You can find out more at or on her Facebook page.
Thankyou Anne for speaking to us!

Can you describe the process or technique you use to access psychic information?

Psychic Anne St john

Ok, this may be difficult to explain but I don’t feel that I use any technique other than waiting for spirit to help me in the reading. The way I see it, is that I am the messenger and I just have to wait for who’s ever guiding me in this psychic reading process -whether it be a Tarot reading or Mediumship reading- to explain to me what to say to each individual client.

As a Catholic, I do say prayers for my clients and their families here on earth and in heaven. And, sometimes you’ll see me make the sign of the cross before I start a reading, but it’s not necessary to do in order to access my guides and the loved ones that have passed that are giving me the information.

How do you differentiate between intuition and psychic ability?

Intuition is part of psychic ability. The difference is that when we say someone is psychic, it means they have a more fine tuned ability to listen and repeat what they are learning internally from Spirit. On a soul level, we each have this ability. And we either choose to ignore it or embrace it. Some choose to ignore it based on what they feel is the best course of action for themselves.

Some don’t want to worry or feel good about something that hasn’t come to fruition yet. But mostly, we tend to pick and choose what we think we need to know to make life better. Some people just trust Spirit more than others and it takes practice. Whatever you choose, it is best for you, either way.

Can you give an example of a particularly challenging or impactful reading you’ve done for a client?

Choosing just one reading would be very difficult. But I can give you an example of what one client had gone through and how the reading helped her. I once spoke with a woman who was very distraught over the loss of a high school sweetheart. She knew that he passed away and she couldn’t make heads or tails out of why this person kept coming back into her thoughts.

Without a doubt she knew that there was a special type of bond between them. After the reading, it was confirmed that he had always thought of her as well, and that he still loved her, even though he spent his life apart from hers. He still knew that she was really the one person that understood him the best, especially after his Life Review. Someday they may just reunite in a new heavenly place, whenever the day comes that she passes on. And that made all the difference in the world to her.

How do you handle sceptics or individuals who may not believe in psychic abilities?

I just personally feel that they don’t know enough yet to have that kind of faith. God gives us all kinds of abilities, psychic or high intuitiveness is just one of them. And I never feel it’s in my best interest to force someone to believe me, or in my region or my love for art or music or anything. Every individual learns from their own experience so who am I to try to convince them or not.

So it’s always up to the individual to decide what is real and what is right for themselves. What do you love most about being a psychic? I truly love to help people. I am in the unique position to help my clients and their loved ones in Spirit to get the messages across. It’s very rewarding to see someone who didn’t think they were loved or maybe afraid that mom or dad would be mad, see it all changed to find closure. And to see the difference it makes in a person’s life to see that we are all still connected even after someone passes away.

Can you speak to the ethics and responsibilities that come with being a psychic?

Absolutely. ‘Do no harm.’ That is how I approach my readings and I try to give the best information the quickest so the messages are clear and concise. No one should have to wonder about if the family or friends they love made it to Heaven safely. And hopefully if they are still struggling with issues on the Other Side, then the help of their family’s love will gain the success they needed in Heaven. There’s no magic candle or potion that can be purchased…, there is only the love you give that lasts a lifetime in the Hereafter.

Can you describe any experiences or phenomena that you have encountered during your psychic practice that you cannot explain?

Once in awhile Spirit throws me a curve ball. They once psychically and physically showed me how they get the message that someone on earth is arriving in Heaven. I was standing in my dining room when I suddenly felt this wave of information flood through me. It felt like something of memories or messages that washed through me in an almost physical way.

Almost like being in the ocean and having a physical wave of water crash over you but different like a radio wave that ran through me instead. In that moment, I suddenly realized that a friend had passed away on an airplane and that they were arriving in heaven at that time. Then you just knew that the message continued to connect onto the next person like a vibration that kept going until the last person knew about it.

Afterwards, I was told that it was just an example, and that the person was still alive but that’s how the souls in Heaven receive that kind of information almost all at once. Pretty cool, huh? Anne St. John