What Is Divine Timing?

Do you think that many things happen for a spiritual reason and that life will give you opportunities at times when you need them the most? If so, that is known as divine timing, which means a divine force like the Universe is working on your behalf.

And if you are attempting to go after something that seems far away and you feel like blockages are getting in the way, then that is a sign that the timing for you to attain what you want is wrong. The best thing you want to do is align with this guidance that is compelled through spiritual forces. Let’s talk more about divine timing. 

Divine Timing Explained

The key phrase that goes with divine timing is being at the right place at the right time. Also, divine timing can represent situations that you had wanted to happen in a different timeline than you had preferred, which is why you would have been facing blocks and obstacles each time you attempted to make the situations happen that you wanted. 

You may not know whether or not to believe there is truth to divine timing, and that is up to you to determine that. However, those that have a deep connection to the spirit will feel that the spirit guides, others on the spiritual team, and the Universe are working behind the scenes to help make things happen for you that is for your highest good, as well as making things happen for you that you are manifesting.

So now, let’s go over some examples of divine timing. 

Examples & Signs Of Divine Timing

Divine Timing

Here are two examples of divine timing coming into play. First, you got laid off from your job, and you are stressed over it, and you have to go on assistance for the time being, which does not help your confidence. And you keep looking for jobs frantically, but any employer has not called you back. So you are getting worried and impatient.

Yet at the same time, you cannot help but feel that those jobs you applied for would not make you happy. You also had a dream of working at a chocolate shop. But you did not pursue that because you felt it was not a realistic goal for you to do that.

However, one day, out of the blue, you are told that an acquaintance had a baby, and you feel the right thing to do is send a gift. So you went to the mall to get the baby booties and headed to the chocolate shop to get a bar of relevant decorative chocolate to celebrate bringing a new baby into the world. You see a sign in the shop “we are hiring,”  lo and behold, you have your resume with you because you carry it around wherever you go in case you have a reason to give it to a store manager. 

You get into a friendly conversation with the clerk and talk about how much you have always dreamed of working at a chocolate shop. The clerk tells you they need help in the shop and asks you to stay behind so the manager can speak to you.

The manager talks to you and asks you to go into his office in the back. You are having an interview with him, which you had not planned to do as you would only get a gift for the baby. But since it was so impromptu, it would not have been expected for you to dress up for the interview. However, the manager liked your enthusiasm, detected your determination, and felt your resume was decent. So you got the job at the chocolate shop! You were told to start working next week. 

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You were not expecting that to happen because you only went to the mall to get the baby’s gift. But that is an example of divine timing. However, sometimes divine timing can happen to you as a warning. 

You woke up one morning and suddenly decided to take an alternate route to work. You may have wanted to change the routine and scenery somewhat and rationalize that as the reason for making that decision. You had no idea why this notion came to you otherwise, but it was something that did, and you decided to go with that and take that alternate route. Yes, it took a little longer as it did wind around more, but it eliminated much of the bumper-to-bumper traffic. 

However, as soon as you got to work, you got bad news. One of your coworkers was sent to the hospital after getting into a major car wreck on the route you usually go. Therefore, you taking that alternate route suddenly on that day was divine timing because you were saved! So now let’s go over the signs that divine timing is happening in your life. 

Synchronicities & Divine Timing

When looking for signs of divine timing, synchronicity is one of the main things to look for. For example, if you are thinking about an individual and suddenly you either hear from them as they call you or you hear some news about them, or you see them show up on social media. Yet, you have not seen them for a long time beforehand; that is an example.

You may think of that as a coincidence, but that is a synchronicity. However, when it comes to divine timing, you are experiencing synchronicities if you feel a significant change coming and cannot put your finger on it. Yet, you see the number 555 everywhere, which signifies change, then is also the same and shows that this significant change is happening in divine time. 

Deja Vu

Divine Timing

There are many things to be said about deja vu, but if you feel like you have been at a particular place and are there right now, you likely have been. You do know that before your birth, you and your guides created a blueprint of your life (knowing that free will can always change the course), and some things you plan before birth are locations of where you will be if they are meaningful. And your Higher Self is witnessing all of your plans.

Therefore, when you are at the place you planned to be during your pre-birth planning and feel a sense of deja vu, your Higher Self remembers it even though you have not been there physically. When deja vu like this happens, it shows that you are on the right path and aligning yourself with your divine timing, even though free will may have altered some of your pre-planned life. 

Divine Timing: Seeing Angel Numbers

When discussing synchronicities, something was said about angel numbers, which is part of it. But if you constantly see angel numbers, those are important messages you get from your guides. For example, suppose you continuously see the same repeating numbers such as 111,222, 333, and so on through clocks, addresses, phone numbers, receipts, etc. In that case, the angels are telling you that you are on the right path for something specific you are on, which also is a sign of divine timing.

So therefore, when you are feeling within that, you will be in for a considerable change. For example, you constantly feeling to look at the clock at dinner time, and it is 555, or if you wake up early in the morning at 555, then you are on track to sensing that change, so you must embrace it. 

Seeing Various Symbols

Seeing symbols is a form of synchronicity. Still, if you constantly see coins, feathers, and animals, then those messengers from your guides and even your deceased friends and loved ones are sending those to you as signs. Therefore, you cannot dismiss those as coincidences when you begin to see feathers on your driveway or a bunch of coins on the sidewalk as you walk in your neighborhood. Perhaps you may find birds right before you, which happens each time you go outside to get the newspaper at your door. That is also divine timing because the Universe is nudging you to the right place at the right time. 

Divine Timing: Your Intuition

If you are paying attention to your intuition, you will feel when the divine timing of things will happen, but it takes a lot of patience, skill in developing your intuition, and trust to get there. For example, if you sense there will be an ending to something because you feel it (such as you getting laid off from work, which will propel you to start looking for a new job), and it happens, but luckily you have a new position in place, that is an example of divine timing. 

Or, you know to stay away from a certain area at a certain time, like taking that alternative route to work and learning a bad accident happened, that also is divine timing. It is the feeling that something will happen, and you know you have to listen to it instead of going against it because you are right (though sometimes it can be hard to separate emotion from intuition, so you need to learn to be more objective); that is divine timing. 

Now you understand divine timing, and if you think back to situations where divine timing happened, you see that there is something to it!