Using The Business Spread Tarot

How can you use tarot to help your business? Read on to find out about a business tarot spread and how to gain insights from it.

Many people, at some point in their lives, want to start a business, whether it is a side hustle as they work a full-time job or they want to create a business they can do from home, full-time. However, anyone knows that starting a business with that degree will take a long time to take off. That is why the worst thing anyone can do before starting a business is to quit work because they can be out of an income for a very long time.

And taking the idea that every business created will succeed for granted is a bad idea. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict whether or not your business will succeed. However, there is one thing you can do to gain the insight you need to maximize the chances of it growing, and that is by doing a business tarot spread to help you determine how you can increase the chances of it doing well and to look into what kind of pitfalls you could encounter.

Use Tarot To Determine How You Can Make Your Business Successful

There are many tarot spreads for businesses. However, here is one from Backyard Banshee, and it is a five-card business spread that you can use to gain some insight if you are considering starting a brand new business. You will place card one on the left, card three on the right of card one, and then card five on the right of card three. Card two is beneath cards one and three, and card four is beneath cards three and five.

The first card shows the problems you may encounter when you begin your business, giving you the proper heads up of what you could face when you start it. You will know what obstacles you might meet that could get in your way as you do what you can to get your business off the ground. It could be something such as not having proper resources, or it could be self-doubt.

Card two is how you will overcome the issues you face in your new business. Here is a hopeful card that will bring the message that you can work through the problems and obstacles you face as you start your business. You will want to focus on that card and determine what message it is giving you so you can work through the obstacles.

Card three shows why your business could not work. But, like card one, it is not a message that should discourage you from trying. Instead, it will reveal what situation you could face as you work on getting your business off the ground. It differs from card one because card one shows the issues you could face as you attempt to start your business. This card shows what issues you will face while actively working at your company. It could be tough competition trying to create obstacles for you or bad reviews.

Card four shows the guidance you should take based on the issues that card three reveals, as this card shows you what kind of action you should be taking when you are struggling with an aspect of your business that can help you resolve the problem.

And finally, card five of our business tarot spread will tell you how to make your business succeed. Again, this card will give you helpful insight, increasing your chances of succeeding.

If you are already a business owner looking for a quick way to determine your obstacle, a few three-card tarot spreads for business can help you.

Several Business Three-Card Tarot Spreads

Several three-card tarot spreads from Biddy Tarot can help you in your existing business by enabling you to determine the issues around obstacles that you could be facing. The three-card spread would be in the same position as the past, present, and future: the first card on the left, the second card in the middle, and the third card on the right.

The first business tarot spread is advice about handling an obstacle your business currently faces. Card one is your business’s current situation, card two shows the impediment to your business, and card three is the advice you should take to help work through it.

The second spread the nature of the issue your business is facing. Card two shows what caused the problem, and card three represents the solution that can help you resolve the issue. Therefore, those are a few three-card tarot spreads if you are a business owner. Now, let’s review a sample reading for the five-card tarot spread.

Sample Five-Card Business Tarot Reading

Let’s talk about Steve, who dislikes his nine-to-five job and wants to start a freelance writing business. He is hoping that will eventually replace his income, but he also knows it will take time to do that, and he will need to understand when it comes to freelancing, he could have some months of the feast and other months of famine. He also realizes that he could always look for another job if he cannot stand his job. But he is set on the idea of starting a freelance writing business.

He is initially happy to write for free by writing guest posts, so he builds a portfolio. He knows what he needs to do to establish his business. However, understandably he is afraid, so let’s do the five-card business tarot reading for Steve and see what could be in store regarding his freelance writing business. Here is the spread:

Business Tarot Spread

Card one shows the problems Steve may encounter when he begins his freelance writing business: Hierophant.

Card two shows how Steve will overcome the issues he faces in his new business: Eight of Swords.

Card three shows why Steve’s new business will not work: Ten of Wands.

Card four shows the guidance Steve should take based on the issue that card three reveals: Justice.

Card five shows how Steve can be successful with his freelance writing business: Emperor.

Okay, so let’s go over this spread.

Card one indicates the issues that Steve may encounter when he starts his freelance writing business, and the Hierophant emerges. Therefore, that clearly states that Steve will face problems if he does not think outside the box. Sure, taking courses and getting expert advice is essential, as he knows how to create and market a portfolio. However, if he has creativity and individuality and goes by the book, he will impress prospects. So, even though he needs to learn how to become a freelance writer, he must add some originality and creativity to his marketing. Furthermore, he needs to have the confidence to do so.

The second card of our business tarot spread shows how Steve will overcome the issues he could face, which the Hierophant indicates, and the Eight of Swords comes up. Steve could end up going by the book as he markets himself because he could be riddled with self-doubt and would not think he has it in him to do better. However, once he realizes he can take the blinder off, as indicated in the Eight of Swords, he will free himself from the self-imposed belief that he lacks creativity and originality and realize that he is his worst enemy.

Card three shows why Steve’s new business will not work, and the Ten of Wands came up. That is easy and predictable, as he could quickly burn himself out while working and taking on writing clients. He could be coming home exhausted from work and ending up with too many freelance writing clients to the point that he is working on their work until midnight without him eating a proper dinner and getting downtime. At that point, he still cannot confidently stop working as he will need to transition to that point which will take a long time. If he burns out, he will no longer want to continue with the business and feel like a failure. He must be careful with avoiding burnout by extending turnaround time. His clients will need to understand he has a full-time job too.

Card four reveals the guidance Steve should take based on what the Ten of Wands shows: Justice. It is all about cause and effect. Before he launches his business, he needs to understand that he could run into times when he could be burned out, and he needs to put something into place to mitigate that. As mentioned, a longer turnaround time is something he will have to implement. He knows that he won’t be helpful if he does not sleep and get his needs met. Again, it is a matter of cause and effect.

Finally, card five in this tarot spread for business shows how Steve can make this freelance writing business successful, and the Emperor emerges. Steve needs to be organized, self-disciplined, and be his best leader. That means having the confidence that he will succeed by marketing himself innovatively and ensuring his well-being is the top priority as he grows his business.

To sum up, Steve could get into trouble if he does not think outside the box enough when pitching clients. Self-doubt could get in the way of him going too much by the book, but once he realizes that he can get creative and be himself, he will have an easier time with it. He needs to be careful not to burn himself out as he works at his job while freelancing on the side. If he keeps his well-being in check as he grows his business and puts a plan in place to prevent burnout or mitigate it at worst, he will be okay.

What does your business tarot spread say about your business plan or idea?