Auras – Your Definitive Guide

What Are Auras?

An aura is a color energy field that surrounds you. Your energy field’s color is influenced by your emotional state, mood, and the conditions of those around you. There are no single colors around you, so your aura is composed of various colors, with some dominating others.

Your feelings or general state of mind determines the predominant colors.

An In-Depth Explanation About Auras

Psychic Aura
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As mentioned, your energy field is your aura, but do only humans have auras? No, animals also have energy fields surrounding them, and so do inanimate objects. The reason for that is both living and non-living beings radiate a very low level of electricity. That is the electromagnetic field.

Ancient medicine, such as in Ayurveda, believes that seven layers of energy express your energy and connect to your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. And the belief is that these layers can interact with each other, which influences your overall well-being. And according to Healthline, the idea is that your aura is your luminous body surrounding your physical one.

How Can You See Your Aura?

You can get a reading about yourself based on your aura from some psychic readers. For example, subconscious emotions may affect your day-to-day life without realizing it. Thus, an aura reading can be helpful to you so that you can make positive changes and begin to make changes that will improve your life. You can also photograph auras, and the colors read that way, according to Goop.

If you stand in front of a mirror or pay attention to the colors you see, you can also see your aura. Make sure you’re in a well-lit room to see the colors around you. When looking in the mirror, you must concentrate on your body to see the colors. In addition to seeing your aura, you can use another trick. To see if colors appear, rub your hands together, pull your hands apart slowly, and observe as you do so.

You can only learn how your state of mind and emotions affect your aura colors by hiring a psychic reader who reads auras or by attempting to see your aura colors yourself. According to the Spiritual Arts Institute, the aura never lies!  So, let’s take a closer look at the meanings of colors.

What Are The Meaning Of Aura Colors?

When you understand the meaning of the colors in your aura, you’ll be able to understand yourself well and be more aware of your emotions if they are out of balance. You may not realize how much your state of mind affects your life.

Imagine being constantly depleted energetically or in a negative state of mind. Your life will be filled with problems such as debt, stress, and situations that cause you unhappiness.

Therefore, if your aura consists of a specific color resulting from a particular way of thinking or hurting your chances of happiness and prosperity, you need to be aware of this so you can take steps to improve yourself. So now, let’s look at the colors in your aura and what they each mean.

Blue In Your Aura

The color blue is associated with communication and mental energy. The bluer you have around you, your mind is powerful, chatty, and active. There is a lot to say. As a result, you may struggle to ground yourself and have your head in the clouds.

As we explore the colors, you will discover which colors are associated with anxiety, and blue may not be one of them. If blue is in your aura and another color, it can cause stress. That indicates that you are overthinking to the point that you are not grounded and are focusing on unlikely scenarios.

Blue is associated with the Throat Chakra, which governs expression, learning, thinking, and communication. In other words, if you see a beautiful blue color, your Throat Chakra is open, and energy is flowing, which means you can express your feelings and thoughts well. I’d like to discuss the next color with you.

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Yellow In Your Aura

A yellow aura suggests positivity, optimism, and a sunny outlook. You may have a magnetic personality if your aura is filled with yellow. A person with yellow and blue in their aura is a captivating communicator who will be charming.

If your aura contains a lot of yellow, you probably have a lot of friends, and you express gratitude frequently.

Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus chakra, and if yellow is flowing well, then this chakra is clear and open. It also governs self-confidence and clarity of identity. Now let’s talk about the next color.

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Red In Your Aura

If you have a lot of red in your aura, you are passionate and want to get things done as quickly as possible. Instruction manuals are not your cup of tea. A lot of red can also make you angry, depending on the other colors in your aura. However, if you have a lot of yellow, which makes you optimistic, you may be the one who takes action enthusiastically.

You will have a lot of red in your aura if you accomplish everything you set out to do.

The Root Chakra is associated with red; if the red is clear in your aura, you don’t have a blocked Root Chakra. You are very grounded as well as a result. Let’s go over the next color.

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Orange In Your Aura

You are highly creative and possess a strong libido if you have plenty of orange in your aura. Due to their high level of creativity, many artists include this color in their auras. One thing about having a lot of orange in the aura is that your creativity comes from developing your problem-solving skills. People with this color in their auras have often lived complex lives that required them to be creative.

In addition to being associated with creativity, orange is also associated with the Sacral Chakra. The orange indicates the health of this chakra if it is clear. I’d like to discuss the next color with you.

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Pink Or Green In Your Aura

You are generous, loving, forgiving, and kind if your aura is pink or green. As for you, you have a gold heart. There is no difference between the two color representations. Those with a lot of green in their aura also love nature and the outdoors, which is the only difference between pink and green.

If you have a lot of pink or green in your aura, chances are you’re the natural caregiver who puts other people’s needs ahead of yours. The different colors in your aura will determine whether you have a bit of resentment toward it. The importance of never neglecting your needs cannot be overstated. The last thing you want to do is risk developing caregiver burnout, even if you are not taking care of anyone in particular. But you will end up with the effects if you are always putting your needs last, according to WebMD.

Green and pink colors are associated with the Heart Chakra, which governs love and kindness, so if you see these colors clearly, the chakra is healthy. Now let’s look at the next color.

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Purple In Your Aura

Purple in your aura indicates you are highly sensitive, empathetic, intuitive, and even psychic. Alternatively, you may be very deep mentally and only want profound conversations. People with purple auras are attracted to metaphysics, as they may collect tarot cards or enjoy astrology.

Those with this color in their aura are known not to have patience with superficial people. They need to be around like-minded and sensitive people. The color represents the Third Eye Chakra, which governs deep thinking, psychic ability, and intuition. In its brightest form, this color is considered healthy for the chakra. Next, let’s discuss the color white.

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White In Your Aura

It isn’t likely that you have much white in your aura, but it can happen. White auras are associated with fast thinkers, perfectionists, and nervousness. If you were to have a lot of white in your aura, you may not have many friends. You tend to be very picky and find it challenging to trust easily. So you may keep them them at arm’s length (and others at arm’s length) if you have a lot of white.

A connection to the spiritual world is represented by white, which means the Crown Chakra. Therefore, you would not want to be around too many people because even though you are intense, you are also profoundly spiritual. Next, I will discuss black, the last standard aura color.

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Black In Your Aura

Black is not an actual aura color, but if you have a lot of black in your colors, it may indicate depression, pessimism, fatigue, burnout, or energy depletion. However, if there is a lot of black and red, you struggle with rage since your passion is anger that you misuse. A lot of black in your aura indicates that your chakras are out of balance and you need energy healing work.

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Auras frequently have several colors, but there is usually one dominant color. For example, a rainbow-colored aura, in which there is an even number of colors and no predominant color, can mean that you are extremely busy or about to embark on a new endeavor.

As a result, you have so many thoughts and feelings. A rainbow-colored aura energizes you either way. When you learn about your aura and its colors, you can learn much about yourself. There are some highly recommended books when it comes to learning about the aura colors, which I’ve listed below:

1. The Complete Book of Auras: Learn to See, Read, Strengthen & Heal Auras Paperback, by Richard Webster.

2. Auras: How to See Auras and Understand their Meanings, by Paul Kain

3. Auras: How To See Human Aura Colors In 7 Easy Steps, by Mia Rose

4. The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras: Your Handbook to Seeing, Reading, and Protecting Your Aura, by Cassie Uhl

5. A Little Bit of Auras: An Introduction to Energy Fields, by Cassandra Eason

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