What Is The Aeon Tarot Card?

If you have been learning tarot and suddenly see the term Aeon everywhere but cannot find its meaning in the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, then that is why because the Aeon tarot card is not part of that deck. Instead, it is in the Crowley Thoth and Haindl tarot decks. 

Aeon represents the eternity of space and time, equivalent to the Judgment tarot card in the Rider-Wait-Smith deck. So let’s go and dig deeper into the meaning of this card. 

What Is The Meaning Of The Aeon Tarot Card?

The meaning of the Aeon tarot card is the same as Judgment in the other decks. In the Crowley Thoth deck, the Aeon tarot card was once known as the Angel or the Last Judgment card as an angel is blowing a trumpet, or it could be a messenger who was a flag that carries the sign of Aeon of Osiris. You can see the graves opening up as the dead emerge, representing resurrection. 

In the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot, the Aeon is the card that represents time and the changes of time which can also mean anything final, as well as destruction, liberation, redemption, and hope. It is the sign of the Rise of the Phoenix as it represents a moment of insight and emphasizes the cycle of life that waxes and wanes.

There is also the realization of Utopia with this particular card from this deck. However, to gain true insight into the Aeon tarot card, you must understand the meaning behind the Judgment tarot card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, as Aeon is the modern-day Judgment. 

The Judgment Tarot Card Is The Aeon

Aeon (Judgement) Tarot Card

All you need to do is look up the meaning of Judgment to get a basic understanding of the Aeon tarot card in the Crowley Thoth and Haindl tarot decks. And Judgment in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is challenging to understand, as the Aeon tarot card’s meanings on both decks differ slightly. However, once you know the importance behind Judgment, learning about the true meaning behind Aeon makes it more accessible. 

When you look at the Judgment tarot card, you will see naked men, women, and children that rise from their graves, as you would see on the Aeon card. They spread their arms as they looked up towards the sky and saw that Archangel Gabriel was blowing his trumpet as he is the Angel that rules wealth, health, creativity, and fertility. Some people are receptive to the call from Archangel Gabriel because they are ready for him to judge them. They will find out at that moment whether the heavens will accept them. 

If you look at the card’s background, you will see a vast mountain range that shows the obstacles and the guarantee that there will be Judgment. It does not matter what you do. You will be judged for it, good or bad, which is why you want to make decisions with the best intentions, and attaining perfection is unrealistic while you are here on earth. 

The Message From Judgment or Aeon

The Judgment or Aeon tarot card calls upon you to acknowledge and rise to your highest level of consciousness and do so for the evolution of your soul. When this card emerges, you are going through some spiritual awakening as you begin to see you are meant for much more than you believe. You will also want to raise your vibration, which means it is time to let your old self disappear so you can become a newer and better version of yourself. It can involve your career or affect you, creating a unique perspective based on an issue you have been facing, which is a lesson, and those lessons can be painful. 

This card will come up in a reading, whether you read for yourself or go to a tarot reader when you are in a position to make a life-changing decision. It is similar to Justice, which also represents your need to make a decision, but that card represents your need to make one based on logic. However, with Judgment, you must use your intellect and intuition to make this life-changing decision. 

You will be at a crossroads because you are aware that any change you decide to make will change your life either way and by knowing this, the idea of having to make that life-changing decision scares you. However, this is when you need to trust your Higher Self and tune into it so you can use it to help you make that decision along with your intellect. Embrace the inevitable changes that will come with making this life-changing decision. 

You will find that the Aeon or Judgment tarot card comes up in a tarot reading when you almost hit a huge milestone in your journey. Finally, you are at a place where you have evaluated and reviewed all your experiences and learned some valuable lessons. You feel as if things are starting to come into place, but there is one more step you need to take: what Aeon or Judgment will reveal to you. You will also want to share your struggles with others as you will see that you are not alone, and you can encourage others who have experienced your pain. 

When this card is in reverse, however, it shows that you either have already taken that step to make that decision or are balking and stagnating, and you have to figure out why you refuse to budge. You are required to do a lot of self-evaluation. Let’s take an example of someone pulling the Aeon or Judgment card of the day and what the message may mean to them. 

What The Aeon Tarot Card Tells You As A Card-Of-The-Day Pull

Here is an example of what the Aeon or Judgment card tells you if you pull it for the day as a message to you. You have undergone a significant weight loss transformation and almost hit your goal. You are proud of yourself. You also have been going through therapy because a lot of trauma has caused you to overeat emotionally. You are almost at a point of maintenance.

Therefore, the Aeon tarot card tells you to either continue with therapy during maintenance as other painful realizations will pop up where you would want to turn back to food or stop going to therapy and white knuckle your healing on your own instead. It would be cheaper to do that, but is that wise? 

The Aeon card is calling you to make that judgment, and you will find that your Higher Self reminds you that you are worth the investment, as it is hinting you to continue therapy as the risk of your progress failing is too high. Have you pulled or received the Aeon or Judgment card during a reading? Let me know what you got from it.