What Does An Orange Aura Mean?

Orange auras – want to know what they mean? I’m going to explain what we can tell about your personality if you have an orange aura, as well as what each shade tells us.

The aura is an energy field surrounding your body and the bodies of all living (and non-living) things. Therefore, your personality, state of mind, experiences, and emotions will represent your emotions (even though inanimate objects don’t experience any of those, the environment and who has been in contact with them influences their aura).

Your aura has various colors. However, there is one dominant color in everyone’s auric field. And the color that I will focus on now is the orange color in your aura. 

The Orange Aura Explained

Orange Psychic Aura

Have you had an aura reading done before and were told that its dominant color was orange? How exciting, let’s talk more about that. The orange color is connected to the Sacral Chakra, which happens to lie in your pelvic area, which is the area where your creativity and sensuality come from, and it is not a surprise that the orange in your area represents that too. 

Suppose your dominant color is orange in your aura. In that case, that combination of passionate red and a youthful yellow makes this a positive, thrill-seeking, and creative aura color. Therefore, if this is your dominant aura color, then you seek adventure, you gravitate to anything that inspires you, and you also are the one that inspires other people.

You are also highly creative, and if your aura has been predominantly orange since you were young, you were likely a very imaginative child (that may have gotten into mischief a lot because of having such an adventurous personality). 

If your dominant aura color is not orange, but you have some orange in it, that means you are in tune with your physical body and feeling more passionate, creative, and inspired. Now, let’s delve more into the personality of someone with orange as the dominant color in their aura and how it affects their relationships and work. 

Your Personality With Dominant Orange Aura

Are you the type that is always looking forward to a new challenge, and you could never say “no” to a new thrill? Meanwhile, you are also highly imaginative and may have even written some creative writing pieces. There is a good chance that the dominant color in your aura is orange. 

Another trait you have is strong intuition, and your intuitive energy will help you make positive changes. That is why you only want to be with people who inspire you and not bring you down. You need to be around only positive people, and you will find that anyone negative in your life will dull your shine. You are also a loyal and good friend and an excellent employee who loves contributing helpful ideas to your employer.

If you are a business owner, you will be an outstanding leader and encourage your employees to share ideas. You will also defend and fight for the underdog. 

You are also highly sensual as you crave intimacy with your partners and are also so in tune with your body. That is not a surprise since orange is a color of passion, as there is red. However, there are some downsides to this aura color which has to do with impulsivity. 

Orange Can Also Indicate Impulsivity 

Even though there is a lot of positivity regarding the dominant orange aura, you must remember that there is red, indicating passion. Therefore, when you are highly passionate, you will not always think before you act. And there is a risk of you acting before you think. That means you could immediately get into bad relationships because you initially thought you fell in love quickly with the other individual due to being so attracted to them. 

Another issue you constantly face is that you rush into other situations, such as rushing through your work and making a lot of mistakes as a result of that. You may also say things you don’t mean because of not thinking them through. Remember that there is red in the aura, which means you could still be quick to anger at times. You could say things that you may regret later.

You may be in many situations where you will say, “I can’t believe I did or said this” because you did not think before doing it, but you may keep repeating the lesson because your passionate side could get the best of you. 

The other issue that you may face because you tend to rush into projects is burnout, as you may be the one to work on things 24/7 and not sleep much. However, you can devise creative techniques to avoid rushing and taking things somewhat slower since you know it. It won’t be easy, but it is critical.

Now, let’s go over the different shades of orange auric color and what they mean. 

What Are The Shades Of Orange In The Aura?

There are several shades of orange that your aura can show, and the meanings of those shades can alter the general meaning of the dominant orange aura. The shades are:

  • Pumpkin orange – If your auric field has a pumpkin orange color, you have an excellent eye for detail and are industrious. You are also good with self-discipline, so you would not likely be as impulsive as the other shades. You are also open to moving out of your comfort zone and would be a great employee or business owner. 
  • Peach orange – If your aura has a peach color, you are good at communication and very open-minded, making you an excellent public speaker. You could also be a writer or a teacher if you have this as your dominant aura color. You also are known to inspire others because you are still very passionate. 
  • Darkened or burnt orange – If your orange aura color is darkened or appears burnt, you are the creative type dealing with burnout, boredom, apathy, and feeling as if you are stuck in a rut. However, even though you may feel apathetic, you still are ambitious as you think you need to do everything and anything for yourself. Still, you are apathetic about anything else in your life. You need a vacation, and you need time for self-care desperately. 

As you see, those with the dominant orange aura color are passionate, creative, and love to go on adventures, but they also can get into trouble for acting before they think. It is truly amazing how the aura shows who you are and what you are facing at the current time. I will review some resources on increasing and improving your orange aura:

1. The Sacral Chakra: Healing the Center of Sex, Creativity, Pleasure, and Joy: Learn to Heal Yourself with Your Energy, by Mirtha Contreras.

2. Sacral Chakra: The Ultimate Guide to Opening, Balancing, and Healing Svadhisthana (The Seven Chakras), by Mari Silva.

3. The Sacral Chakra: Understanding, Balancing and Healing the 2nd Chakra (Chakra Healing, Understanding, Balancing and Healing the Chakras), by Brenda Hunt.

4. Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

5. Deep Creativity: Seven Ways to Spark Your Creative Spirit Paperback, by Deborah Anne Quibell.

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