Using Tarot For Pets

When you think of doing a tarot reading for someone, you will think of doing a reading for a friend or a family member, and if you read the tarot professionally, then you would read it for anyone for a fee. However, you may need to know if you should read for children under the age of 13, and that may be questionable. However, if teenagers want to learn the tarot, they can and don’t have to be 18. But what about doing tarot readings for Fluffy, the cat, or Fido? Can you read tarot for your pets? Let’s dig into that a little deeper, shall we?

Tarot Readings And Pets

Reading tarot and psychics for pets is becoming a thing, even though they cannot communicate with you verbally as you read it, so you will not understand how they feel and what they have to say about it. However, pet tarot readings are happening more often. And even though you will intuitively sense what is happening with your pet and what your pet is telepathically saying to you, there is only so much you can understand what they are “telling” you.

That is why reading tarot for pets sounds like it could be a pointless and ridiculous thing. However, it is not. It is far from futile and stupid. 

Can You Give Tarot Readings For Pets?

As you just learned, you can give tarot readings for pets. However, it will be more complex than sitting at the table with someone, shuffling your cards, and pulling them for the other individual. You also cannot call your pet to do a tarot reading for them or go on video chat online. If you are going to read the tarot for your pet, then you will have to do it differently than you would with a human.

Since animals do not communicate in ways that you do, you already know that. Now that you know you can give Fluffy or Fido a reading let’s go over how you can do this.  

How To Use Tarot To Connect With Your Pets

When you read tarot, you have to formulate a question, and unlike traditional tarot readings, you would have to formulate the question that Fluffy or Fido will answer. And tarot is also an excellent way to interpret your pet’s thoughts and feelings on something particular. 

For example, if your dog is acting very strange and is not as affectionate as they usually are, but they don’t seem to be in pain and are eating well, then you will want to know what your dog is feeling. However, this is essential to understand. You never want to use tarot as a substitute for the vet. Even if your pet is eating well, your pet could still be uncomfortable.

But if your pet’s veterinarian says the animal is fine, you can do the tarot reading. Tarot can help improve the animal’s life so you can understand what they need and provide it for them. Let’s review a spread that can help you communicate with your animal. 

Four Card Tarot Pet Spread

Here is a four-card tarot spread for pets to help you understand what they need from you, which can help you communicate with them. All you need to do is horizontally lay the cards, whereas card one is on the left, card two is on the right of that, card three is on the right of card two, and card four is on the right. 

The first card represents a situation from the perspective of your dog or cat, or other pet. Remember that pets can sense energies from something differently than you do, so it is essential that you can get perspective from your pet.

Next, card two shows the aspects of the situation your pet likes or accepts, and card three represents the aspects your pet does not want or accept. Finally, the fourth card indicates what your pet would likely say to you about the situation. That is a straightforward spread. 

You may want to remove the Major Arcana from the deck because pets are not affected by significant life-changing events, whereas the day-to-day stuff affects them more, so you may choose to use the Minor Arcana for pet readings. 

If you decide to use the Major Arcana for your pets, use the most basic interpretations they give you. And you will interpret the Minor Arcana suits for your pets as follows:

  • Wands – passions, desires, and wants. 
  • Swords – problems, obstacles, and challenges. 
  • Cups – feelings and emotions.
  • Pentacles – stability, food, and anything else that brings comfort. 

However, that is entirely up to you on how you want to read for your pet, as you can still use all cards and find creative ways to use the Major Arcana and court cards. Let’s do a sample reading. 

Sample Pet Tarot Reading 

Let’s do a reading for a four-year-old Poodle named Bella, who is very mopey after his owners had their first baby. After the couple married, they adopted Bella when she was two months old. They were the only ones Bella knew as they spent time house-training her, crate training her, and they bonded as they became Bella’s pet parents. 

However, the couple was expecting, and Bella sensed things were changing then, but her demeanor did not change all that much. Though when they had the baby, Bella started becoming depressed, withdrawn, and she even became snappy when they brought the baby near her. It is not rocket science to understand that when there is a new baby and no other children, pets that have been with their owners for much longer will struggle with the change. So let’s do a tarot reading to see how Bella is feeling. 

A Tarot Spread For Pets

Card one represents the issue from Bella’s perspective: Seven of Wands.

Card two represents aspects of the situation that Bella accepts: Nine of Swords. 

Card three shows aspects of the situation Bella does not accept: Five of Cups.

Card four shows what Bella wants to say about the situation: Six of Pentacles. 

The first card shows the issue from Bella’s perspective, and the Seven of Wands comes up, which indicates that she is in a place where she feels she must defend her territory. Therefore, she is constantly on guard, which is not a surprise considering that a new living being suddenly entered her home, and she has trouble handling that. Therefore, her growling when the owners bring the baby near her reflects this, as she is heavily in defense mode. 

Card two shows the aspects of the situation Bella accepts, and the Nine of Swords comes up. It is hard to imagine that any living being would accept being anxious all of the time, but perhaps even though Bella is worried about this upheaval in her life, she also sees that she is still in the home with her humans. Animals cannot think abstractly, and they don’t have the reasoning ability to think in terms of “well, this is a bad upheaval, but things will get better soon.” However, Bella must intuitively know that she is not leaving it just because there is a new being in the pack. 

Card three reveals the aspects of the situation that Bella does not accept, and the Five of Cups emerges. She is clearly grieving over the fact that she is not taking up the spotlight anymore and feels that the baby has replaced her. Therefore, that explains why she is mopey, sad, and not herself anymore. And again, that is what you would expect when a new baby comes into the home, where the pet is the one that takes up the spotlight. 

Finally, card four shows what Bella wants to say about the situation, and the Six of Pentacles comes up, which means she is telling her humans to give her just as much love and time as they do to the baby. She wants their love, time, and reassurance that she is not going anywhere. 

Therefore, it is not a surprise that Bella is anxious, sad, depressed, and becoming more territorial. And that is how pets are when a new baby is in the home, especially if no other children exist. It will likely be less of an issue if the couple has more children because Bella would be used to new babies coming into the home, and she would probably have a playmate, the first child, to keep her company. But the first time is always rough. Now, let’s look at one more thing. 

Can Dogs Have Tarot Cards?

If you can get a tarot deck for your dog to use specifically for your dog, you can do that. But should you give it to them? That would not be advisable. They could end up chewing up the box and ruin the cards if you keep it near them. Your dog will only see it as a chew toy. Therefore, it is not a good idea to keep it within reach.

But you can use a specific deck for your dog. For example, you can use the Rider-Waite-Smith deck to get dog tarot cards such as the Magical or Wise Dog Tarot. 

Always ensure that when you do a reading for your dog (or cat or other pets), they are relaxed, so they are receptive to you tapping into their energies with your cards. Tariot gives you the opportunity for you to know your dog very well!