How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading

In this article we’ll explore everything you need to knew about how to get ready for a psychic reading. By the end of this you’ll have some simple yet powerful steps to take to make sure you get the most from your time.

You’ve chosen a psychic site. You’ve chosen a psychic advisor and you’ve booked your reading.

You might be feeling nervous, anxious or unsure. That’s perfectly normal, even if it’s something youv’e done before.

Preparing for a psychic reading can make a huge difference. It will benefit you and your psychic. In this article I’ll tell you some simple, quick and easy things to do before your psychic reading.

Crystal ball

Set An Intent

Know what you want to get what you want from your psychic reading is important for preparation. Ideally be really specific.

Compare these two intents:

  1. I’m not sure what I want, I’m just curious
  2. I’d love to get clarity on how I can improve my marriage

The first one isn’t of much help to your psychic, as they don’t know what to focus on. It’s also not helpful for you – as it’s so vague, how could you judge its success?

The second one is much better. You’ve chosen a topic (your marriage) and also what you want (input on how you can make it better).
With this, your psychic can focus on the right things and really connect with you. And after the reading you can evaluate how useful it was.

Setting a clear, realistic and specific intent will always pay off in the form of a better, more insightful reading.

Be Open

The more open-minded you are about your reading the better. If you start the reading thinking “this is a waste of time” then it probably will be.
If you go in thinking “there’s no way this psychic can connect with me” then they probably won’t be able to.

If you start thinking “I’m really open to what might come up, and I welcome it” then guess what? You will! It’s a simple yet important part of preparing for a psychic reading.

I highly recommend you be open about:

  • What might come up in the reading
  • What advice your psychic might offer
  • What feelings arise for you
  • What may/may not resonate
  • What actions you do or don’t want to take from it
  • Whether you agree/disagree with your psychic

“If you surrender to uncertainty, nothing goes wrong.”

Deepak Chropra

Ditch The Stereotypes

Please don’t be one of those people that makes silly assumptions about psychics. You know the ones – like all psychics have crystal balls and work in fairgrounds. Or that all psychics are mysterious old, wise people.

A stereotypical psychic!
Image credit: Pinterest

Sorry to burst your bubble if those are your beliefs but psychics are, like us, just people. Yes they have certain gifts and skills.
But what I’m getting at is, approach your reading with the idea of it being a conversation.
If you can normalise it like that it’s more respectful to your psychic.
And it sets you up for success too.

Prepare Your Questions

A key part of getting ready for a psychic reading is preparing your questions. I’ve previously written about what questions to ask a psychic as it’s super important.

If you know what you want to ask (and why) you’ll go into the reading super clear on what you want from it. And if you know that, it’s easier for you and your psychic. (If you’re looking for the best psychic reading site, Oranum is your best bet).

Remember to ask more open questions than closed ones.

Quiet Time

Starting a reading coming straight from ‘normal life’ isn’t ideal. If you do that you’re going to take longer to relax and open up.

If you have a reading that’s scheduled to take, say, 30 minutes, I’d suggest taking ten minutes beforehand. How you use that time is up to you but think about how you can clear your head and relax physically.
if you’re tense in your body and your mind it will make for a difficult reading.


A great way to wind down (in life generally not just psychic preparation) is yoga. I discovered yoga about ten years ago and practice most days.
Back in 2020 I happened to have done a yoga session just before a reading. I was blown away by how much more relaxed I was.

I had this real sense of clarity not just in my mind but also my body. So when I started the reading I was SO open and it was one of the best readings I’ve ever had.

Try something like the below – it’s a five minute session you can do easily anytime, anywhere:

Be Realistic

“What are the lottery numbers this week?”
“How can I become a millionaire overnight?”

Psychics can do a lot of things but what they can’t do is answer questions like this.
You need to be realistic about what a reading can do for you. (Find out why psychics don’t win the lottery here.)

A reading can help you get insight, clarity and input on your life. It can help you with key decisions and relationships.
But what it can’t do is suddenly solve all of your problems for you. It can’t make big miracles happen.

Be realistic about your reading and your psychic.

Don’t Test Your Psychic

Your reading is about you and for you. It’s not there as a game to ‘test’ the psychic.

It’s sad to hear about when people do this. It’s seen as some kind of joke to try and fool a psychic.

Truthfully, if you’re entering a reading with this mindset, all you’re doing is wasting your money.

Think About Loved Ones

Your reading might involve communicating with those that have passed on. If that’s the case, spend some time beforehand thinking about them.
Bring to your mind their face, personality and key memories.
Many folks like to look at photos or videos of them.

Having the thought and image of them in your mind can help your psychic connect with them and you.


If, like me, you meditate, it’s well worth doing so before your reading. Why? It will help:

  • Calm you mind
  • Ground you
  • You have clarity
  • You be present and in the moment
  • You ignore distractions
  • You get in a positive and open mindset

It doesn’t need to be a long or deep session. Just five or ten minutes can make a huge difference.
This is a nice simple one I use often:

Make Sure You’re Hydrated and Have Eaten

This might seem basic but make sure you’re not hungry or thirsty. It will just distract you.
I like to have water with me to drink during the reading too.

How To Prepare For A Psychic Reading – Summary

If you want the most out of your reading, spend some time preparing it.

If you were painting a room in your house, you’d clean the walls, sand things down and tape things up. You wouldn’t just start painting it.

Psychic readings are no different. You need to be calm, focussed and positive to gain the most value.
Start your reading with a positive intent and an open, clear mind. You’ll thank yourself for it.

Choose a top psychic site and start today.