The ‘When Will I Find Love’ Tarot Spread

Today I’ll tell you about the ‘when will I find love?’ tarot spread – one that’s increasingly popular as people look for answers to their questions about love, relationships and marriage.

Some people love having a single life, but others are tired of it and want to find love. They want to get into a relationship as they are lonely and have the urge to settle down and possibly marry and have a family one day. And if this is you, I understand that feeling well. I have been there myself and wondered when I would find the love of my life.

So I want to help you gain some insight on that and why you will want to keep your mind open on how the tarot can help you understand when you may find love and what you need to do with yourself, such as aspects of yourself to work on before finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. 

How Tarot Can Help You Find The Right Relationships

So can tarot help you find out when you’ll find your love?

Tarot can help you gain intuitive insight on so many things, or if you want to hire a tarot reader to look into a situation you are in, they can give you the intuitive insight you need to know. In addition, Tarot can be used for self-reflection, creativity, and divination. Still, nothing is ever set in stone because there is a thing known as free will, which can alter any prediction that you may make through the tarot, which is why it is ideal to do a reading on the same situation that you are inquiring about each month (but not each day).

You can use the tarot to look into anything related to career, family, your path, past lives, decision-making, and relationships. The possibilities with tarot continue. However, quite often, tarot is used to explore love and relationships. If you are looking for love, I will present a tarot spread that can help you again with the insight you need to find love and when it will happen. 

The Ten-Card ‘When Will I Find Love Tarot’ Spread

If you are looking for love and want to know when you will find them, a ten-card spread will reveal all that to you. First, you will place card one on the left, two on the right of it, three on the right of two, and four at the end, on the right. You will read these cards horizontally. Then cards five to eight will go beneath cards one to four. Card five will go beneath card one, card six will go beneath card two, card seven will go beneath card three, and card eight will go beneath card four. Then finally, you have two cards to place on the bottom. Card nine will go beneath card six, and card ten will go beneath card seven. 

Card one represents why you have not found your love. It will reveal a part of you that has not allowed it to happen, such as your lifestyle or a part of your personality that could be a blockage. Card two indicates how you can overcome the issues represented by card one. Card three reveals what you can do to meet your love after resolving the problems, and card four will tell how you will know it is them. It shows a part of their personality that you can relate to or what you find magnetic about them. 

Card five shows where you are going to find them. Therefore, you will know whether you will find your love at work, through a mutual friend, or on a dating site. Card six reveals when you will find them, which can be tricky because time is flexible, and you must know how tarot can relate to timing. If it is the Major Arcana, it would be the zodiac sign or ruler associated with it.

You must pay attention to the suits if it is a Minor Arcana cards. Wands can represent days or springtime, Swords can reveal autumn or weeks, Cups can reveal months or summer, and Pentacles can tell winter or years. 

Card seven will reveal the advice you need when you meet your love. It can also show an area of your life that needs some improvement. Card eight can tell your first impression of them, and card nine can deliver what you and your love have in common. Finally, card ten will indicate how long your relationship will likely last or anything else you need to know. You will get the impression that the relationship will lead to marriage, kids, etc. 

That is a heavy spread. However, it is the best one for you to use if you want to know when your love will come and what you need to do for self-improvement to make it happen. Let’s give a sample reading. 

Sample ‘When Will I Find Love Tarot’ Reading

Let’s do a case study where a woman working in the financial industry is tired of being single and has yet to have any luck on dating apps. She fears that she is destined to stay single forever. However, if she wants to have a relationship so badly, she must change her views and gain insight into why she has not found her love, what she can do to find it, and when it will happen. So let’s do the “when will I find my love” tarot spread and see when this woman will find him:

When Will I Find Love Tarot Spread

Card one represents why she has not found her love: The Star.

Card two indicates how she can overcome the issues represented by card one: Seven of Wands.

Card three reveals what she can do to meet her love after resolving the problems: Four of Cups.

Card four will tell how she will know it is him: Ace of Swords.

Card five shows where she will find him: Hanged Man.

Card six reveals when she will find him: Six of Wands.

Card seven will reveal the advice she needs when she finds her love: Ace of Pentacles.

Card eight can tell her first impression of him: Five of Swords.

Card nine can deliver what she and her love have in common: Queen of Cups. 

Card ten will indicate how long her relationship will likely last or what she needs to know: Queen of Wands. 

The first card is the Star, which means she has not found her love because she has unrealistic expectations and her hopes may be too high. She may be expecting perfection, but it may also mean that each time she goes on a date with a guy, she hopes he will be the one, and she may do whatever she can to please him to keep her in her life until the signs are too vital that he is not the one. Either way, her hopes get dashed each time. 

The second card shows how she can overcome those issues, and the Seven of Wands comes up. She first needs a reality check to live authentically, which means standing up for herself. So her hopes are so high that her dates are it and will allow these guys to walk on her. However, the Seven of Wands says, “enough of that, and it is time to live authentically and stand up for yourself and your beliefs.”. 

Card three is the Four of Cups, which is the contemplative card, and she needs to do a lot of contemplation and self-reflection even if she is feeling bored and apathetic, so she digs within to see why she keeps failing at relationships. Card Five indicates where she will find him, and the Hanged Man emerges. That suggests that after doing a lot of painful inner work, she will find him when she is at a place of acceptance. When she does not know when she will meet him or where. Instead of the Hanged Man representing a physical place where she will meet him, it suggests he will come in somehow when she is at a good home of acceptance. 

The sixth card is the Six of Wands, which is when she will meet her love. Since she has a lot of inner work, it is doubtful she will meet him in six days, so it is likely the sixth week of springtime. That puts it in around May. If it is December now, it will be five months, giving her ample time to do her inner work. 

The seventh card shows the advice she will need when she meets her love, and the best thing she can do is manifest it and learn the art of manifesting, which is indicated by the Ace of Pentacles. Unfortunately, the first impression of him when she meets him, represented by card eight, is the Five of Swords which may scare her off because of the negative connotations of the card. However, this man will fight for what he believes in and will pick his battles, even if that means disagreeing with her at times. 

Card nine shows what they have in common, and the Queen of Cups comes up, which means they can be both supportive and excellent listeners, which will help a relationship thrive. Finally, card ten indicates how long the relationship will last, as the Queen of Wands comes up. This relationship may only last several weeks if both do not give one another space. The theme of this card is independence, and they need their space for the relationship to work. As long as they feel independent and can make the compromises necessary, they can make it work. It is doubtful this marriage will lead to marriage and kids, as there is a lot of desire for freedom. 

Therefore, to sum up, the woman needs to get a reality check as far as what to expect in a relationship, so she does not get her hopes dashed. She needs to live authentically and take the time to reflect and do inner work until she can be accepted. The best type is the one who will fight for his beliefs and is also supportive and a good listener, but he values his independence as she does. If there are other variations of that spread, please share it!