How To Get Rid Of Tarot Cards Safely

Suppose you have a tarot deck that you no longer want or need for reasons such as you no longer feel the connection to them. In that case, you may wonder if it is best to hang onto them and put them somewhere hidden away because you may go back to the deck at some point – you could do that if you choose. However, you also can get rid of the deck if you feel no connection to it. And besides, why allow it to take up space that you could use for something else? 

It Is Understandable To Fear Removing Tarot Cards

You may fear the idea of removing your tarot cards from your home. Perhaps you fear that you could end up causing harmful energies to conjure up if you get rid of them. Or, if someone who means a lot to you gifted you the tarot deck, you do not want to offend them by getting rid of it. 

What if you also hesitate to eliminate the cards because you fear there will be regret later? Sure, those are risks, but the good news is you can get safely rid of the tarot deck. You do not need to worry if you are concerned about the safety issue when removing your cards from your home. Let’s review how to safely remove the tarot cards you no longer want. 

You Can Sell Your Tarot Cards

Selling your tarot cards is one of the best things you can do. Not only will you make some money by doing that, but so many people there will be happy to buy the cards. You can sell cards on Amazon or eBay, or there may be Facebook groups like Just Tarot Marketplace you can join, where it is all about buying and selling tarot cards. 

If you know that you are selling them to someone who wants them, they will pay you for them, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that someone will take excellent care of your cards. If someone is willing to spend their hard-earned cash on anything, they will want to ensure they give it the best care. 

You Can Trade The Tarot Cards

You can trade them for another deck to replace the tarot deck you no longer want. In addition, thereFacebook groups are designed to help tarot deck owners come together to trade their tarot decks. Therefore, someone out there would be happy to grab the tarot deck you no longer want, as they may have the one you want. 

Some Facebook groups for trading are Tarot cards swop/ sell/buy, Tarot Traders EU for Europe, or if you are in Canada, here is a group for you: Sell or Trade Tarot, Oracles, Lenormand in Canada.

Gift The Tarot Cards To Someone

If you are not looking to sell your cards because you don’t feel it is the right thing to do, and if you are not interested in trading because you are happy with the tarot deck or decks that you have, then you can always give your tarot cards away as a gift to someone. For example, do you have a friend who has been wonderful to you, and you want to thank them meaningfully? You can always surprise them with a tarot deck (but you want to ensure your friend is open to tarot). 

You Can Burn Your Tarot Cards That You No Longer Want

You can always burn the tarot cards that you no longer want. That is especially if they are worn and old and no longer hold up to anything, as you may think they can break away. You would not want to give anyone an old flimsy tarot deck because if the cards fall apart quickly, they can only use them for a short time. 

Therefore, you can always burn the cards. Create a ceremony as you do it. Fire is purifying, and as you perform the ritual to burn the cards, you can release the old energies that were tied to the cards. Therefore, you can keep the sanctity of the cards as you burn them. You can burn them in the fireplace or a fire pit. 

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Bury The Tarot Cards

You can always give your tarot cards a funeral if you no longer want them, and if they are also old and flimsy, you don’t feel giving them away would be suitable. Instead, you can find an area of your yard that you can use as the burial ground for the cards. 

The good news is you do not need to bury the cards six feet under because the decomposition of paper will not attract animals. All you need to do is take a shovel and start digging the area of the ground you plan to bury your cards into, and then you can put the dirt back on top after the burial. And you can also plant some flowers over the dirt. It is a beautiful way to honor your cards. 

Create Art Out Of The Tarot Cards

You may not be inclined to cut your old tarot cards, but you know you can do that because they are pieces of cardboard. And before you cut them, you may want to do a ceremony as you say goodbye and thank them for the time they served you. That is up to you to create a ritual for that. However, if you feel better doing that, you should. Then get creative. Make some art. You will find that you can create beautiful art using old tarot cards you no longer want to use. 

Just know that you can also shred your cards; throwing them in the trash will not cause you to deal with negative energies from them. However, you would only want to do that if it shows a lack of respect. Therefore, any of the above ways to dispose of your cards is the best. Do not feel ashamed that you no longer want a tarot deck that meant everything to you at one time. You evolve, and you will grow out of the tarot cards that once served you well. It is part of evolution.