Tarot Questions About Love

Looking for the best questions to ask the tarot about love? Read on to find a list of insightful questions you can use in your next tarot reading.

Tarot card readings are meant to be enlightening. They can be fun and provide you with the insight you need. You would want to go for a tarot reading to understand a situation pressing you, such as your career, life path, family matters, personal development, relationships, and your current love life. 

The focus regarding your tarot readings will be your love life, as you may need to figure out what to ask the cards regarding that. So let’s begin by reviewing some tarot questions about love that you will want to ask. First, of course, you must ask the cards about love or anything else the right way to get the answer you need. 

How To Ask The Tarot Questions About Love Correctly

Finding love can be a challenge, and that is even the case if you are in a relationship. You may be struggling with it because the truth is that relationships are a lot of work. And tarot cards can be the best tool to gain the guidance you need about love. However, the trick is that you need to ask the correct type of questions regarding love. You will want to formulate open-ended questions about it.

Therefore, that means the questions to ask tarot cards about love should start with the four “W’s” and the “How” (why, where, which, and what). That is how you end up with an open-ended question. 

You will gain more meaningful answers when you can do that and end up with a more satisfying reading. You do not want to ask closed-ended questions such as ones that will end with “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” You can use tarot for those types of questions, but at the same time, you cannot gain the insightful answers you want about love if you do not ask an open-ended question.

You will have the urge to get a tarot reading about love if there is an opportunity for it for you, as well as get answers on your path regarding your love life. You will want answers on how you can proceed with it too. Now, let’s go over what questions to ask a tarot reader about love, whether you are the reader or you are asking someone else. 

What Do I Need To Work On So I Can Have A Healthy Relationship?

You know that to love someone else, you have to love yourself first, and you are only ready for love once you learn how to love yourself. Therefore, prepare yourself to do a lot of shadow work to embrace all parts of yourself: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You want to ensure that you make time for self-improvement, but that can be hard because you may need to figure out where to start. And you can gain guidance from the cards for that too. However, this is an important question to ask the cards about love. 

Why Am I Blocking A New Love From Entering My Life?

You may have felt like you have met “the one.” However, you are not satisfied because you feel as if something needs to be added, and it could be an aspect of yourself that is not open to allowing your lover into your life entirely. You may not know why you are doing this, but this is how the cards can help you. 

The cards can help you understand why you are blocking your love from entering your life. And that way, you can gain insight into where your hesitation may be coming from, as it could have to do with old childhood wounds you have not healed. That means therapy would be ideal for you. 

What Strengths Do I Have Regarding My Relationship?

You may be harshly critical of yourself when it comes to love, and you may think your love may reject you because of your negative qualities. But you have to remember that you have strengths too, and those strengths you will want to lean on so you can take advantage of them to help strengthen your relationship. For example, you may be very empathetic, so you know you can tune in nicely to your partner’s emotions or communicate well, which is essential for relationships. 

What Should I Expect Next For My Love Life?

You and everyone else want to ask this question when an opportunity is presented. Whether you have been single for a long time or recently broke up, you will want to know what is coming for you regarding love. You will also want to know how long you will have to wait. And the cards can help provide you with the insight you need regarding that. Sometimes the best answer is to wait a little longer, especially if you have recently broken up with your ex, so you can self-reflect before jumping into the next relationship. 

What Kind of Activities Should I Do With My Partner?

If you are looking for activities with your partner, the tarot can also help guide you where you and your lover can do fun, shared activities. Do you enjoy cooking? You can take cooking classes with your significant other. Do you like art? Then you can take art classes with your partner. How about playing sports? Tarot can guide activities you would like to do with your partner. 

How Can I Support My Partner?

You may feel that you are not as supportive as you should be with your partner, as a healthy relationship includes you and your partner supporting one another equally. If your partner accuses you of not being too supportive, then instead of getting defensive, you will want to listen and see where it is that you are lacking regarding giving your partner proper support. Again, the tarot can help you get insight into that. 

Let’s do a three-card tarot spread for how you can support your partner, as this spread will look at the overall dynamic. The spread is from Labyrinthos. Card one represents you and what your role is in your relationship. It shows how you see yourself and how it affects your relationship. 

How Can I Support My Partner Tarot

Card two is about your partner and how their role involves your relationship. Finally, card three shows the overall relationship dynamic as you will see how it is, which is how you can determine how to support your partner better and tell them what you need for support. 

Here is the spread: card one, representing you, is the Moon, then the second card is Strength, meaning your partner and card three is Five of Wands, describing the dynamics. It shows that this is a high-conflict relationship. And since the Moon represents you, you may be the one who is consistently hiding your feelings and perhaps even actions. You act like everything is okay when you do not feel that way. 

The second card is Strength, which shows your partner is the one who is constantly being strong while dealing with you, not communicating what is wrong. They know you are hiding something, but stay strong because they love you. 

As a result, card three shows Five of Wands, which indicates you argue a lot, and nothing gets resolved, and this is a high-conflict relationship. Therefore, you can support your partner by being truthful, expressing your feelings, and communicating better. You can get many things resolved, and couples counseling may help. 

What Personality Should I Avoid?

If you are looking for a lover, one of the tarot questions about love to ask would be what kind of personality you should avoid when looking for someone. If you are struggling with incompatibility and that is the main reason you keep breaking up, then it is time to ask the cards what you should look for in a mate instead of going to anyone who shows interest in you. The cards can provide the guidance you need to save time and heartache and connect with someone more compatible personality-wise. 

Where Is My Relationship Headed?

Here is a common tarot question about love, if you are in a relationship that is not satisfying. However, you are still in love with your partner. You will have questions about whether or not you are in a bad phase and to hang tight or if this relationship is doomed. The cards can guide you on that, and you can decide where to go with your relationship with the help of the cards. 

Let’s do a three-card relationship reading, as this one is from Biddy Tarot. Card one represents what you want from the relationship. Card two shows what your partner wants from the relationship, and card three shows where the relationship is heading. 

Where Is My Relationship Headed Tarot

In this spread, card one, representing you, is the Eight of Cups, card two, representing your partner, is the Six of Swords, and card three, meaning where the relationship is headed, is the Magician. 

There are parallels between the Eight of Cups and Six of Swords, as both are about moving forward, even with grief in the picture. You are walking away from something that no longer serves you or escaping from something terrible. 

That is the Eight of Cups. Your partner is moving out or moving forward with baggage, as there is grief, but it can indicate acceptance as you move away. If you both suffered a loss, whether it has to go no contact with a toxic family or you have to move away for other reasons, the outcome looks promising. The Magician shows where the relationship is headed, which means you both have the opportunity to create something new. 

Those are common examples of questions to ask the tarot about love. There are endless questions, but those are the most popular ones many querents ask tarot readers.