What Does A White Aura Mean?

White auras are often mis-understood. Today I’ll guide you through what they actually mean, their shades, and what a white aura means for your relationships.

Humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects have an energetic bubble surrounding them: the aura. The aura represents their state of mind, body, spirit, mental health, personality, and other surrounding factors, as the aura is expressed through color.

Inanimate objects do not have personalities and health, but living things that have been in contact with them and the environment will impact the aura of objects. Most auras are multi-colored, but there is always one dominant color that indicates personality and the most influenced state.

Some aura colors are more common than others, and the one color I will go over is different from the common ones. That is because I will talk about the white aura

The White Aura Explained

White Psychic Aura

The white color connects to the Crown Chakra, which represents your connection to the spiritual world. Therefore, the meaning of the white color in the aura represents purity. Most infants have a white aura representing their innocence, and many children and adults with significant intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities who are always happy also have a dominant white aura. Most animals do as well, especially if they are babies. 

However, the color of the aura can change in a pet because they also go through experiences that can impact their personalities. But the thing is, those with a white dominant aura color are corruption-resistant and keep negativity at bay.

That is why the average person of ordinary and above intelligence will not likely have their dominant color in the aura as white. It would only be in rare circumstances where the individual would have a strong spiritual connection

Individuals like that are known to be very selfless to the point of self-sacrifice. And if you happen to be one of those rare individuals with the dominant white aura, you are incredibly empathetic, and others in need draw you. However, because you are so pure and you only want to see the good in others, you can easily allow others to fool and manipulate you into their web of lies and would see you as easy prey. 

You also lack boundaries and would not even consider putting them up. This is because you are so spiritually connected. You believe that there is good in everyone and that everyone is connected. You also forget that ego can get in the way of one’s pure aspect of the soul.

As a result, you struggle with grasping reality and can easily be influenced by toxic new-age communities. Even though you are pure, you still can fall into the trap of harshly judging others for not meeting your expectations of them being perfect. You also are highly dependent on your loved ones to protect you.

However, it is not uncommon for people to develop white in their aura, which is not the dominant color, if they are taking on a brand new challenge that they know nothing about, which also counts for students that are starting fresh at school, high school, college, and those who are entering the workforce for the first time.

That means that the first time you went to school, college, and the first day of your job, you had a bit of white in your aura. That white aura dissipates once you develop experience with it. 

However, those in relationships with those with a dominant white aura must be very patient and once-of-a-kind. I will talk about that in more detail. 

How The White Aura Affects Relationships

Suppose you happen to have a dominant white aura. In that case, the ideal match for you is someone who has some white in their aura but another dominant color, such as yellow, orange, blue, or purple, because they will be much more patient with you and understand your innocent nature. The problem is because you see the good in others, even if they are narcissistic, you could quickly get into a relationship with someone who will take advantage of your innocent nature, which can turn abusive. 

Seeing only the good in others can cause you to become vulnerable to deception and manipulation. You are capable of being highly intuitive. Suppose you realize that not everyone has your best interest at heart and learn to rely on your intuition by knowing that someone is genuinely a good person (and with faults because no one is perfect). In that case, you will be better positioned to have a successful relationship. 

Let’s talk about the shades of white, which are not many, but the ones I will discuss have different meanings. So let’s talk about that now. 

The Shades Of White

There are two shades of white, but when any color aura is lightened, there is significance. So let’s talk about that right now. 

  • A lightened aura color – When any color has been lightened, then that means that the individual has opened up their Crown Chakra, which is the start of a spiritual awakening. You can say that also counts for those with a dominant red aura full of passion, which ends up going pink, adding a lot of gentleness to it, for example. 
  • Bright white aura – Those with this color aura without any other colors influencing the aura shows a divine and pure connection to the Universe. As mentioned, it is most common in infants, small children, and animals. It can be more common in individuals with intellectual disabilities who are always so happy and full of joy that they radiate innocence. It is extremely rare for anyone except those who attained significant spiritual development and enlightenment.  
  • Murky white – Attaining spiritual enlightenment is very hard, and it can also come with fear and doubt. Those struggling to find their sense of purpose, have negative thoughts, and are highly spiritual but very depressed will have their aura with grey patches. It can happen, too; if there is the realization that someone took advantage of your pure nature, you will end up berating yourself for being gullible, and self-loathing can darken the white aura. 

It is rare to have a pure white aura, but there are ways to enhance your spiritual side and open up your Crown Chakra. I will leave some resources for that. 

1. The Crown Chakra: Understanding, Balancing and Healing the 7th Chakra (Chakra Healing, Understanding, Balancing and Healing the Chakras), by Brenda Hunt. 

2. Crown Chakra Interactive Balancing Journal: 7 Days to Better Chakra Health (Interactive Chakra Balancing Journals), by Cassandra Thistle.

3. Crown Chakra: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing, Opening, and Balancing Sahasrara (The Seven Chakras), by Mari Silva.

4. Enlightenment Codes for Cosmic Ascension: A Sacred Journey Through Creation, by Sabrina Di Nitto.

5. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, by Eckhart Tolle. 

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