The Career Tarot Spread

Want to get valuable insight into your job and professional development? A career tarot spread may be the answer – read on to find out more including a sample spread.

There are many reasons to do a career tarot spread. Whether you want to know where you stand in your current job or if there is one where you are looking to get into, tarot can bring you the insight you need for all of it.

For example, you may find that your career is no longer fulfilling you and may require a change. Or, you could be a student and still need clarification about what line of work you want to go into after you graduate from college or tech school. Tarot for careers can help answer those questions. 

How Can Tarot Help Answer Your Questions Regarding Career?

There are several tarot careers spreads that you can look into using if you have a specific inquiry about your career situation. For example, there is a spread for career reviews, and there is also another spread for looking for new career opportunities. But, of course, you would only use a tarot spread relevant to your questions regarding your line of work or the work you want to explore.

That is why I am filling you in on one of several career tarot spreads that could be relevant to your situation if you are looking for a new career, looking for new opportunities, or reviewing your job. Let’s go over the first career spread. 

Three Tarot Card Career Review Spread

Here is a straightforward career tarot spread that can give you insight into whether or not you should stay in your career or look for another opportunity. It is a spread that involves only three cards, so you will not get a deep look into what is going on with your work situation. But you can get an idea of what to do with it if you need clarification or essential advice. 

You will shuffle your cards, then take three of them and place them in a horizontal position, where card one is on the left, card two is in the middle, and then card three is on the right. Card one represents whether you should stay or leave your job. Card two means if new opportunities are coming your way, and card three is the advice card which is the one you will go to to help make your decision about your career.

It is a simple spread. But there is more of an advanced stretch that can give you ideas for looking for new career opportunities. 

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Eight-Card Tarot Career Opportunities Spread

Here is another spread that can give you an idea of whether or not you should stay in the company you are working at or if it is in your best interest to do something else for a living. The layout of this spread is somewhat different. This is an eight-card spread, and you will place cards one to six horizontally, where card one is on the left, and then the others follow on the right until you are at card six, which is the card on the right. 

Then card seven is beneath card three, and card eight is beneath card six. The way this spread works is that you will look at cards one to three, which represent the passions you could look into that you can make some money from; cards four to six represent the skills you need to utilize to get into those passions for making money.

Card seven represents how you can combine your skills and passions to make money from them, and card eight represents the advice you need to move forward. This is an excellent spread for you if you are bored with your work but are wondering how to change your career. Finally, one more tarot spread can help you look at your financial situation and how other opportunities can help you improve it. 

Five-Card Tarot Money-Making Opportunities Spread

Here is a five-card spread, and you will read these cards differently. First, you will put cards one and two beside one another, as card one is on the left and card two is on the right. Then cards three and four are above one and two (card three goes above card one and card four is above card two). Then card five is on top above cards three and four.

Card one shows your current financial situation, and card two will indicate the new sources of income that you need. Card three offers the opportunities you may want to look at, and card four shows how the options can benefit you. Then card five will show the outcome. Now, let’s do a sample reading. 

Sample Money-Making Opportunities Tarot Spread

Here is a querent who has been a freelancer, and they are not happy since the income is volatile, and in some ways, feels like a failure because they were told that they could end up making a lot of money by freelancing. However, the truth about freelancing is that because clients can come and go, they could have months where they are in the red, but then they may end up with a slew of clients in other months, which means the money is better, but they are working for very long hours.

So the querent wants to know if other opportunities give them more financial stability. So let’s do the five-card money-making opportunities tarot spread. And this is what I got for the querent after shuffling the cards:

Career Tarot Spread

Card one shows their current financial situation: Nine of Cups reversed. 

Card two will indicate the new sources of income that they need: Three of Pentacles.

Card three offers the opportunities they may want to look at: Two of Cups.

Card four shows how the options can benefit them: Lovers.

Card five shows the outcome: Two of Pentacles.

The querent is disappointed in what has happened with their financial situation and is having second thoughts about being a freelancer. That is different from the right career for them. Therefore, card one indicates the Nine of Cups reversed which shows that is the case. They were hoping that freelancing would give them the opportunity for financial freedom, as that was their wish.

However, since it is in the reverse position, it shows that they did not get their desire, and that is apparent that the querent was let down because of that. Furthermore, freelancing can be pretty volatile and cannot be relied on as full-time income, so the querent feels that their wishes have been dashed. 

Now, card two indicates the new sources of income that the querent will need, and the Three of Pentacles comes up. That means the querent will have to network and collaborate with others to find opportunities to bring the querent more stable income. That can mean it may be in the querent’s best interest to go on networks such as LinkedIn to find work that may be more stable. Still, the querent will only see what they need to do through networking as they may not likely find a job by looking for it independently. 

The third card shows the opportunities the querent may want to look at, and the Two of Cups comes up. That suggests that a business partner or a joint venture could bring the querent more stable income. They could still freelance but create a side hustle on the side with the help of a partner. So far, this spread shows that the only way the querent can make some stable income is through networking and then finding a potential joint venture partner to make some money by starting a project together, which would have to do with the side hustle.  

Card four shows how the options can benefit them and the Lovers come up. Therefore, the querent has to choose to go down this route and commit to it, and the partner will also be committed to them. For example, the querent could stick to freelancing on the side but commit to putting a lot of effort and energy into this side hustle that they will create with a partner, which could make them more stable money than the freelancing for the querent. 

Finally, card five shows the outcome, the Two of Pentacles, which suggests that the querent will prioritize what money-making opportunity is more important. That indicates that the querent will not necessarily give up freelancing. However, because it is volatile, they will focus on the new opportunity they are creating with a business partner which will be more lucrative. 

To sum up, the querent is not happy with what they are making with freelancing as they feel they have been misled, and their wish to be financially well-off from freelancing did not happen. Therefore, it is in the querent’s best interest to look for opportunities through networking so they could find others to collaborate with, and they will likely find someone who will want to do a joint venture or do a side hustle with them that can bring more lucrative income. 

Therefore, that is how the querent will likely make their money. They do not need to give up freelancing, but their side hustle with the partner will bring a more regular income. And that is what the querent should do, which is why the querent is doing the right thing by consulting the tarot to give them insight into their career and finances. Are there any other career-related tarot spreads that you have?