What Is Clairtangency?

Do you get visions or images whenever you touch an old photograph? And if you hold someone’s hand, do you get a vibration? Or, have you predicted events or incidents by touching someone, an object owned by someone, or even a thing in a store, you may have the gift of clairtangency. 

If you have been having these experiences and thought you were “odd” because of it, now you know that you are not “odd” as you do have a psychic gift. It is an unusual one, so you can develop it further by banking on it by offering services if you choose. Let’s go over a more detailed meaning of clairtangency. 

Clairtangency Explained


As you know, the clairs are psychic gifts that mean clear, and clairtangency means “clear touching,” which means you will sense energy by touching objects, people, or animals. So you will get psychic information when you feel anything; that is one psychic power you only hear about sometimes. 

You may hear about clairvoyance often, which is seeing psychic images, or clairaudience, which is psychic hearing. There is also claircognizance which is knowing something psychically, and clairsentience which is feeling what others feel and sensing anything psychically. And now, clairtangency is getting psychic information after touching someone or something. As you see, there are so many different psychic gifts. 

Those with psychic abilities can have several of these gifts, or they could have one. It usually happens when genuinely psychic people have several “clair” gifts. Another term for clairtangency is psychometry. And you may have heard of psychometry

For example, if you went to a psychic fair and visited a psychic who asked you to give them something of yours so they could give you psychic information, you decided to provide them with your car keys. Then they felt around your car keys and told you that they sensed that you were going through a difficult time regarding your work, but a solution was on the horizon. 

You are amazed by that experience because you feared your employer would lay you off, and it did happen, but you quickly found another job. Therefore, that psychic could sense through clairtangency that you were going through struggles regarding your work, but a solution, which was the new job, was on the horizon. 

Those with this psychic gift can gain insight by shaking someone’s hand and even sitting on the chair someone else sat on, as they could understand the individual who sat on the chair before they did. If someone gives a hug to someone with the gift, they can also gain insight into them. Clairtangency psychics can sense someone’s past and present and predict the future to the best of their ability (which can always be moldable) when they touch people or objects they own. They also can gain insight when it comes to personalities too. 

The way clairtangency works is because the one with psychic powers can detect it through the vibrations they feel from the people, objects, and animals close to them. It also depends on the other psychic gifts that the one with clairtangency has. They may be able to taste, smell, see, and hear anything connected to the object, person, or animal they touch. It is all about the vibration. Let’s review the signs that you may have the psychic gift of clairtangency. 

You Must Wash Your Hands After Touching Specific Objects

As a clairtangent, when it comes to you handling your own objects, you do not have this urge to wash your hands. However, if you touch someone else’s objects, you have this overwhelming urge to wash your hands, and germs are not the reason you have this need. You also feel that urge to wash your hands if you touch rocks or crystals because of their heavy vibrations. That can be incredibly overwhelming to you. 

For example, if you decide to head over to a metaphysical store, you may have an intense need to wash your hands if you are touching the various crystals or objects in the shops. Suppose you are a tarot reader and do a tarot reading for someone. In that case, you may also want to not only clear your cards which is what you should do, but also wash your hands after the reading because even if you have handled your tarot cards, the energies from the individual you did the reading for will be on the cards. You will want to wash up after. 

Clairtangency: You Feel Overwhelmed If You Go To An Antique Shop

When you go to an antique shop, you are surrounded by antiques or old items that others once possessed. That means you will feel a lot of energy from others based on the antiques in the shop. You will feel the emotions that others had through the items in the antique shops, as well as other information about the former owners of those items, such as events that went on in their lives.

That could include their traumas and heartbreak due to losses, but also joyous moments such as the births of children or grandchildren, and when you have all of those energies combined, that will stress you if you have the gift of clairtangency. You would feel the same way at pawn shops. 

At Times When You Aquire An Object, You Need To Get Rid of It Immediately

Have there been times when someone gave you a gift or if you bought an item, you could not stand touching it, and the only thing you could think of was getting rid of it through donation or giving it as a gift to someone? You would feel bad about tossing a perfectly usable item in the garbage and think of doing that as a last resort. 

However, you would feel compelled to remove the item from your presence after getting it because the energies from the item are too much for you to handle. It does not necessarily mean that the objects hold a negative vibration. It may be a mix of too many vibrations, which can overwhelm anyone with clairtangency. 

Clairtangency: You Don’t Like Cluttered Spaces

You would instead do what you can to keep your space neat and uncluttered. That is because even your own items that are strewn across the room would overwhelm you. In addition, those items would be likely ones you had for a long time and from your past. Therefore, the clutter would make you feel the old energies you were feeling at once or another. 

For example, if you had items in your room strewn from when you went through a bad breakup, you will be reminded of those memories of the breakup each time you walk into your room while those items are in your presence. So the best thing to do is pack up the items if you want to keep them and categorize them in a box or a container and keep it in the storage room or a closet so you do not have to be exposed to those objects. Keep your surroundings tidy to avoid becoming overwhelmed if you’re clairtangent. 

Sounds And Images Emerge In Your Mind When Touching Something Old

Remember that clairtangency involves getting psychic information when touching anyone or anything. For example, if you are at a friend’s home and they have a statue passed down from their grandparents who were around during WWII, you would get images and sounds from when your friend’s grandparents were alive if you were to touch that statue.

As a clairtangent, you may even see and hear what they were doing then, which would involve them listening to the radio to hear about the war’s progression. So you would end up hearing and seeing all that. The same idea would apply if you went somewhere and touched a historical monument. 

Clairtangency: You Never Want Second-Hand Furniture

The idea of having second-hand furniture overwhelms you because you know that it would change the atmosphere of the room in your home or office if you had it. The vibrations from second-hand furniture would overwhelm you, and you would know this based on going to second-hand furniture stores. Maybe you purchased some second-hand furniture before you knew how much you reacted to items that others once possessed and had to sell or donate them immediately because of the overwhelming vibrations you felt from them. 

Even new furniture may overwhelm you occasionally, too, because while the manufacturers were building the furniture, there could have been arguments breaking out, or those making the furniture would have had personal issues happening in their lives. You as a clairtangent would feel all of that, but the energies from new furniture would be easier to handle than second-hand furniture because no one else possessed the furniture before you. 

Clairtangency: You Feel Sadness When Holding Photographs

When you hold photographs, particularly old ones, you will feel sadness based on anything that happened during the lives of the individuals in the pictures. Even if you look at pictures of smiling children, you may feel some joy that the children felt during the picture, but if their home life were unstable, you would feel that too. That would make you sad. 

If any of those signs of clairtangency resonate with you, then you likely have this psychic gift. You can constantly hone it if you want to improve or do nothing with it if you don’t want to strengthen it. All you can do is shield where you can and take excellent care of yourself to minimize overwhelm.