Are Psychics Real?

Are psychics for real? Can they really predict our future?
Or are psychics just scammers?

The psychic industry still has some old myths, stereotypes and feelings associated with it.
Folks who aren’t familiar with it often assume all psychics and mediums are con-artists or fraudsters.

Thankfully this, largely, isn’t true. In this article I’ll explain what I think and what some experts think.
I’m not going to sugar coat things and say “there’s no bad psychics” because that wouldn’t be true.
There’s good and bad people in all professions and walks of life.

So if you’re wondering ‘are psychics real?’ then read on.

Are Psychic Powers Real?

Psychic Powers

This is a tough question to answer and here’s why: there’s no real test or exam you could do to prove it.

In my opinion and experience however – yes they are. Whilst that’s just anecdotal, if you speak to most people who have had a reading, you’ll get the same answer.

The wider public less so. In a Gallup poll it showed only about 26% of the public believed in the power of clairvoyance, for example.

Online v Live Psychics

Online psychics have become more popular in recent years (especially during ‘lockdown’). However, I think there’s still a stigma about them
Some folks think that an online psychic or medium should be regarded with suspicion.

Whilst you should always do some ‘due diligence’ when choosing, don’t overthink the online part of it. Any big, decent psychic site (e.g. AskNow, Kasamba, Keen etc) are extremely trustworthy. With legit sites like this you’re not going to be ripped off or find dodgy psychic advisors.

Yes, it’s a different experience to seeing a psychic in person, but it’s just that – different. It doesn’t mean it’s better or worse.
There might well be one or two small psychic sites that aren’t legit. But you won’t see them recommended on here or any other decent comparison site.

Can Psychics Really Predict The Future?

One of the more famous psychics that could predict the future was Baba Vanga. Baba gained popularity as she made some incredible predictions. Some were symbolic, some literal.

Baba Vanga
Image credit: Wikippedia

These included:

  • 9/11 attacks in 2001. Baba had said in 1989 “The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.
  • Predicting the 44th American president would be black. Which of course came true when Obama was elected.

She’s also made tons of predictions for years to come – we’ll have to wait and see for those!

Psychics Aren’t Always Right

It’s important to remember that psychics and mediums won’t get everything right all the time. And it’s not realistic for you to assume they will.

I prefer to think of a psychic as a guide. A guide can use their intuition to give me insight I wouldn’t otherwise get.

The reading is also a guide. It’s not everything, not a full picture of my life and its challenges. It’s a snapshot into the area I want to know about.
And it’s what I need to hear at that time.

Sometimes psychics and mediums will see things that are more symbolic than literal. It can be easy then to say “that psychic wasn’t right” when actually they were. Symbolic things will often make sense at a later date. Also they can sometimes help us face reality in a more subtle way than a specific, literal reading.

This also applies to when things might happen. On most occasions, if a psychic has an idea of something in your future, they won’t know the exact date.
They’ll usually have an idea of when (short/medium/long term). But the point is to try and help and guide you rather than dictate what happens and when in your life.

Psychics Solving Crime

There are tons of examples where psychics have used their skills to help police solve crimes. I won’t list them all here but here are two interesting ones:

Dora and Jake Cohn Murders

This case from 1986 involved an elderly husband and wife, Jake and Dora. Murdered in cold blood, the police had suspects yet couldn’t progress in the case.

After a couple of years of frustration and anguish, the couple’s daughter got in touch with Noreen Renier.
Noreen is a Florida-based psychic who has worked with the police across the country on hundreds of cases.

Noreen worked with a hypnotist from the police force. Long story short, she was able to pick out the killers from photos.

Dora and Jake Cohn Murderers
Image credit:

The scumbags who shot Dora and Jake are now in jail. This was very unlikely to have happened if Noreen hadn’t been involved.
it goes to show the true power of an experienced, legit psychic and how they can use their skills to bring people to justice.

John DeMars Accident

In this case from 1974, John left work as usual to get the train home. He never arrived.
Police were initially suspicious and thought he had gone missing with a new partner. Or perhaps had stolen money.

Struggling to solve the case, the police approached Dorothy Allison. Dorothy was a psychic out of New Jersey who again has worked tons of crime cases. Here’s what she saw:

  • A children’s park with a sled run
  • A fire truck
  • Numbers (specifically 2 2 2)
  • Some tires
  • A bow and arrow

The trouble was, the police couldn’t locate John’s body. Two months later, by luck, it was found.
It was found on February 22 (2 2 2), and right by was a park. Inn that park was a sled run made from old tires.

Dorothy Allison, psychic.
Image credit; IMDB

What had happened to John? In the end it turns out there was no foul play. The train drive had stopped on a bridge to let a passenger out.
John was confused, exited the train and drowned after falling off the bridge.

The Pentagon & CIA Using Psychics?

Way back in 1984 it was reported the Pentagon invested several millions of dollars into psychic research.
What were they looking for? To see if the human mind and psychic abilities could help in wartime.

I’m sure you can agree, this is quite a destructive thing to use these powers for.

Unsurprisingly, the Pentagon denied this had happened. However, it’s also reported the Navy has used psychics (again denied by them).
It’s a really interesting article, have a read.

“The Defense Department would be derelict in its duty if it didn’t pay attention to the long shots”

Dr Truzzi, Scientific Anomalies Research

In a similar vein, it’s said the CIA recruited people that said they had ESP and remote viewing powers.

The problem with this? If the military or CIA had found psychics were real – would they tell anyone?
In my opinion no. What’s much more likely is they would keep it to themselves.
Firstly to ensure they had an advantage over their enemies. Secondly, because many of the public would be cynical and mock this kind of project.


The key takeaway I want you to have is -find out for yourself. Make your own decision about psychics and their powers being real.
I can give you my thoughts and show you research, but it’s your opinion that counts.

Do some research. Try a few sites. Have a reading or two.

Then make up your mind.

Useful Links

FAQs About Psychics Being Real

Are psychics always right?

No! Although psychics can be accurate and intuitive, they won’t always get things right.
That doesn’t mean they’re bad at their job or untrustworthy. As I’ve mentioned above, there are tons of factors that can affect the accuracy of a reading. Check out sites like Oranum or Kasamba for the most accurate advisors.

Can mediums see dead people?

This is one of those questions that’s impossible to prove.

Think about it – how can you prove someone can see dead people?
That said, I think yes, many mediums can see and communicate with the dead.

I’ve had a couple of medium readings where the psychic has told me things that weren’t guessable. And one of these involved mentioning a distinctive facial feature in someone that had passed on.
In this case I could only put it down to the medium being able to see dead people.

Are psychics scam artists?

Like any profession, sadly there will be a tiny minority who are scammers. The vast vast majority of psychics though, aren’t. They’re legit and trusted by 100s of people.

If a person wants to build a career as a psychic, the last thing they would want is a reputation as a con artist. (Although some would say people who claim to bend spoons are just that).

This is especially true for the most established psychic sites we recommend here. All of which you can trust.

How do I know if a psychic site is legit?

Use comparison services like ours to find the best psychics. We spend our money on them and get readings to test the sites.
We only feature trusted, legitimate sites here as we value our readers’ time and money.

What if I don’t agree with a psychic’s reading?

That’s fine – you don’t have to! Whilst the majority of readings go really well, some won’t.
You might find that you don’t have rapport with the psychic (which is why free minutes are super helpful).

Or maybe you feel the advice is wrong.

Either are perfectly normal. In these situations I’d recommend trying another psychic.

Can psychics solve murders?

As we’ve mentioned above, psychics have been involved with tons of solved cases.
I think there’s been a lot more that the police aren’t public about.

As there is a level of scepticism amongst the public about psychics, I think the police are reluctant to tell us about these.

Have a read of this Readers Digest article – there are some really interesting case. I think all of these resolutions can only be explained by the psychic having insight and powers.