Interview With Psychic Tracy Fance

We recently interviewed Tracy, a highly experienced psychic and psychic coach from the UK.
If you’d like to find out more about Tracy, you can find her site at and also on her Facebook page.

Can you describe the process or technique you use to access psychic information?

Credit: Tracy Fance Facebook

Unless I am working with a client, information about other people doesn’t come to me which is how it should be. By sitting down to read for someone, I am setting my intent and intent is very important to Spirit. I work with the tarot which acts like a ‘key’ for me to access the psychic information.

My information comes to me in various different ways and that will change from client to client, even if I read for the same client twice. When I was first doing this it was a much more conscious process because it was new whereas now it is much more automatic because I’ve been doing it for so long.

How do you differentiate between intuition and psychic ability?

Imagine a colour spectrum, psychic and intuition are in the same colour palette, yet they are different shades! For me, intuition is a quiet whisper in the back, right, lower quarter of my head as opposed to the ego which for me is in the left temple and is much louder. Intuition may come in the form of a thought to do something or not do something such as ‘shall I take the next exit’ to which the ego may reply ‘nope, do what you usually do’ and if I follow that I’ll end up in traffic and wish I’d taken the earlier exit!

Intuition for me is very much clairaudient in form which means I hear it in my head, similar to my own thoughts.

Tracy Fance

If I am working with a client, the psychic information may be words (clairaudience), images (clairvoyance) or i just simply know it (clairknowing) I also get smells (clairolfactory) or tastes (clairgustance) but they tend to be in the minority, my clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairknowing are very much the strongest senses.

Every psychic is wired differently and will get their information in their own way.
So as you can see they are very close to each other yet different.

Can you give an example of a particularly challenging or impactful reading you’ve done for a client?

That’s a really difficult question because the impact is so individual and personal and most people coming for a reading really need their reading. Often it is the little things such as a word or phrase that a loved one says when I connect (mediumship) or it might be that the message is about something the client talked about in the car on the way to see me. Often a reading may be confirmation of something they were thinking of doing such as changing jobs.

The most challenging have been those readings where a loved one had a difficult passing such as a murder or suicide or where the client is in such difficult times they don’t want to hear what I’m saying.

I always recall reading for a lady who left me looking disappointed and I gave myself a hard time because I knew she had not got what she wanted. The next time I saw her she was ‘pinging’, her aura was a wonderful silver color and it turned out she had not believed the reading I’d given her, but as it all happened, and quite quickly too, she could not wait to come back and tell me all about it!

How do you handle sceptics or individuals who may not believe in psychic abilities?

I love a sceptic! If they need knowledge and information or an experience to help them believe then I have all the time in the world, however, if someone is closed minded and has made their mind up it is twaddle, then I don’t waste any energy on them. People who are closed rarely go for readings, I see plenty of people who’ve never needed to have a reading or did not really believe but circumstances have brought them to me in their time of need.

What do you love most about being a psychic?

Being able to help people when they are in crisis or pain, being able to help guide them to where they need to be. It’s a huge responsibility.

Can you speak to the ethics and responsibilities that come with being a psychic?

There are loads! I won’t go through someone’s knicker drawer so if Mary fancies the man down the road but has no connection to them, I won’t rifle through to see if they’re single etc. If it is an ex-partner and kids are involved or they’re causing trouble for my client, I will look at them but only insofar as it affects my client or their children such as abuse, drugs etc.

We don’t predict death or serious health issues, I will work with people who have health conditions to help them change the beliefs that are creating the illness but that’s it. The only time I predicted a death, it was very vague and the lady coming to me had an elderly mum in a home and between mum, the kids, husband and work it was killing her, and I told her when things would change which we both knew meant mum was going to die, without me having to actually say that.

I won’t make decisions for people, I will give them all the information I can so they can decide what is best for them using their own intuition.

We also need to be aware of the client’s emotional state, if we use strong words or are very dramatic we may cause the client more stress or anguish etc. When I was in my 20’s I had a reading and she said to me that if I had not done X yet then don’t as it would be a disaster. I did do X and it caused me issues but it was certainly not a disaster to me, someone else may have felt it was a disaster if had happened to them! So I got in a real state about it, thinking that there would be more repercussions than I’d had. There wasn’t! One person’s disaster is another person’s challenge. I ensure I gauge my client and their personality.

Can you describe any experiences or phenomena that you have encountered during your psychic practice that you cannot explain?

Not really no, I tend to find the answers. I’m not saying I understand everything but I do think whatever I come across is an opportunity to grow and learn.

Thankyou for speaking to us Tracy!