How To Charge Your Tarot Deck

You should not be shocked that tarot cards are no different from human beings regarding energy levels. And you know this because when the cards are sluggish, they will give you readings that do not make sense and give you wrong answers. And when the cards are tired, the reader becomes tired as interpreting tarot cards that have had “enough” becomes nothing but an ordeal. So that is a sign that the tarot cards require recharging. You may wonder why it is that tarot cards become exhausted. Let’s go over that now. 

How Do Tarot Cards Get Exhausted

How To Charge Tarot Cards

You will want to put yourself into the shoes of the tarot cards, as odd as it may sound. First, however, think about how it is when you have to be the one to exert your energy, delivering people news all of the time after you tap into the resources they need for them to get the information they require.

Wouldn’t that tire you out to the core? Therefore, that is how the tarot cards get tired. Additionally, when you use the cards and tap into them, they mirror your psyche, which means they will show you results you will not want to see, but you need to see. 

Think about it, too, if you are a full-time reader reading for many clients daily, you will become tired. It has nothing to do with talking to your clients all day. It comes from tapping into your psyche continuously. If you do more than four readings at a time, it can become arduous. However, each tarot reader may be energetic until seven or ten readings. Eventually, every tarot reader will get tired

Tarot cards also connect with other people, which means they engage with various energies, which can also become tiring. That is why it is essential to shuffle the cards very well after each reading, as it can help move the energies around, which can refresh the cards a little. However, that is not enough.

It gets to the point that you need to charge your cards, and how often you should charge them depends on how often you use them. For example, if you use your cards only once a day, then charging your cards once a week is enough. However, if you use them multiple times a day, then charging them once a day is what you need to do. You will intuitively know when it is the right time to charge your cards. Now, let’s go over each method of how to charge them. 

Arrange The Tarot Cards In Order A Way To Charge Your Cards

If you read for multiple clients daily, consider spending some time each night and putting your cards back into order. That means organizing the Major Arcana by placing the Fool first and ending it with the World in order. Then put each suit of the Minor Arcana in different areas. For example, set the swords suit in one place.

The wands suit in another, the cups suit in another, and finally, the pentacles suit in the last area. You will want to put each card in the designated area as you organize the cards. So you will have five piles. One pile is for Major Arcana. The other four piles will be for the suits. 

For example, if you encounter the Magician, place it into the Major Arcana pile as you organize your cards. If you then come across the Four of Swords, put it in the swords area, and so on. And once all of the Major Arcana cards are in that pile, organize that. And then, once all of the cards are in the correct suit piles, organize those. Managing and returning your cards in order should take at most ten minutes. However, if you want to do something other than that, there are other ways to charge your cards. Let’s go over the following form. 

Charge Your Tarot Cards In The Moonlight

When it is a Full Moon, you can place your tarot cards by the window sill overnight to soak up the moonlight energies, as that is a way to charge your cards. And contrary to the belief that you cannot charge your tarot cards when it is a New Moon since there is no light, you can. And many tarot readers do want to charge their cards during a New Moon because it is a sign of fresh starts and new beginnings. Of course, full Moons represent achievements and culminations, so it is up to you to what moon phase you want to charge your cards, but that is an idea. There are other methods to charge your tarot cards. 

Sunlight Can Help Refresh Tarot Cards

If it is not a New Moon or a Full Moon, the other way to charge your cards is in the sunlight, as you can place your tarot cards on the window sill during the day so they can soak up the sunlight where they can get charged after being so tired. The sunlight is warm and a great way to bathe your cards to energize them again. 

Also, as the Moon represents the feminine, the Sun represents the masculine, so you can alternate when charging your cards between moonlight and sunlight. When it is a New Moon or Full Moon, charge your cards overnight, so it soaks up the feminine lunar energies. During those times in between, you will want to allow your tarot cards to soak up the sunlight to get the masculine energies to balance it out. That will help keep your cards energized and balanced. 

You do not want to keep your cards exposed to sunlight for more than eight hours as the UV rays can cause the print to fade, which is not what you want to do. Just be mindful of when you charge your cards if you bathe them in the sunlight. But what happens if you end up with a lot of cloudy days?

Charging your cards in the Sun and moonlight may be challenging. The good news is other methods to charge your cards do not have to do with organizing your tarot cards and putting them back into order. 

Charging Your Tarot Cards With Sea Salt

Another method to charge your tarot cards is by using sea salt. It is easy to do as you will spread your tarot cards out on a cloth and then sprinkle some sea salt onto them, which will help absorb the stagnant and negative energies on the cards. There is no time limit regarding how long you must leave the salt on the cards. You want to use your intuition and utilize it, so you know when your cards are charged enough to remove the salt. 

If you choose to charge your tarot cards in this manner, you should ensure that you do it in a dry room. Moisture will cause the salt to clump together, and the last thing you will want is to have clumped-up salt on your cards as it could stick to them. That will create more problems than you had wished.

You can also use pink Himalayan salt too. It is a natural salt with potent energies that will be just as effective. Kosher salt is another option, but do not use processed table salt as the healing and charging energies are no longer there. Again, there are more methods to charge your cards. 

Smudge Your Cards To Charge Them

Smudging cleanses an area, individual, or item of negative and stagnant energies. However, smudging can also charge your tarot cards as the act removes any negative and stale energies surrounding the cards too. You can burn herbs such as lavender or sage when charging your cards. All you need to do is hold the deck of tarot cards in your hand as you allow them to encounter the smudging smoke so they become cleansed and charged simultaneously. Sage is healing, and lavender is calming, so those two herbs are excellent for charging and cleansing. 

You can also use smudge spray around your cards if the smoke bothers you, as the spray will help clear the cards. However, please don’t allow the spray to hit the tarot deck directly, as it will cause it to get wet. You will want to avoid that, as that can ruin the cards. A spray is an excellent option for those who wish to smudge but struggle to handle the smoke as it gets too challenging to be around as it can irritate, even if you do not have an allergy to the herbs. 

Now you know various methods to charge your tarot cards, which are all helpful. You can try multiple ways. However, if you choose to use the technique to charge your cards involving sunlight or moonlight, you will want to ensure you do both, as you want to expose your cards to a balance of masculine and feminine energies to keep them charged as best as possible.

Whatever method you choose, ensure you are consistent when charging your tarot cards, as you want them to provide you with the best results and readings possible.