What Is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience – what is it, what does it mean and how do you even know if you are clairsentient? Today I’ll answer all that and more.

Do you always get a feeling when it comes to the motives of others without interacting with them? And when they prove you right, you always want to yell, “I knew it!”  And do your friends and family always go to you when they need advice on whether or not they should move forward with something because they trust your feelings about things? If that is the case, then there is a good chance that you are clairsentient. 

Clairsentience Explained

Clairsentience is one of the “clairs,” a psychic gift or a sixth sense; in this case, it concerns your feelings about someone or something. Therefore, clairsentience translates to “clear feeling.” You can feel the emotional states of others and the past, present, and future by using your sixth or psychic sense. You may also pick up information from buildings, homes, and anywhere else; clairsentience is intuition. And it all has to do with your sensitivity to energy changes. 

If you are clairsentient, you can intuitively feel inner and outer energy which may involve the feelings that others have and spiritual views, and even predict when something could happen. Therefore, you would know various energetic vibrations going through your emotions and body. Therefore, since you could be clairsentient, does that mean you are an empath? Let’s talk about that, as it is easy to confuse both. 

Clairsentience Vs. Being An Empath

An Empath

An empath will indeed feel and sense others’ emotions and energies, which include animals and objects. Therefore, those who are clairsentient will also empathize with others, and they can also be empaths. However, you are not necessarily clairsentient if you are an empath but need solid psychic skills. 

Clairsentience is a psychic skill that involves you feeling the emotions and vibrations of others, and those with the skill can feel the energies more profoundly. Those who have the skill can gain some insight into the feelings that others have, which is something that an ordinary empath cannot do. 

For example, an empath can feel the emotions of someone standing next to them. However, someone clairsentient would be able to know some of the thoughts and feelings of someone else no matter how close or far they are. Therefore, all clairsentient people are empaths, but not all empaths are clairsentient. 

The other thing about those who are clairsentient. They can feel the energy when they are alone somewhere when they think about a particular person. If they think about someone, they can feel the individual’s feelings. Does this sound like this matches you? Let’s find out how you know whether or not you are clairsentient.

How Do You Know If You Are Clairsentient?

If you get a strong sense of energy without knowing where it originates, and if you have had unexplainable feelings, you could be clairsentient. Again, if you are getting feelings from being physically close to someone but don’t get senses other than that, that makes you an empath, not someone clairsentient. There are several signs that you could be clairsentient beyond what I have discussed, so let me go over the most common signs that you have this psychic gift. 

You Know There Is Energy In A Room

Have you ever walked into a room and felt uneasy, as if there was an energy of conflict in there? Then that means you likely walked into a room where there was a heated argument, and the energies of that argument were lingering. Chances are the argument needed to be settled because if it were, then the conflict-like energies would not be as strong. 

Perhaps you walk into a room, and you feel invigorated. That means there likely were small children in that room running around, or someone was doing an exercise class. However, you have the urge to jump and run around enthusiastically. You psychically feel that energy that took place in that room too. 

Those who have been in a place will leave the energies they were giving off, known as lingering or excess energy. If you are clairsentient, you will feel it. 

Clairsentients Can’t Stand Crowds

Empaths dislike crowds because of the overwhelming energies from so many people, and you feel the same way. There are so many conflicting emotions and feelings from people in a crowd that it would drain you to the core. Furthermore, it is exhausting to sense so many emotions from many people; the larger the crowd, the more exhausting being around those people. 

Clairsentients will not handle shopping malls, concerts, public pools, and stadiums for apparent reasons! The energies from the crowds in those places are too much to handle. Small gatherings are okay for clairsentients, and if they want to go to a shopping mall, the best time would be early in the morning on a working weekday when there are fewer people.

Clairsentients Can Tell What The Motives Of Others Are

No one can better detect other people’s motives than you as a clairsentient individual. It does not matter if you even know who those people are. You know what they are up to, and you can be someone who can warn friends or family if they are getting involved with someone shady. 

Unfortunately, your friends or family may not listen to you if you warn them about the individual’s shady motives. They may question why you would make a judgment, especially if you do not know who you are accusing of being deceitful. They may accuse you of being jealous for some reason. None of those things are true.

You are clairsentient, so you feel the motives of others regardless of whether you know them or not. But if you warn someone that they are involved in someone you know is dishonest, and they don’t listen to you, you will have to allow them to get burned. That is the only way they will learn and will trust you in the future. 

Your Environment Affects Clairsentients

You already know that you feel lingering energies from others in a room where you are. What about your environment? You are extra sensitive to it, so you only think quickly if your area has clutter and is tidy. It can distract you and cause you not to be able to concentrate. It will affect your productivity.

That is why if you work in your home office (because you would much prefer to work from home than elsewhere), you will want to keep the office clean and tidy and put away clutter. If you work at an office, you will want to keep your cubicle tidy and uncluttered, or else you will struggle to perform. Your environment has a significant impact on you

You Cry During Emotional Shows Or Movies

Movies serve several purposes. They are made to entertain you and also make you empathize with the characters when it comes to dramas. And those who are not clairsentient can empathize if the characters are going through something relatable in the plot, but those who are clairsentient will cry because it touches them even more. And they have a much easier time imagining what the characters experience. Their emotions will be much stronger as a reaction to what is happening in the movie than those who are not clairsentient. The same thing applies if something triggering occurs in a film that upsets the clairsentient individual. That is why those clairsentient may prefer something other than horror movies or suspense thrillers. 

Clairsentients Can Sense Spirits

All mediums are clairsentient, but not all those are clairsentient are mediums. However, if the latter applies to you, that does not mean you cannot sense spiritual activity. If you end up with odd feelings, as if you are not alone, even if you are alone in a room or if someone is watching you, you are extra sensitive to spiritual activities around you. You would immediately feel uneasy somewhere haunted because you are picking up energy. Therefore, if you are clairsentient, you do feel spirits surrounding you

Others Tell You That You Are Too Sensitive

If someone is told they are too sensitive because of getting upset over something or reacting badly to something said, that can feel like an insult. However, they are right. Those who are clairsentient are empaths (but not all empaths are clairsentient), so you will be extra sensitive to what is said to you and what happens to you. Therefore, if anyone tells you you are too sensitive, try not to take it as an insult. Instead, take it as a sign that you are clairsentient. 

Clairsentients Feel The Pain And Discomfort Of Others

Not only can you feel the emotions, motives, and moods of others, but you can feel their physical feelings. If they are in pain, you will feel it. If they have a headache, you will end up with one too. If they are nauseous, guess what? You get the idea, and the best thing to do is not to work at a job that exposes you to sick people, such as a hospital, group home, or a homeless shelter. 

The best thing you can do is shield yourself when you go out somewhere. There will be many other people if you do not want them to drain you. Envision a white light protecting you and surrounding you. If you get into the habit of that, you will be safe.