What Is Clairalience?

Today I’ll show you what clairalience is. An often misunderstood psychic gift, let’s find out more about it and what the signs might be you’re clairalient.

You may have times noticed smells that come out of nowhere. Sometimes you find a faint scent of flowers, cookies, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or something else, pleasant or not, that appears out of the blue. No one around you is smoking, no one is wearing perfume or cologne, and no one is baking anything around you. So where does the smell come from? If you have experienced scents or odors appearing out of the blue and cannot find their source, you could have the psychic gift of clairalience. 

Clairalience Explained

Clairalient Woman

Clairalience is one of the “clairs,” which is the psychic gift of sensing something beyond the veil. When it comes to clairalience, the gift is smelling beyond the veil or “clear smelling.” There are other terms for this psychic gift, also called clairessence, clairolfaction, and clairosmesis. In addition, Clairalience has a link to clairgustance, which means to taste beyond the veil or “clear tasting.” Those two psychic powers work hand in hand to increase the sensitivity of the gift. Therefore, that is how you notice scents and odors you would not have noticed. 

Therefore, clairalience allows you to tap into any emotion or memory and even sense the future based on the smell of something through the veil. This particular psychic gift is often ignored, but those who want to develop this gift can do so. When it comes to clairalience the odor of sulfur that paranormal investigators talk about is an example of clairalience. If you have an experience regarding clairalience, it happens shortly after a loved one crosses, and the way they communicate with you could be through a scent such as perfume or cologne if they wore it often. Or, if they smoked, they would give off the smell of cigarettes or cigars, or if they baked cookies, you would smell those cookies.

Unfortunately, clairalience can present itself as you smell something ominous that is to come, such as an illness or disease, as dogs have this gift as they can smell diabetes, cancers, or other terminal illnesses in humans as they have a strong sense of smell. Dogs have been trained to smell COVID-19 as well during the pandemic. And humans with clairalience have the same ability to smell illnesses as dogs, as they often say it has the odor of chemicals or decaying fruit. So, if you resonate with clairalience, let’s review the signs that you have this gift. 

Clairalience – Your Sense of Smell Is Strongly Developed

Unsurprisingly, if you are clairalient, you have an intense sense of smell. Again, if you have a strong sense of smell, you likely have a strong sense of taste, as both are linked together. If you were to begin smelling scents or odors that no one else smells, then that could be a sign. For example, if you walk into a camping gear store and suddenly smell burning wood, but your friend with you does not smell it, it may make you think you are crazy. 

However, when you look out the store window and see workers burning old items, that is what you smell. That means you have a heightened sense of smell since no one else smelled the burning wood. Pregnant women who are not clairalient will also smell odors and scents strongly because hormones will heighten the sense of smell, which can bring on sickness. 

You Detect A Scent Associated With The Loved One Or Friend Who Crossed Over

If you can detect a scent that may have been associated with your loved one who crossed over, that is a sign of clairalience, which I briefly mentioned. However, again, if the loved one or friend always wore a particular perfume or cologne brand, you would sometimes smell that fragrance, which is a sign that they are letting you know they are around. 

That often happens when you are missing your loved one or friend, and they send you a message through their distinctive scent to send you comfort based on your grief over missing them, which is a sign that you have the gift of clairalience. Those who begin smelling distinctive scents to their loved ones when they need comfort and thought they would never smell them again discover that they have the gift of clairalience. 

It could be the fragrance, as mentioned, or it could also be grandma’s famous cookies, cakes, lasagna, or the smell of grandpa’s pipe. The list can go on, but those smells are comforting to those missing their deceased loved ones. 

Immediate Smells That You Are The Only One Who Senses

If you have been with some friends or family and you began smelling something unusual, and you asked them if they smelled what you do, and they say no, then that is also a sign that you are clairalient. Your intuition is stronger than the others, and you may smell something the spirit brings you. Maybe you have some guides who are watching out for you, and whatever you may be smelling, know that you are not odd. You have this gift of clairalience, and the best thing you can do is attempt to figure out what it could be if you smell whatever it is that no one else does. 

Clairalience: You Are Suddenly Sneezing

You may be aware of the sneezing superstitions, such as when you sneeze, someone is speaking of you. However, if you keep sneezing and do not have any reason to believe that you have a cold or allergies, that is a sign of clairalience. Your guides and spirits are attempting to gain your attention, as that is what they do if they need you to know something. However, this time it has nothing to do with a scent coming from them. Your guides and spirits may attempt to get your attention from then, directly triggering your olfaction area. 

Pay close attention to what your guides may want to tell you if this happens. Sure, it could always still be an allergy attack, but if the area is not dusty or full of allergens that you may have, then it is time to pay attention. 

Smelling Something Strange In A Weird Location

You already know that if you smell something that your friends or family do not smell if you are in the same area, you know that you are likely clairalient, but there is another sign that you could be. That is also a sign if you smell scents or odors in places that do not match the smell. 

For instance, if you are at your doctor’s office and smell cookies baking, that would be a sign. Sure, there could be a bakery nearby, or someone in the doctor’s office may have brought the secretary a box of homemade cookies. But if neither of those things is applicable, there is a sign of clairalience. And if you were thinking about your deceased grandmother, who was known for making the best cookies earlier, and suddenly you are smelling them while you are in your doctor’s office, that is a sign that she is there, and you can smell those cookies. 

Clairalience: You Cannot Put The Finger On What You Smell

Do you smell something but cannot identify what it is? You smell something that may be similar to a known scent or odor, but it is not that. For instance, if you smell something flowery, you may think it is perfume or flowers, but there could be a chemical hint to it, so you know that it cannot be that, or it might be a lotion, but again, you don’t get the sense that is what it is. 

What could be happening is that you are smelling the emotions of someone and how they are physically feeling. And those are the scents and odors you could not put your finger on because there is no way to identify those. 

The best thing you can do is note what you are smelling and its characteristics because if you smell them again out of the blue, you will see there could be a pattern. For example, if there is one unidentified smell you experience and you are tying it to a friend who may be depressed, then that could be a sign that the scent you are smelling could be linked to their depression. And if you smell the same odor again, and you tie it to someone else who you know who is also depressed, then that is a pattern. That odor is associated with sadness. 

And each time you experience smells that come out of the blue, you will want to keep a log of them. So get yourself a journal and note each time you experienced an unusual smell that came to you out of the blue. Did you go to the coffee shop, and suddenly you smelled burning wood? Then be sure to note that. Did you smell something that no one else around you did? Note that. You get the idea. The more you log that information in, the more you will see these patterns, which will also help you realize that you have the gift of clairalience.