What Is Claircognizance & Its Meaning?

Ever wondered what claircognizance means? It’s not as well understood as ‘clairvoyant’ so today I’ll explain everything you need to know about it.

Do you find that your instincts are always correct such as knowing when or if something will happen and it does? Do you also know what others will say before they say it? Do you find that you have answers to questions that others ask without you putting much thought into them? Do you feel like you know things without understanding how and why you do them but “just know” them? If so, then you may be claircognizant. 

Claircognizance Meaning & Definition Explained

Claircognizance is one of the primary psychic “clair” abilities, which means you have clarity with knowing things psychically. You have this unexplainable gift of knowing that something has happened, will happen, or is legitimate, valid, or what someone is about to ask or say without any verifiable reason. Therefore, it is an inner knowing or a feeling they cannot shake, as that is a psychic feeling. 

For example, if you are claircognizant, you will be able to know when someone is trying to scam you, or you will know that if you were invited to an event, going to it would not be in your best interest. You may not understand why you cannot shake the feeling that if you go to that event, it would not be the best thing for you.

And then, as it turns out, you hear through the grapevine that one of your enemies happened to be present at that event which would have made things awkward. So again, you “know” something without anything to verify why. 

The issue is that it can be frustrating when you tell people that you have this gift of psychically knowing things will happen, and they dismiss it. You don’t like it when no one believes you have this gift, and it can feel invalidating to hear their attitudes about it too, but don’t dismiss it yourself. You never know; it can be lifesaving. And because you have claircognizance as a gift, let’s break it down further so you can understand your gift better. 

How Do Claircognizant Messages Manifest?


There are so many ways that claircognizant messages manifest. However, when they do, it is like a eureka or ah-ha moment in your head. And it can come at any time, whether you are gardening, taking a shower, cooking, working, or watching TV. You could be doing something unrelated to what claircognizant message you are getting. 

For example, you could suddenly get that claircognizant message about how it is in your best interest not to go to the event while you are in the middle of working or watching some documentary that has nothing about events or any event that you were invited to anyway. 

As a claircognizant, you may be bothered or annoyed by these messages, especially if they are uncomfortable, as they may be warnings about people not to trust. However, they provide you with a lot of information and insight you require. There is a reason you are getting this message, and you cannot dismiss it no matter how much you want to do so. 

However, here is the thing. You may develop some thoughts because you have an emotional attachment somehow. For example, you may say you feel that you will meet the love of your life by Christmas because that is your desire, and you may mistake it as a claircognizant thought. And when that does not manifest, it will not only crush you, but you will doubt you have any accurate claircognizant skills and will chalk it up to your imagination. 

The same goes for if your car was vandalized and you suddenly had this “knowing” it was an old high school bully who you saw several months back and saw did not change. Do you truly know it was them who caused the damage? 

Of course, you will insist it was them because you keep saying you “know” it. And you know you cannot call the police because you have no concrete evidence that this was the individual you are accusing. But this belief makes you stew until you find out a week later in the incident that the person who you accused has been away across the country to see family. That is when emotions cloud your thinking and can fool you into believing you are receiving claircognizant messages. And yes, there is a fine line, so you must know the difference. 

The bottom line is when it comes to psychic abilities and intuition; you have no emotional attachment to them. You feel or sense it without having any emotional ties to it. If emotion is tied to what you believe are claircognizant messages, then chances are they are emotionally-fueled beliefs or wishes instead of claircognizance. 

If you suspect you may be strong in claircognizance based on what you have learned, let’s review some signs confirming that you have this psychic gift. 

Your Instincts Are Correct More Often Than Not

Everyone has instincts, and you develop them based on your experience, genetics, and the way you were raised, and you develop them during your spiritual development. However, as mentioned, instincts may only sometimes be correct, significantly if emotions influence what you believe could be an instinct. But more often than not, when you are claircognizant, you are right with your instincts as you know how to separate your instincts from your emotions. Perhaps a few times, you may not, but more often than not, you do. 

If you are claircognizant, you also have a way to predict what may happen based on your gut instincts. It is right there if you just have this “feeling” that something will happen, and no emotions are tied to it. And there is a good chance what you predict will happen, even if the outcome is slightly different from what you feel. 

Claircognizance: You Have A BS Monitor

If you are claircognizant, no one can fool you, and you will immediately detect BS. For example, when someone is lying to you, you can look at their facial features and how they struggle to make eye contact when they lie. That can make anyone suspicious that someone is lying. However, if you are claircognizant, you immediately know when someone is lying, even if they are good liars. 

You also would not be the one to fall for any catfishing online. Therefore, if you go on dating sites, you will immediately know who is legitimate and who is not. You also have the bonus of knowing who is a good match and who may be honest about who they say they are but are not the right one for you. So you will skip them. 

Claircognizance: You Can Come Up With Solutions On A Whim

If you face a dilemma, you can get yourself out of it because your claircognizance can help you come up with random solutions or ideas on how to do that. That does not mean you have other gifts, such as being a plumber if the problem has to do with plumbing (unless you are, and in that case, your claircognizant can help make the job to fix it even easier as you will save time by looking for the problem). Likewise, it does not mean if the problem happens with technology, you can be the one to fix it unless you are a whiz in computers. 

However, if you face a problem that does not require professional support, you will find a way to work out of it through claircognizance. It could be as simple as figuring out what to say during a job interview that will land you a job. The solution to an issue can immediately come to you, too, by you doing something random such as driving or watching TV. These ideas you could randomly get can also help your friends and loved ones face an issue they are facing, too, so they don’t have to deal with any significant consequences. 

Claircognizants Know What The Outcome Of A Situation Will Be

Has there ever been a time when you knew something would happen and how it would turn out, and you did not know why? And as it turned out, you were correct. So that also is a sign of claircognizance. You can predict the future with it, on some level, anyway. 

For example, you could not shake the feeling that your best friend would adopt a fluffy dog one day. You don’t even know why you have this feeling, as it is so random. But as it turns out, weeks later, your best friend decided to adopt a small poodle mix, and that feeling you had resulted from claircognizance. 

Claircognizants Know What Someone Is Going To Say, So They Interrupt Them

You may have a bad habit of interrupting someone talking to you because you know what they will say. Therefore, you will finish their sentence right before you say what they are planning to say. You don’t understand why this happens; the answer is that it is due to your gift of claircognizance. The best thing you can do if you do not want to appear rude by interrupting others when they talk is to keep what you know they will say to yourself and smile when they finish because you know they will say what they said. 

Therefore, claircognizant is that inner knowing that something will happen, or knowing what someone will say or do, or you can predict the future somehow. And it is a gift you have that many people do not, which is advantageous.