The ‘How Does He Feel About Me Tarot Spread’

Can you use a tarot reading to learn how he feels about you? The answer is yes – read on to find out how.

The tarot is one of the best tools you can rely on that can give you the insight you need. There may be many reasons you will need to gain understanding which can involve love, career, family, decision-making, and other life path plans you have, as the tarot can provide you with the likely outcome if there is a path you want to take.
However, nothing is written in stone, even if the tarot points to a particular outcome if you take a specific way.

For example, one of the most common situations where tarot is used, is when you are looking for insight regarding love. And many women (and men) who are unsure if their male partners feel a certain way about them have the opportunity to reach out to the tarot to see if they can gain some insight. 

By the way, some women are challenged to figure out others who want to know what they are thinking can consult with the tarot for that too. That is the thing. Many people put up walls when they feel uneasy, making it harder for you to understand what they are thinking. 

Why You Need A Tarot Spread For What He May Be Thinking

There is a risk that this may sound somewhat sexist, but there is a lot of truth to what I am about to say because the brains of men and women are often wired quite differently. More often than not, men don’t express themselves as quickly as women. Therefore, they may hold a lot of what they feel inside because there is a lot of fear of what to say, and men don’t find it easy to express what they think even if there is not far associated with it. 

Reading people, in general, can be a challenge because even if they do not hold any feelings, they may express them in ways you need help understanding. For example, the individual may be shy or introverted and may have their way of expressing their feelings that may not make sense to you if you are the more outgoing and extroverted type. Now, let’s go over a tarot spread that will reveal how they feel about you, which is the “how does he feel about me tarot” spread!

Seven-Card Tarot Spread That Reveals How He Feels About You

The “how does he feel about me tarot spread” is a seven-card spread, and cards one to four are across horizontally as card one is at the left, card four is at the right, and cards two and three are in between. So beneath card two, you will put card five. Beneath card three, you will put card six. And beneath card four is card seven. 

Now, let’s go over what the cards mean.
Card one reveals how the individual feels about you, in general. So you will get an overview of their feelings toward you, summarizing how they feel now. Still, it is widespread, so if a card comes up that could indicate they don’t like you, don’t get heartbroken because they may have complex feelings instead of feelings of dislike, which would depend on the other cards. 

Card two reveals how he or they romantically views you, which is the card that most would be interested in because it shows whether he or they likes you in the way you wish. But, in addition, that card shows you whether they see you as a friend or someone who could be more than that. 

Card three shows how they see you as a friend, and you will learn whether or not the individual sees you as a good friend or if they only see you as an acquaintance. You will learn about what bond they have with you through this card. You can also learn how to develop a better friendship with this individual if that is what you want. 

Card four shows what they admire about you, and you will learn how they look up to you through this card. You will also learn about what it is about you that drew you to them. You will likely be flattered by this card even if you know that they only see you as a friend instead of a romantic partner. 

Now, card five may hurt your feelings because this is the card that reveals what it is that they dislike about you. It may be something tiny, and it may make you self-conscious. However, you are here to learn how he or they feels about you. You may look at it as something to improve. 

Card six indicates what you have kept hidden from them, and this is a more personal card. It shows anything that you may keep from them deliberately, or you may not even realize you are hiding something from this individual. You may also learn whether or not this is something you want to keep from them regardless. 

Card seven reveals something about them that you don’t know. When you like someone, you will have romantic feelings towards them and not realize who they are. You may learn things you wish you had not, which will make you think more clearly about the individual and whether or not you want to maintain any relationship with them. But it does not mean it will always be harmful. It may be something fascinating you need to learn about the individual. Let’s do a sample reading with this spread. 

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Sample Tarot Spread That Reveals How He Feels About You

Let’s do a sample reading of a woman who is a successful business owner as she is friends with a man she profoundly likes more than a friend but fears that he may not view her the same way. This man is constantly busy with work and other situations that he faces in his life.

She feels she does not see him as often as she would like, and she wonders how he truly feels about her. Therefore, I did the ‘how does he feel about me‘ tarot spread, and this is what came up:

What He's Thinking Tarot Spread

Card one reveals how the individual feels about her: the Knight of Wands.

Card two shows how he romantically views her: the Nine of Pentacles. 

Card three shows how he sees her as a friend: the Fool.

Card four shows what he admires about her: the Hermit. 

Card five reveals what he dislikes about her: the Ten of Wands.

Card six indicates what she has kept hidden from him: the Hierophant.

Card seven shows something about him that she does not know: the Eight of Pentacles.

Card one came up as the Knight of Wands, which means he may think she could come off as too intense at times and may be the one to move on too quickly. Therefore, he could feel overwhelmed, which could be why he is distancing himself as he fears she may move too quickly if a relationship were to happen.

Then when you look at card two, the Nine of Pentacles comes up, which is how he views her romantically, as he may see her as a prize. Therefore, there is potential that he does like her more than a friend. Then card three comes up, and the Fool is the one as he sees her as someone to try new adventures with, as they have done many fun things together, such as rock climbing and sky diving. 

Then card four is the Hermit, which is the card that shows what he admires about her, and he admires that she is the self-reflective type and thinks before acting on significant life situations and decisions.

Then card five comes up as the Ten of Wands, which shows what he does not like about her, as he sees that she can burn herself out too often, as she has aging parents who need her help. And he may resent the idea of that getting into the way if he were to become an item with her. 

Card six shows what she has kept hidden from him, which shows up as the Hierophant, indicating that even though she enjoys doing adventurous things with him as a friend, she may be too traditional for him. He values family and old traditions. She did not intentionally hide it from him because that was not something she even overthought, but it can be a problem for him.

And finally, card seven, based on the Eight of Pentacles, shows that he may value work over his relationship. That is not a surprise since he is often busy with work. Sadly, she likely will come second. 

Therefore, based on this spread, the truth is that even though he may see her as a prize and thinks of being with her at times, he most likely feels it is best to be her friend. He values work too much, and he would not have the time, energy, and desire to put in time for a relationship. He would also resent her for being too traditional and always being there for her family. They enjoy doing activities together, so it is best to remain friends, but they can be great friends.

So, if you wonder how someone feels about you, that is the tarot to use!