How To Store Tarot Cards

You value and cherish if you own a tarot deck or a few. However, whether you are a tarot reader or a card collector, you want to ensure that your tarot cards are safe, and the best way you can ensure that is the case is if you store them properly.

Because if you don’t keep them, you could find yourself with chewed-up tarot cards if you own pets or ripped-up tarot cards if you have small children. And if your tarot cards don’t have laminated coverings, they could also get wet if you accidentally spill something on them. That is why storing your tarot cards is essential; you will want to know how to keep them properly. 

How To Properly Store Tarot Cards

The best thing you can do is when you correctly store your tarot cards, you want to ensure that they are in a protective cover or case, which can be a scarf, bag, or original box, or you can get a box for tarot cards if you choose. There are various ways, as mentioned, and you will want to do everything you can to care for your cards properly, including storing them correctly. 

If you always use one particular deck, the cards will wear out whether laminated or not. If they are laminated, the wear and tear will happen more gradually than if they were not, but it is not avoidable. That is also why storing your cards properly is essential because the wear and tear will get to them eventually. So let’s review the different methods to keep your tarot cards. 

How To Store Your Cards With Tarot Card Bags

One thing that you can do is if you do not like the tarot cards’ original box and you don’t want to store them in that, you can always purchase a tarot card bag as they feature drawstrings as you can drop your cards into them, and then use the drawstrings to seal the bag. 

More minor, more significant, and medium-shaped bags come in various shapes, materials, and styles, as you will find one that strikes your fancy. The sizing of the bag depends on how large your tarot deck is, as larger decks will require larger loads, and smaller decks require smaller tarot bags. The most important thing when you choose a tarot card bag is finding the perfect one for your style. 

These bags are usually composed of cotton, silk, or velvet. You can also decorate them if you would like, and if you want to find a striking one, you can always go on Etsy. These tarot bags keep them safe, but the thing to be aware of when it comes to them is that the cards can still bend in them. If you don’t get the right size for the deck, the bag will not protect them adequately. Now, look and see how to store your cards in a scarf. 

Storing Your Tarot Cards In A Scarf

Tarot Cards Stored In A Scarf

If a tarot bag is not appealing, that is okay, as you can use a scarf to store the cards. You can find an ordinary scarf lying around the home to use, or you can buy one on Amazon or Etsy. If you decide to store your cards with this method, then all you need to do is wrap the entire deck with the scarf and cover the edges. 

One positive aspect of using the scarf to protect and cover your cards is that you can also use it as a cloth. If you want to use the scarf to store your cards, you will want to get one 36 inches square. You will want to do your readings on a cloth as it will also protect your cards and increase their longevity. 

You can use a velvet or silk scarf to keep negative energies at bay. Tarot readers have stored their cards using scarves for centuries, which is also a respectable way to do so. However, even though a scarf is an excellent way to protect your tarot cards, it is still not ideal in many ways because they are not as robust as boxes, and they can also not cover the cards too well, which will cause the cards to fall out and get damaged. 

If you insist on using a scarf to store your cards, you will want to place the cards surrounded by the scarf in an area that is out of reach from pets or small kids. It is a good idea to put it in a cabinet or drawer as the scarf will protect the cards from dust, and you will also want to ensure you wash your scarf often enough. Ensure that you follow the washing directions if you buy a scarf. Now, let’s go over storing your tarot cards in a box. 

Storing Your Tarot Cards In A Box

If you don’t want to store your tarot cards in a scarf or a bag, you can always store them in a box. There are different options regarding this. If you cannot afford a specialized box or chest, you can always keep the cards in the original box of where they came from. Many tarot card readers choose to do this, especially if they have an extensive collection of cards, as buying various boxes or chests for cards can be pretty costly. However, if the box the cards came with is decorative and fun, that is also worth keeping. 

Many tarot card readers have an extensive collection of tarot cards. They prefer to keep the original boxes of where the cards came in because it makes it easier for them to know which deck they use if they want to use a particular deck for a reading. In addition, some readers use different decks for different types of readings for energetic purposes.

However, only some readers care to do that, and they don’t find it necessary as they only keep one or a few tarot decks. Finally, some readers prefer to keep the original boxes because they may want to sell or trade the decks they no longer want. 

That makes it easier for them to do. Sometimes tarot card readers prefer to use the original boxes where the tarot cards came in because it has the artist’s signature, which they want to preserve. The problem with keeping the tarot cards in the original box is that they will only last for a while because the publisher’s boxes are flimsy.

Eventually, the reader will need to invest in a tarot box or chest that is given the case. The tarot readers can keep the original boxes separately if they want to preserve the artist’s signature and put them away somewhere safe. 

There are many inexpensive boxes that tarot readers can buy as they can make them as stylish and elaborate as they choose. There are many boxes that they can purchase on Amazon or Etsy, and they can also create their own if they are crafty. They can get the supplies from a craft store and decorate it as much as they would like. 

You know the advantage of using a box to store your tarot cards is that a box or a chest is sturdy, which means they will keep your tarot cards safe. Additionally, they are easy to use, and you can line them or not. However, the disadvantages are that they are more costly and not overly portable. They are difficult to travel with, so when it comes to traveling, you will want to use a scarf or a bag and place it somewhere safe at your destination. Now, let’s go over other factors when storing your tarot cards. 

Should You Store Your Tarot Cards Facing The Same Way?

The answer to that is it does not matter whether you do or not. Some readers find that if you store them in the same way as they came in the box or order, it cleanses them as you keep them. However, that is not entirely true, as those readers may feel better about doing that. But it is optional as it is very time-consuming, and if you are short on time, you do not need to worry about storing your tarot cards that face the same way. So now, let’s talk about the area of your home to keep your tarot cards. 

What Place In Your Home Should You Store Your Tarot Cards?

When choosing the fitting room to store your tarot cards, Ho . If you have young kids or pets, you will want to keep the cards out of reach, so it is ideal for putting them in a drawer or a high rack (that option is not suitable if you have cats, however). Any room that is dry and of room temperature that is off-limits to young children or pets is ideal.

Therefore, it is not suitable to put your cards in the kitchen where temperature changes happen, and moisture gets in, and you want to avoid putting the cards in your basement or bathroom for the same reason. Now you know how to store your cards and the best options for keeping your tarot cards.