Psychic Franziska – Exclusive Interview

Franziska Intuitive is a New Zealand based psychic clairvoyant with a huge 30 years of experience. As well as psychic readings she offers tarot, coaching and personal mentoring.
You can find out more about her on her site or her Facebook page.

Psychic Franziska
Credit: Psychic Franziska Facebook

Can you describe the process or technique you use to access psychic information?

I would liken it to a download. I put the question out there to my guides and source and then wait for the answer. I do take a big clearing breath and hold the intent to be open to what is shown to me. I am then shown images and also given information which is like telepathy I suppose you could say and receive the information that way. Spirit does have some boundaries though so I can not access information which is private and the person has not allowed this to be shown to me. I also see what I call thoughtforms around people . So I am not actually reading their thoughts but I am shown symbols and images of things which are on their mind a great deal

How do you differentiate between intuition and psychic ability?

Intuition is more like a feeling. It goes right throughout your being and is an almost physical sensation. It’s a strong energetic feeling.

Psychic knowledge is more like having the words or information arrive in your mind by the way of words or images . Mind your clairsentience is very intuitive.

But real intuitive affirmation or knowing is usually short like a yes or a no rather than a lot of information, or a strong feeling you need to go somewhere or do something but there is not a great deal of information that comes with it.

I guess the psychic information is more wordy.

Can you give an example of a particularly challenging or impactful reading you’ve done for a client?

I feel affirmation happens a lot. People all have inner wisdom but having someone else tell them and affirm what they know deep inside if very empowering

But as a singular case I feel it was a woman whose husband had hung himself – she had found him and he had left her with two small children. She was angry and I let her express that. Then he turned up and he was really upset. This spirit was literally on his knees apologising and explaining himself.

Relaying that to this client brought her comfort and peace.

How do you handle sceptics or individuals who may not believe in psychic abilities?

I have met a few and that is really not an issue. I don’t mind what people believe its their right to believe anything they want.

I have had a few who told me they only came to me to test me after the reading and that’s ok too.

What do you love most about being a psychic?

I feel my favourite thing is to empower people. To show them their gifts and talents and to empower them. Then seeing them again ina year or two and seeing how they have grown and made the most of their abilities and have are creating a really good life.

That is my absolute favourite part. Personally growing and learning spiritually all the time is very rewarding and I am always learning more about energy and spirituality

Can you speak to the ethics and responsibilities that come with being a psychic?

The biggest part of ethics is really to do no harm and to leave your ego at the door. Being right or thinking you are special are really more of illusory thinking.

I don’t read children as I believe they need to grow and work out this world as kids and I also don’t get into any manipulative form of spirituality. Spells which seem to be promoted a great deal on social media. Like the “make your ex come back” type of thing is manipulative and not something I would ever go near.,

What you put out there comes back and often the person being energetically manipulated will feel discomfort and will feel very uncomfortable with the person who has requested it, its an unpleasant feeling energy and has the opposite effect quite often.

Can you describe any experiences or phenomena that you have encountered during your psychic practice that you cannot explain?

This was not during a session with a client but just after it. I sat outside with a cup of tea and a large blue orb about two metres across flew up to me , stopped dead and then flew off very fast up the valley

It felt like I was being looked at, but I don’t know exactly what it was .

I have also had some random things come out of people which neither of us planned. Like I had a client start singing in a language neither of us knew for about five minutes.

Afterwards they were embarrassed so it was not staged.

Really there have been many incidents which were amazing and beautiful and its one of the wonderful things about working as a psychic .You never quite know what is going to show up before hand . It makes this work very interesting, varied and its so very rewarding.

I love to empower people and have them be able to use the information I give them to make their lives better and on a path which brings them joy and growth.

Thankyou for talking to us Fran!