What Does A Red Aura Mean?

If you’re curious about what a red aura means you’re in the right place. I’ll talk you through what it means about your personality, how to use your energy, and about the different shades of red aura.

Your aura is that energy field that appears as a bubble surrounding you, and animals and even inanimate objects have auras, including the Earth and other planets. Your aura represents your personality, your state of mind, and the different energies surrounding you that has an influence. Inanimate objects do not have characters but can reflect energies in contact with them.

The aura contains various colors, and there is always one dominant color. The one I will go over now is red.

The Red Aura Explained

Your red aura is associated with the base chakra, which is your Root Chakra and a physical aura. Red is the color of passion and energy, and it possesses a primal nature as those who have it as their dominant color will respond to anything they can hear, see, and touch. So if you have a red aura and tend to get physical when responding to something, that is why. Your red aura also indicates strong feelings, as you will have feelings of love, hate, and anger. Red is not the color that represents indifference, as if you have your dominant aura color as red. You are not the type to express indifference. Let’s go over what the dominant red aura says about your personality.

How The Red Aura Affects Your Personality

Red Aura
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If your dominant aura is red, others will see you as courageous, passionate, and ambitious. You will be the one who is very goal and action-oriented, as you will not be the one to procrastinate. You are also incredibly independent and do not want to rely on others unless there is an issue that you cannot resolve yourself (and you will not take it too well when that happens).

However, if someone offers you help with something that you can care for independently, you will at first gently tell them that you don’t need their help as you know they are attempting to be kind. However, if they don’t leave you alone with it and keep offering, you will get angry.

It should not be surprising that those with a red aura as their dominant color can also have anger issues. However, if there are other colors in the aura, such as blue in it, that will influence you to chill and manage your anger better. But as you know, anger is a variant of passion, which happens when someone crosses your boundaries and has also done injustices to you.

If you used to be a doormat and allowed others to walk on you, and you were a people-pleaser, and you finally had enough of it, and you now are passionate and angry a lot, then that means your red aura (that you used not to have much of) is now your dominant one. It is not unusual for people who have been walked on to become vocal and make their boundaries known aggressively after they develop boundaries. When that happens, the Root Chakra gets unclogged and becomes stronger. There is a connection.

If your aura is dominantly red, then you will be the one to likely be an entrepreneur or a manager instead of an employee. You would also need to have a partner or friends that are more submissive in their nature. You would not do well with someone just as passionate as you could see them as controlling (and yes, you could be controlling, too, as the potential is there). The best thing to do is to direct that power positively.

How To Direct The Red Aura Energy Positively

Here is the thing. You are highly passionate! You have to drive if your dominant aura color is red, and if you directly in the best way possible, it is rewarding. If you can use your passionate side and focus on a goal, you will attain that goal because nothing will and can stop you. You are naturally competitive, so you will win if you focus on what you want and what you want to achieve instead of seeking vengeance on those threatening to take away what you work for.

Yes, you will feel threatened if you have a goal in mind that you want to attain and if someone else has the same idea. But stay away from them, and only keep your focus on how you will achieve that goal. The rest will fall into place if you can direct those potent energies toward what you want to achieve.

You can also be the one to motivate others who may be struggling to find their purpose or reason for achieving a goal. You could tremendously influence those with a plan in mind but are fearful of going after it. That is how you can use your energy for a positive thing.

It will not be a surprise if many motivational coaches have a dominant red aura. But different shades of red can represent other things. Let’s go over the shades of red in an aura and discuss their meanings in detail.

The Meanings Of Various Shades Of Red In An Aura

Red auras will come in various shades, which will influence their meaning. However, the two shades of red aura that stand out the most are the bright red aura and the red aura with darker hues. There are other shades as well:

  • Bright red aura – If your aura is bright red, you are highly passionate and driven, and you have a sense of compassion as well as you may be the type to encourage others to do their best. However, if they are slacking off, you may be angry with them because you see they can do well if they put their minds to it.
  • Orangey-red – There is a lot of passion and creativity involved. Those who desire to be actors and actresses may have many hues of the orangey-red color shade in their aura. Business owners may also have this; there needs to be much creativity when owning a business.
  • Hot pink-red – This shade is gentler than the typical red aura, but a dark pink or hot pink with hues of red shows that there is compassion mixed with physical work. Those with this aura likely would end up in the caregiving role as they are there to protect and serve the vulnerable.
  • Red with darker hues – This is a murky red, which indicates a lot of negative energy of misused anger, revenge, and trauma. Still, there is rage associated with the trauma that the individual endured. Those who are violent would have this hue in their red aura.

Now, you know all about your red aura. Do you believe that red is your dominant aura color? You would know if you are passionately driven but are also known for having a temper! Here are some resources for learning more about making the most of your red aura:

1. Root Chakra Interactive Balancing Journal: 7 Days to Better Chakra Health, by Cassandra Thistle.

2. The Root Chakra: Healing the Center of Money, Fear, Weight, and Survival: Learn How To Heal Yourself With Your Energy, by Mirtha Contreras.

3. The Root Chakra: Understanding, Balancing and Healing the 1st Chakra (Chakra Healing, Understanding, Balancing and Healing the Chakras), by Brenda Hunt.

4. The Nice Girl Syndrome: Stop Being Manipulated and Abused — and Start Standing Up for Yourself, by Beverly Engel

5. Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free: The Ultimate Guide to Telling the Truth, Creating Connection, and Finding Freedom, audiobook by Nancy Levin.

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