What Does A Purple Aura Mean?

Purple auras – let’s find out what they are, what it means for you as a person, and the different shades of auras.

Every living and non-living thing has an energetic bubble surrounding them that consists of various colors, known as the aura.

The aura represents the current state, emotions, personality, overall health, and other influences you have had. Inanimate objects have auras even though they don’t have personalities, emotions, or anything else you have. Still, the environment significantly impacts the auras of non-living things. If an item belongs to you, that will also affect the item’s auric field. 

Your aura has various colors. However, there is always one dominant color that can represent your personality and state of being. The color I will talk about now is purple in the aura, especially if it is your dominant color. 

Purple Aura Explained

Purple Psychic Aura

If your dominant aura color is purple, you are highly spiritual, as purple is one of the most spiritual colors. This color is tied to the Third Eye Chakra, which is in the middle of your forehead, in between your eyes, but raised slightly above them.

You are the mystical type and may even be able to read auras. Many psychics and mediums do have purple as their dominant aura color. However, those who do not consider themselves psychic with their dominant color, purple, maybe incredibly empathetic and pick up information, emotions, and energies from others. 

In addition to being psychic or empathetic, you are also very loving, almost to a fault. You want to see the good in everyone, even those toxic to you. You are not perfect because there is no such thing as perfection. However, you mean well with your actions, as it all comes from the heart. 

You also love to learn new things and desire to explore the world around you, even if you never get a chance to do that physically because of being tied down and having a lot of responsibilities or not having the money to travel.

However, you will explore spiritually, such as learning to do an astral project. You are also a humanitarian and would work best in humanitarian jobs such as nursing and caregiving. You may be able to make a living being a psychic or medium, or you may do that on the side. Either way, you want to help people, and those who are just like you are the ones who will be part of your tribe.

That means others with dominant purple auras will gravitate toward you. Therefore, you will be the one who will want to make a lot of spiritual connections. 

You would be the one that would thrive in psychic or mediumship circles as you could not only improve your gifts, but you could make some solid friendships which is what you want. 

Therefore, if you have a healthy dominant purple aura, you are genuinely a good person with pure intentions who only want to help others with unique psychic gifts. However, there is a downside to having the purple aura, too, as the dominant one. 

The Downsides Of Those Who Have The Purple Aura

As you see, those with the dominant purple aura can be too kind and highly spiritual. However, they do run into a few challenges. Firstly, they want to help others so much that they tend to forget their needs, and it is not unusual for those with the dominant purple aura to burn out because of such extreme self-sacrifice.

Even though those with this dominant aura color are highly psychic and intuitive, they also are the ones that can allow their emotions to get the best of them. That means they do everything they can to see the good in others, including those who do not have many good qualities. 

Therefore, those with the purple aura as the dominant color will allow themselves to get taken advantage of as a result. Those who like to manipulate anyone with this dominant aura color will make themselves appear to be pitiful, which is a trap.

If you have this aura color as your dominant one, you must be extremely careful with who you help. Be as objective as possible, and listen to your intuition if you sense red flags. Never ignore them, and keep your emotional side at bay. The last thing you want to do is take pity on someone who is pulling your strings.

It would be best to balance giving healthily and taking and not feeling guilty about taking because healthy relationships thrive on giving and taking. 

You also want to be careful not to withdraw too much in society to the point of isolation. Yes, energies can be tough to take, but the ideal thing is to find friends that are on the same page as you in every way and are energetically like you. Now, let’s go over the shades of purple. 

Shades Of Purple In The Aura

Like any other color, different shades of purple in your aura can alter the color’s meaning. Let’s go over them now:

  • Violet – Those with this color in their aura are the ones who are pretty pure and have an excellent mind-body-spirit connection. Additionally, those with violet auras are highly creative, intuitive, and contemplative, and they honor their bodies by eating well and doing relaxing exercises such as yoga. If this is you, then you are at pure peace. 
  • Lavender – Anyone with a lavender aura is highly imaginative and dreamy. If you have this color in your aura, you may be the one who has an attraction to dancing, writing, creating music, and painting. You may also get lost in daydreams. However, you have a rich mind and a lot of creativity to offer to others. 
  • Dark purple – If you struggle with your spiritual journey, your aura will be dark purple. Perhaps a lot of old trauma is coming up, or you are experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul. In some cases, you may have gotten into a situation that has caused you to go out of alignment. You may feel depressed and apathetic a lot, and you will need to reflect on why you are experiencing this issue. Therapy will help. 

The purple aura color is highly sensitive, creative, imaginative, psychic, and giving. There are some resources below that can help you strengthen your purple aura. 


2. Third Eye Awakening: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering New Perspectives, Increasing Awareness, Consciousness and Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment Through the Powerful Lens of the Third Eye, by Ella Hughes.

3. Third Eye Chakra: Awaken Your Third Eye Chakra With Simple Guided Meditation Techniques, by Asana Swami and Richard Reikivic. 

4. Psychic Awakening: A Beginner’s Guide to Developing Your Intuitive Psychic Abilities, Including Clairvoyance, Mind Reading, Manifestation, Astral Projection, Mediumship, and Spirit Guides, by Harlowe Wolfe.

5. EMPATH AND PSYCHIC ABILITIES: 3 BOOKS IN 1|The Complete Guide For Highly Sensitive People To Thrive & Develop Inner Powers Such As Intuition,Clairvoyance,& Telepathy|Bonus: Shadow Work Journal Book, by Jason Art. 

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