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Our Expert Guide To PsychicOz

Hey! Perhaps you’ve heard of PsychicOz but you’re wondering “are they trustworthy?”
Maybe you want to know more about their readings and accuracy?
Well my friend, I have you covered right here. Read on to find:

  • What offers
  • Why we recommend them for your expert guidance
  • How much PsychicOz charges for readings
  • Who their best, most insightful psychics are

Ready? Let’s go! 👇

9out of 10

Advisor Skill & Experience9.2
Customer Service8.9
Reading Accuracy9.0

What Readings Can I Get At

Their website really excels when it comes to choice. When we review the best psychic sites we always expect the usual types of psychic and tarot reading.
What we love to see though is a big range of options that will suit everyone.

This is where PsychicOz scores real brownie points. Let’s start with the topics you can get readings on.
As expected, there’s some great options with love/relationships, career and money readings. What surprised us (in a good way!) is seeing:

  • Missing person readings – using the talent and intuition of a psychic for information and insights for people that have gone missing. Often when the usual sources of investigation have dried up, this can be an interesting way of uncovering information
  • Past life readings – knowing more about who you used to be can help you know more about who you are and who you will be. It’s a fascinating way to find more about your soul’s heritage and how you can leverage that to help your life now.

I’ve highlighted the above as not many psychic sites offer those services. And with both, we found plenty of choice when it comes to the advisors at PsychicOz, even including aura readings.

Now let me tell you about the tools the advisors use. Sure, there’s things there you would expect to see (tarot, astrology, numerology).
But again they have some more unusual options which really got our attention:

  • Crystals – Crystals are incredibly powerful when used properly. They’re normally more associated with live readings and it’s great to see them being used online like they are here at Crystal readings can be used in isolation or as an extra tool to help with insight, healing and more
  • Runes – According to my sister, runes are one of the ‘deepest’ types of readings you can get. Runes have been used since the first century AD. And now PsychicOz is bringing them into the present day with some truly insightful readings
  • Oracle cards – Not only do Oracle cards look absolutely stunning, but they offer a very intuitive reading that can be interpreted in many ways. The imagery and symbolism in Oracle cards is super important to pay attention to. Plenty of advisors offer them at PsychicOz – it’s well worth exploring
  • I-Ching – If you’re not familiar with it, the I-Ching (or ‘Book Of Changes’ ) is an ancient Chinese divination tool. It’s been trusted by millions of people throughout the ages. It’s very rare to find anyone that specialises in this online. Check out Tula or Jean at PsychicOz if you’d like to get a reading.

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Your Top Rated Psychics At

With more than 125 incredibly gifted advisors to choose from at, you’re spoiled for choice. As there are specialists in any type of reading, you’ll find a trusted psychic online at any time of the day.
They’re experts in being tuned in to the energy of you and the universe. If you’re looking for life balance, or answers to those really burning questions you have, you’re in the right place.

The site has a well-deserved reputation for highly accurate readings that really add value to people’s lives, which our own experiences attest to.

We’ve hand picked three of the best advisors at PsychicOz we think you’ll love:

Psychic's PhotoPsychicCustomer RatingFree Minutes
Psychic Serenity

Psychic Serenity

  • 1200+ reviews from happy clients
  • 8th generation psychic
  • Rich, valuable insights into relationships and love
  • Incredible spiritual meditations
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Psychic Dom

Psychic Dom

  • Truly gifted psychic with 1550+ reviews
  • 20 years experience
  • Specialist in tarot and angel card readings
  • Helps give real clarity to life's problems
Get Reading Now
Psychic Peter

Psychic Peter

  • Plenty of great reviews
  • Love + relationships
  • Skilled tarot card reader
  • Empath psychic with a real knack for accuracy
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Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

PsychicOz Prices For Readings

The prices at PsychicOz are super affordable and I love how this opens up the chance of readings to so many folks.
Calls cost from $0.99 per minute and emails at $4.99.

And that’s not all. The first minute of any reading is free. Yup. That means you’re not paying any kind of connection charge.
And also means that if for some reason you had a gut feeling this advisor wasn’t for you, you could cut it short without being out of pocket.

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PsychicOz Promo Code

Many folks ask me if they need a promo code at PsychicOz to take advantage of the introductory offers.
You don’t need one – just click here to be taken to the PsychicOz home page and you’ll get those great deals.

How To Get Started At PsychicOz

So you might be thinking “OK, this looks good but where do I begin?”. Good news my friend – it’s incredibly simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit
  2. Click ‘Create Account’
  3. Set up your account and password
  4. Choose a psychic
  5. Start your reading (remember you have three minutes free!)
  6. Add funds if you’d like to continue

Top tip: Also check out the ‘introductory offers’ section – here you can purchase minutes or an email at special introductory rates.

Signing up to

Claim Your 3 Free Minutes Now – The Pros & Cons

I want to ensure you get a balanced opinion and review of PsychicOz. Yes it’s a great psychic site (else we wouldn’t feature it here). But, like anything, it ain’t perfect. After spending our own money on a couple of readings on the site, here are the good and bad things you need to know about

What We Like
  • Free 3 minutes for new customers
  • Affordable readings from $0.99 per min
  • Some of the most gifted psychics online
  • 125+ trusted, fully vetted advisors
  • Love, relationships, money + much more
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Could Improve
  • No mobile app
  • Customer support can be a little slow

What Customers Are Saying About PsychicOz

Don’t just take our word from it. Below are some quotes from actual customers about their experiences with PsychicOz:

  • “Camilla is by far the best! She connected to my loved one right away and knew things that were personal between me and my sister. Love this woman.
  • Even when I feel at a loss, she manages to make it feel better, just like talking to a great friend, but with a 6th sense
  • “Dom is yet again astonishing. He is accurate and most definitely worth the wait. Awesome and kind man.”

“The accuracy of her talents is simply amazing.”

– A happy customer

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Mobile Readings At PsychicOz

We found it’s easy to get a mobile reading at PsychicOz. Yes, it’s a little disappointing they don’t have a mobile app. But in honesty, it’s not really a big deal.
And that’s because you can your phone’s browser which works just as well. So whether you want help finding your soulmate or to have a truly brilliant life, it’s super easy.

Here’s what it looks like: Psychics Key Facts

❔ Number of psychics125+
⌚ Free minutes3
💲 Reading prices$0.99 per min+
🀧 TarotYes
♈ AstrologyYes
📱 Mobile appNo

PsychicOz – Our Summary

We’ve covered plenty in this review. By now you’ve got a good idea of the pros, cons and features the site offers.
It’s a great all-round online psychic site with a truly impressive range of services.

9out of 10

Advisor Skill & Experience9.2
Customer Service8.9
Reading Accuracy9.0

Most of all though – the psychics and their readings are amazing. And that’s what’s most important, agreed?
The advisors at PsychicOz have thousands of glowing reviews from their customers.
This shows the team there are really gifted and are known for their accuracy.

They’re also empathetic and caring. That’s vital when you’re speaking about sensitive or even painful parts of our lives.

The site is our incredibly simple to use (the filters are great and make it easy to find what you want).
And I think the satisfaction guarantee says it all – PsychicOz really put their money where their mouth is!

Check out today. Join thousands of other people there and enjoy your three minutes free!

Claim Your 3 Free Minutes Now – FAQs

Is trustworthy?

Very much so! Firstly they have a very robust satisfaction guarantee (see other FAQ question).

Secondly they are very very fussy about which psychics are on their site. All the PsychicOz advisors are fully vetted and tested to ensure they’re accurate and gifted.
Finally they have tons of excellent reviews and ratings – not just on their site but also third party ones like TrustPilot.

Oh and remember – if they weren’t trustworthy we wouldn’t even feature them on our site!

Do I need a promo code?

Nope – just use the links on this page to claim your free minutes!

Does PsychicOz offer free psychic readings?

Every new customer can get free 3 minutes. You won’t find an entire ‘free reading’ here or at any reputable psychic site.
Simply put – if you want an accurate, insightful reading – they don’t come free!

Does PsychicOz offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! This is how confident they are in their psychics and accuracy of their readings:

If you’re unhappy in any way with your first paid psychic reading, whether by online chat, email or phone, we’ll refund the payment back to you as a credit to use to give us another chance. In simpler terms, if you weren’t pleased with your first paid reading, it’s free!

I think that’s pretty amazing. The best thing is it gives you real confidence in what they offer. With a guarantee like this you can tell they take customer service really seriously.

What payment methods does PsychicOz accept?

You can pay by PayPal, Visa, Amex or MasterCard (the card payments are via PayPal).

What score does PsychicOz have on Trustpilot?

Their score is a 4.3 which is ‘excellent’!

Who owns

They’re not owned by anyone – i.e. they’re their own company.

Does PsychicOz have an app?

No – however you can just your phone’s browser for a reading.
You can still get all the types of readings and still access the same compassionate, leading psychics.

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