Best Past Life Psychic Sites

Ever wondered why you are who you are? Have you ever felt like there’s something missing that you should know about?
Maybe you’re just curious about who and what you were in your previous incarnations.
We’ll show you:

  • The best past life psychic sites
  • How they can help you
  • Who the best past life readers are

Best Past Life Psychic Sites

Whilst there are plenty of psychic sites you can find online, not all of them are worth your time or money.
As part of our review process here at, we thoroughly test every site.

That means we use our own money to get actual readings. Then we can ensure that only the best past life psychic sites make your shortlist.

Here are the top, most trusted sites for real past life readings in 2023, hand picked for you👇

SiteYour Best ChoiceTop FeaturesFind Your Psychic
For A Trusted Site

For A Trusted Site

  • Established for 20 years
  • Many advisors have 10s of thousands of ratings
  • Amazingly accurate readings & gifted psychics
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For Love Readings

For Love Readings

  • Tons of 5* rated psychics, mediums & clairvoyants
  • Buy 30 minutes, get 5 FREE Elite/Master mins
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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For Variety

For Variety

  • Massive range of gifted psychics
  • 10,000 free Oranum coins
  • Love, tarot, numerology & more
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For Value

For Value

  • 280+ love/relationship experts
  • Readings from just $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction guarantee
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For Career & Money Readings

For Career & Money Readings

  • Consistently accurate & insightful readings
  • Compassionate, genuine advisors
  • Love, relationships, careers + more
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Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

Who Are The Best Past Life Psychics?

During our research for this page, I was really impressed with how many accurate past life specialists there were on each site. Often this means 100s of professional fortune tellers are available ay any time of the day.

Whilst each site we’ve shortlisted has plenty of options, here’s some of the standouts that we were especially impressed with:

Psychic's PhotoPast Life Reader's InfoCustomer RatingGet A Reading
Ashima (Oranum)

Ashima (Oranum)

  • 7 years past life reading experience
  • Past life reading and regression options
  • Tons of 5* reviews from happy clients
  • Kind, empathetic and warm
Visit Oranum
Psychic Tula (Psychic Oz)

Psychic Tula (Psychic Oz)

  • Master psychic with 40 years experience
  • Fast, accurate past-life readings
  • Many famous clients
  • Calls from $0.99 per minute
Visit Psychic Oz
Rani The Psychic (Kasamba)

Rani The Psychic (Kasamba)

  • A massive 19,000+ reviews
  • A truly skilled past life reader
  • Fast, straight and accurate readings
  • 100% honest and truthful past life readings
Visit Kasamba
Jazette (AskNow)

Jazette (AskNow)

  • 30 years experience 
  • Deep and insightful past life readings
  • Enjoy 5 minutes free
  • 48,000+ readings given
Visit AskNow
Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

How To Choose Your Psychic

Choosing a psychic for a real past life reading is the same process for any type of reading. The key here is to ensure the advisor does actually specialise in past life readings. Here’s what I think you should consider 👇

🔮Are they a real specialist?

Like I said – look for someone who specialises in past life readings. This type of reading can be quite intense and eye-opening. So it’s important to be doing it with someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who can really guide you through the process and get the most from it.
It’s easy to see if they’re a trusted past life reading or regression specialist psychic by looking at their profile.

🔮Do they have (consistently) positive reviews?

You can usually see at a glance how an advisor is rated. For example this might be a rating out of 10, or out of five stars.
Take a moment or two to also look at recent reviews and comments. The more consistently positive, the better.
On the flip side, if there’s many comments that are negative, this should raise a red flag.

🔮Are they in your price range?

With each site and psychic having their own price range, it’s true there’s a reading for everyone. Some psychic sites will let you filter and sort by price so you can find a past life psychic that meets your budget.
Obviously if there’s one you like the look of but you don’t think you’ll be able to afford more than a couple of minutes, it probably isn’t worth it.

🔮Do you have a good ‘gut feel’ about them?

Our instincts are usually right. So I always say to people ‘trust your gut‘ when finding a psychic. Many times you’ll look at a past life psychic profile and just feel some kind of draw or connection there. if you do, trust it and go with it.

What Can A Past Life Reading Cover?

There’s so much a past life psychic reading or regression can cover and so much you can gain from them.
Like any reading, your reasons for having them are unique to you. Here are some common things that come up 👇

Who you were

As I’ve said on this page, don’t go assuming you were a super famous person in history or celebrity.
But knowing who you were offers you a truly unique way of understanding your soul holistically.
Find out who you were and who the key people around you were too.

What happened in your previous life or lives

Uncovering this can be fascinating and invigorating for your soul. Once you understand key events that you’ve experienced before it can make you really understand why you are what you are.
There may be really key, significant events. Or there maybe ones that on the surface seem insignificant. But on reflection you often find you understand why the psychic reader has been drawn to it.

What skills you had

A friend of mine that recently had a past life reading has always been passionate about woodworking, as a hobby. Even from a young age.
During their reading they found out they were actually a carpenter in a previous life.
Sometimes in a reading you’ll find that a passion or skill from a previous life manifests itself in your present life. Often literally but sometimes symbolically.

“She told me that, at one point, I was a nun who witnessed something scandalous but couldn’t talk about it; I’ve always been really uncomfortable in churches but have never been able to explain why.”

Erin Magner, Well+Good article

Your Soul’s Journey

An expert reading or past life regression can also give you a holistic view of your journey through time and space. Whilst you may focus on just one prior life, the experience can also show you many lives and how your soul has journeyed on that path.

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What Are The Benefits Of A Reading Of My Past Life?

Past Life

When I had my past life reading, I loved how it made me feel like I understood myself as a person much more. I really had so much more clarity and plenty of ‘a-ha’ moments. Here’s some great things your reading or regression may help you with 👇

Uncover phobias

Ever had a phobia but had no idea why? Often phobias originate from events in our childhood. For example, you might have a phobia of spiders if as a child you saw your mother scream and panic when she saw one.

For many people though, they’re entirely unexplained and seem irrational. Well, in a past life reading it’s often possible to figure out where these come from. Let’s take the spider example again. Maybe in this life you’ve never had bad experiences of spiders but you’re scared of them.
You may well find in your past life reading that you had a phobia in that life, or had a traumatic experience with spiders.

If you do, you’ll probably have that ‘lightbulb moment’ when you realise you can let go of that fear now. And that is such an empowering feeling.

Learn why you feel connections with places or objects

Many of us have a real liking or drawing to a particular country. Or perhaps an object (like books, or medals). And quite often we have no idea why!
In a past life reading you’ll find out what the passions where in that life, along with where you lived. It’s fairly common for people to have in this life a real passion for visiting a country, only to find that they actually lived there in a previous life.

Understand why you are who you are

Whilst our present life is the biggest factor in who we are right now, our prior lives also play a big part. And that’s where a reading can help you. Once you understand who you were, you can understand much better why you are who you are now.

It also helps you understand how you feel about certain things. For example, if you have ‘commitment issues’ (I hate that term!) and worry about settling down with a partner, it may well be because you were treated badly in a previous life. Even just that awakening can help you heal and be more confident and settled.

Understand déjà vu

We’ve all experienced déjà vu – you know that feeling of ‘this has happened before’ or ‘I’ve been here before’. It’s a very intense, deep feeling that you can’t rationalise.
Well it might just be that it has happened – or similar has happened – in your prior lives. Journeying through them you can often get a kind of reverse déjà vu feeling as it becomes apparent why you’ve had those feelings.

Help heal spiritual scars

Once you can see how your journey through the universe has been, it can awaken you to things you can let go of.
As human souls we carry so much emotional baggage with us. Much of that should have been left in previous lives where it belonged.

During a past life regression you may well find yourself feeling lighter and more vibrant as you let things go.

Free Past Life Readings

I get it – you’re interested and curious but you’re not 100% about paying for a reading yet. That’s understandable.
Now I can’t tell you that you can get a past life reading for free (as any decent advisor charges for their services).
But – what you can do is use offers like free minutes and very discounted rates for new customers – that the sites we list here offer.

They’re well worth trying – if you feel the past life reader advisor is a good fit for you, it’s super easy to then add funds and pay for a full reading.

Past Life Reading vs Past Life Regression

You’ll come across the terms ‘reading’ and ‘regression’ and it’s important to know the difference. Neither is better than the other.

In a past life reading the expert psychic is doing all the work for you. By tapping into your energy they can then report back on what they saw.
In past life regression, you’re basically hypnotised into a very calm state whilst the psychic guides you into past life memories.

So in the reading, you’re being given information. In the regression, you’re experiencing it – seeing, hearing and feeling it.
If you would prefer a less intense experience I’d suggest opting for the reading. After all, you can always have a regression at a later date.

Let’s Talk About Karma

You’ve probably heard of karma before. Think of it as your actions having repercussions (both positive and negative) in your life or lives.
Karma in relation to past life readings is important – the idea is that things you have done in previous lives will impact your present one.
So if you’ve done good things, that’ll improve your fate in the next life. Conversely, if you do something bad or evil, it will negatively impact your fate.

Not everyone believes in karma and you don’t have to. If you do, then it’s a great way of giving more context to your past life reading.

Don’t be afraid of karma by the way. Just because you may have done something bad in your previous life, doesn’t mean you can’t make up for it in this one. We hold the key to our own destiny and we all have free will.

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Our 6 Top Tips For Past Life Readings

There’s a few simple things you can do to really get the most from your psychic reading. Here are our expert tips for you 👇

  1. Be realistic – many folks have read about or seen cases where people have had past life readings. And in many of these they supposedly find out they were a famous or important person in a previous life. Well statistically this isn’t going to happen very often.
    (Think about how few people in the world are famous or important). It’s far far more likely that in a previous life you were, well, normal.
    And that’s OK! Just don’t start the reading assuming you were a Hollywood star in a previous life:)
  2. Be clear what you want from the reading – Now you might read that and say “it’s obvious – I want to know who I was in a previous life”. But that isn’t the be-all and end-all of past life readings. Understanding your past life or lives can really help you understand your current life. Check out our guide to what to ask a psychic for some inspiration
  3. Be receptive to what comes up in the reading – You might be surprised by what the reading shows you. When I had my past life reading at Oranum, I found it unlocked a couple of mysteries about things I am drawn to in my current life.
    You might also have that ‘lightbulb’ moment of clarity. Or you may be really surprised. Bottom line – keep an open mind
  4. Take time to reflect and wind down after – Like all readings, a past life psychic reading can feel intense. That’s especially true with these as you’re tapping into energies, times and places that you may not have consciously been aware of before.
    So don’t just go rushing back into the rest of your normal day. Spend some time just reflecting, thinking and feeling.
    I find it’s useful to write some notes down after, even if that’s just a list of vague feelings and thoughts
  5. Remember you still control your destiny – Past lives are just that – in the past. They may form part of who you are today but you still control your future. I say this because it’s tempting to take something from your past life reading and feel that has to dictate your life moving forwards
  6. Don’t obsess over the past – the past is just that. Whilst it’s useful and fascinating to look at your past life or lives, nothing is more important than the life you have now. Take any learnings you get and apply them – then look forward to a truly brilliant life.

Past Life Myth-Busting

The psychic reading of past lives has certain beliefs attached to it – many of which are wrong. Before you rush out and choose from the best psychic sites on this page, let’s myth-bust some of them 👇

I’ll be someone famous or a celebrity in a former life

Sorry to break it to you but you probably weren’t. Most likely you were, well, a normal person, just like we are now. That’s not a bad thing.
I just hear people sometimes getting really excited about the status of who they might have been rather than what they can learn from their previous incarnation. Remember – there’s nothing wrong with not having been a celebrity!

I’ll get to know every detail of my past life

When a psychic does a past life reading they may instantly tune into one era of that life. Often this can be because there’s something significant about where you were or what you were doing at that point in time.
It may not be that they can tune into all of your childhood and adult years.

I should be scared of a past life psychic reading

Not at all. When people do get anxious about it, it’s normally because past life readings are new to them and seem mysterious.
It’s human nature to be wary of what we don’t know about.
But don’t fear knowing about your past life or lives. It’s an incredible experience.

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As we’ve seen, past life readings and regressions are incredibly powerful experiences. They can really help you understand you, your soul and your journey through lives. They can give you real balance in your life.
They can teach you so much about yourself. An offer a unique way to let go of negativity and emotional baggage you may be holding on to.
And of course even just learning who you were and where you lived in your previous life is beautiful, powerful and poignant.

If you’re ready for your own past-life reading, just choose from one of our top rated psychic sites and get yours within minutes. Find the answers you’ve been looking for today.

You may also find our article on how to remember past lives interesting.

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Past Life Psychic Readings FAQ

🔮Are past life readings accurate?

Yes. A talented past life reader will use their intuition, skills and experience to tap into your energies. They can then accurately look at your previous life/lives and tell you what they’ve seen.
For past life regression, you’re experiencing and seeing it yourself so will be 100% accurate.

🔮Should I be scared of a past life reading?

No, not at all. But I can understand why you’d ask that. Because even if you’ve had other types of psychic readings, a past life one can seem very intense or mysterious.

In reality, it’s not anything to be afraid of. Try and turn the nervousness you feel about them into excitement.
You’re blessed to be able to get this rare insight into yourself that so few people will ever try.

🔮Can I get a free past life reading?

Yes and no. Most of the best past life psychic sites offer you free minutes to get started.
You can also take advantage of some amazing introductory offers which can start as low as $1 per minute.