An Interview With Psychic Elissa Heyman interviewed Psychic Elissa Heyman. Elissa is a highly experienced psychic from Santa Fe who offers a range of services including psychic counseling, spiritual healing, energy release work and mediumship.
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Can you describe the process or technique you use to access psychic information?

Elissa Heyman
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First of all, I believe I can do this, get relevant psychic insights and spiritual guidance messages for someone else. That is fundamental to any process, but even with so much experience tuning in for other people, I follow the same process to prepare for a client, that  I had when I first was developing my practice.

Basically, it’s allowing whatever has to happen, that always includes letting go of my normal personality and ego-state, to be a psychic channel. I also have unique processes for the clairvoyant reading I do at the beginning of a session, but most psychics have their unique processes that get them ready and in communion with the spiritual world.

How do you differentiate between intuition and psychic ability?

Psychic ability sounds like an application – applying the psychic or intuitive faculty – learning to “be psychic” and direct one’s intuition at will. Intuition is more like the sense itself in an act of communication: suddenly your intuition tells you this, that, or the other. It could be about yourself, another person, your environment, etc. It is something that everyone has, but some people have little use for, and may experience their intuition only a few times in their life. 

Can you give an example of a particularly challenging or impactful reading you’ve done for a client?

Sometimes a person is headed towards catastrophe! They’re going to lose their house, they’re doing something that’s going to get them in trouble. Any time the insights I get for a person, are quite different than the mindset and assumptions they walk in with – it’s an impactful and challenging reading to both listen to, and give.

How do you handle sceptics or individuals who may not believe in psychic abilities?

I think people choosing to spend money on psychic work are likely intuitive themselves… that’s why they’d even think to go to a psychic counselor. I don’t really encounter people not into helping themselves – if they choose me to help them, they’re attracted to the methods, and believe that one can know things directly, and that there is more than the material world.

What do you love most about being a psychic?

It allows me to explore communication and consciousness, and have deep, meaningful conversations and creative interactions with all kinds of people. To be a psychic is to have a practice that engages with feelings and energy and spirits, and potentially, with any time, any place, and any person. 

Can you speak to the ethics and responsibilities that come with being a psychic?

It is the same as any personal counselor: the client should expect complete confidentiality. The main responsibility is self-trust and trust in one’s ability to work with whatever tools they use. To be able to trust that you’re a vehicle for truth, or wisdom, or whatever’s healing.

Also, it’s being responsible to the act of counseling, to make the client comfortable before beginning, whether it’s their experience in person, or what you say to begin with, over the phone. I work with a lot of people who have never had a psychic reading before, and making sure that someone is receptive, is the first step.

Can you describe any experiences or phenomena that you have encountered during your psychic practice that you cannot explain?

I cannot explain a phenomenon that happens each and every time I use the tarot cards, and each time someone takes my Speaking Stones and makes a design with them that I can read, that can give dates, that can talk about other people and their situations. How did my client know what stones to leave out, and which to include, and how to arrange them, in a way that yielded information?

How does my client know where to cut the tarot cards to get an accurate answer? How come no matter what I think is going on with the shuffle of the cards, or what I consciously think about a situation, the cards are “right”, in that they yield answers that might be surprising, but turn out to be accurate.  I do not understand how the tarot works, or how my clients know how to use tools they never saw before. 

I also get people who have never seen tarot cards, to give themselves a reading – a consistent phenomenon is how psychic people are about their own lives, if they’re given tools to be psychic.