Green Auras – What Do They Mean?

All About Green Auras

Curious about what a green aura means? You’re in the right place my friend. I’ll talk you through this – what it means and also what the different shades of green aura mean.

The energy bubble surrounding you is your aura, an electromagnetic field.

Auras surround animals, plants, and even inanimate objects, as well as planets. Your aura contains many colors representing your state of mind, emotions, mental and physical health, and personality. That may sound odd, considering that inanimate objects do not have a character, but they do absorb your energies, in addition to animals and planets.

The aura surrounding them will reveal that. There are various colors in your aura, but one dominant color always represents your personality. And the color that I will be talking about now is a green aura.

Do you have a dominant green color in your aura? If you do, let’s talk about it.

The Green Aura Explained

Green Psychic Aura

Your green aura is similar to the pink aura because this aura color ties to your Heart Chakra. Therefore, if you have a dominant green aura, you are loving, creative, and kind, and you have an easier time going with the flow, as this color represents growth and change.

You also have an affinity for nature. You may prefer to spend time in nature to unwind and recharge. Nature is good for everyone, but for you, with a dominant green aura, it is extra vital.

You also cherish those important to you, as you deeply care for others. You are also the one who wants to comfort them as you would stay on the phone all night to help settle someone in distress about something.

However, like those with the dominant pink aura color, you may want to be there for others too much to the point that you forget your needs and wants. You may be too much of a mediator for others, which can drain you.

You may inadvertently have others surrounding you suck you into their drama because they will see you as the one who will be there to fix their problems. Therefore, that is not the type of energy you want to bring.

You may also be the one who can attract those who are toxic and can take advantage of you if you are not careful. Therefore, remember you have needs, wants, and boundaries to firm up. The best people to surround yourself with are those who are like you—creative, caring, and inspiring. Those who love nature will also want to be in your circle as you can unwind and recharge by heading to the park or going on hikes.

The best type of career for you is the creative field which would entail any art, whether writing, music, or visual arts such as graphic design. Otherwise, your job will drain you, making you very unhappy.

However, if you have to take an ordinary office job to help make your creative dream a reality, you can handle it better. You are a sensitive, artistic, and caring soul. However, there is a dark side to those with the green aura as their dominant color.

What Is The Darker Side To The Green Aura?

You may not think there is a dark side to those with their dominant aura color of green because how can that be since they are the ones who are at risk for others using them? Here is the thing. S

ince they are known to protect the ones they love, they can be territorial or even jealous of those who want to be with their loved ones. For example, if you have a dominant green aura and are highly protective of your best friend, you may not like it when your best friend has to see another friend without you. You may not take it too well for several reasons.

One reason is that you may not know that your best friend’s other friend has the best intentions. You may worry that their friend could be taking advantage of or manipulating them – even if there is no evidence to indicate it.

Therefore, being too territorial and jealous are dark sides to the green aura, regardless of the shade. Let’s now go over the various shades of green and their meanings.

The Shades Of Green In Your Aura

Like the other colors, your aura has various shades of green. They all have different meanings, and let’s go over them right now:

  • Emerald: You are a healer if your green aura is the emerald shade. You want to be the one to help others, and you may work in the medical field whether you are a doctor, nurse, or caregiver. You could also be a coach or a psychic (which also depends on the other colors in your aura) to help heal others. But, on the other hand, you may be none of those things and be the one who looks out for others, brings harmony, and creates a solid bond.
  • Yellow-green: That color may not be the prettiest, but the representation is, as it is a mix of green and yellow, which means you are expressive, love life, and are creative. If you have a cheerful disposition and get lost in creating art, whether it is music, writing, painting, sculpting, or other creative outlets, you may have this shade of green in your aura. Sometimes this shade of green becomes dominant in your aura if you are in a creative phase in your life, as you could be decorating your home or writing a novel.
  • Hunter green – This shade of aura, which is dark, can indicate that jealousy and envy are taking over your life. You feel anger and resentment as you do everything for others due to a lack of boundaries. When your aura is this shade of green, you feel like a victim and cannot break out of situations that are less than desirable for you. Because your aura is green, you do have an affinity for nature. When feeling this way, it is best to get yourself outside to ground yourself and think of how to work around undesirable situations. You also need to take an honest look at yourself and see how you can fix the issue by starting to set boundaries.

Now you know the shades of green, what they mean, and how you can prevent yourself from allowing others to take advantage of your kind and generous nature. And yes, keep going outdoors to heal yourself because that is what you need! I will give you some resources on how to strengthen your green aura and make it healthier:

1. Heart Chakra: The Ultimate Guide to Opening, Balancing, and Healing Anahata, by Mari Silva.

2. The Heart Chakra: Understanding, Balancing and Healing the 4th Chakra (Chakra Healing, Understanding, Balancing and Healing the Chakras), by Brenda Hunt.

3. Heart Chakra Interactive Balancing Journal: 7 Days to Better Chakra Health, by Cassandra Thistle.

4. Unlost: A Journey of Self-Discovery and the Healing Power of the Wild Outdoors, audiobook by Gail Muller.

5. Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life, by Henry Cloud.

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