The Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Here I’m going to tell you all about twin flame tarot spreads. You’ll learn what they are, their meaning, and we’ll do a sample reading.

What is this about twin flames that you hear about so often? I will elaborate on that soon. However, when it comes to twin flames, your relationships with them have plenty of lessons that will give you many opportunities to grow spiritually.

And those with relationships with twin flames have so many questions to ask about them, which is why there is an eight-card tarot reading for them. However, before we look at twin flame tarot spreads, you may wonder what a twin flame is and if you may be in a relationship with one. So let’s go over that now. 

What Is A Twin Flame?

You do know that the soul in your body is a fragment of your soul in the astral plane. That is right. You have other aspects of yourself in different dimensions. However, sometimes the portion of your soul can be split even further and ends up in another body. For example, sometimes your twin flame is not incarnated at the same time that you are, and you will intuitively feel that is the case. However, when that is not the case, and you happen to connect with your twin flame, there are often plenty of fireworks. 

That is because when you are with your twin flame, or if you have connections to your twin flame even if they are not your partner (and that can be so challenging too if you are involved with someone else and you know your twin flame), you are in contact with your mirror soul or “other half.” Twin flame relationships can be healing but also highly challenging because they will reveal your shadows or your deepest insecurities. However, your twin flame will help you overcome those issues, which is why they heal. 

However, your twin flame may not necessarily be in a romantic relationship. It could be a friend or even an acquaintance who keeps rubbing you in a specific way that you cannot put your finger on because you would not know they are a twin flame. So if you suspect that you have a twin flame in your life, you will want to use a twin flame tarot spread to gain the insight you need. In addition, you will learn how you can navigate this relationship and how you will end up with it because the relationship can cause a lot of confusion on your end and theirs too. So let’s check the tarot spread that can help you with this. 

The Eight Card Twin Flame Tarot Spread

Here is an eight-card tarot spread, and you can lay them out horizontally in two sets of four cards. Card one will be on the left, two and three on the right, and card four on the right. Then card five is beneath card one, card six is beneath card two, card seven is beneath card seven, and finally, card eight is beneath card four. Let’s go over the representation of each card in this twin flame tarot spread. 

Card one represents your twin flame’s life purpose that has to do with you. This card does reveal why there is tension in the relationship. Card two represents the purpose that your twin flame has in your life, which will bring you a lot of understanding as to why they behave the way they do and why you react how you do. Card three will indicate your past-life connection with them because there is one. Card four shows your karmic lessons with them, which will appear as challenges. If there is a twin flame in your life, karma is from the past. Card five shows the karmic lessons and challenges the twin flame is facing in this relationship. 

Then card six reveals the soul contract between you and your twin flame. That will show you why you and your twin flame are in each other’s lives and what the Universe has in store for you. If you are connected to your twin flame through a partner, a friend, or someone significant, you have an enormous mission with them.

Card seven indicates how your relationship with them is currently. Finally, card eight shows the potential outcome of your relationship with your twin flame based on everyday things. That is one of the heaviest tarot spreads you can face, and can you fulfil your karmic lesson with your twin flame? When it comes to that, there is a lot of free will there. 

However, when you have one lesson with your twin flame, there likely will be others, so you may want to repeat the reading repeatedly. Let’s do a sample reading for a querent who is confused about her twin flame. 

Sample Twin Flame Tarot Reading

Let’s talk about a twin flame tarot reading I will do for Lucy, the querent. Lucy is married with kids but has had a male friend since high school who she has a complex relationship with, and at times she regrets not marrying him because she feels so connected to him. However, Lucy and her friend could never maintain a romantic relationship as there was always some form of drama. Lucy’s husband has a good reason for being jealous of her friend, but she reassures him that she loves him and he is the one for her, as a relationship on that level would not have worked with her and her intense friend. 

Lucy’s friend is her twin flame, as she learned that recently when she had a psychic reading. Unfortunately, however, she did not have a twin flame tarot reading. So let’s look at this twin flame spread for Lucy and her friend and see the lessons and connections. 

Twin Flame Tarot Spread
  • Card one is Lucy’s purpose in her twin flame’s life: The Hierophant
  • Card two is the purpose of Lucy’s twin flame in her life: The Hanged Man
  • Card three represents a past-life connection between Lucy and her twin flame: King of Cups. 
  • Card four shows karmic lessons and challenges Lucy has with her twin flame: The Empress
  • Card five shows Lucy’s twin flame’s karmic lessons and challenges with her: World reversed
  • Card five shows Lucy’s twin flame’s karmic lessons and challenges with her: World reversed
  • Card six reveals the soul contract between Lucy and her twin flame: Strength
  • Card seven shows the state of the current relationship: Two of Swords
  • Card eight shows the potential outcome of the relationship based on how it is now: Ten of Cups. 

Based on card one, Lucy’s purpose in her twin flame’s life is to be his teacher, based on the fact it is the Hierophant. However, everyone is a teacher who is a twin flame, a karmic mate, or a soulmate (though soulmates are supportive). That said, Lucy’s job for her twin flame is to encourage him to listen to sound advice from those who know more than he does, and one complaint she has about him is that he is very rebellious and does not think before he acts. That would make sense. However, the Hierophant is known to be rigid, which may be the case with Lucy. 

The second card shows the purpose of Lucy’s twin flame in her life: the Hanged Man, which means her twin flame is there to help her surrender and make necessary sacrifices. In addition, he is there to teach her patience because she loses it a lot with him and others. Lucy admits she can be self-centered, and her twin’s flame role is to help her stop that. 

The third card indicates the past-life connection Lucy had with her twin flame, and the King of Cups comes up, which can suggest that he was her mate in a previous life who was kind, empathetic, and also enjoyed the finer things in life, such as art and good food.

Card four indicates the karmic lessons and challenges that Lucy has with her twin flame and the Empress came up, which means she must not be exceptionally nurturing with him, and that likely was the case in her previous life. That suggests she may also be that way with her husband and kids. 

The fifth card of this twin flame tarot spread indicates the lessons and challenges the twin flame has with Lucy, and the World reverse came up, which suggests he struggles to complete cycles successfully. He needs to find a way to connect with her to finish a karmic cycle with her. And how can he do that since she is married with kids? 

The sixth card indicates a soul contract between Lucy and her twin flame, and Strength emerges. Both of them need to develop inner strength, and their relationship can teach them how to do that, as there have been many lessons for both of them to build their inner strength.

The seventh card shows the state of the current relationship. The Two of Swords comes up, which means Lucy is ambivalent about whether she should stay with her husband and the twin flame and keep their intense relationship as a friendship or leave her husband and end up with her twin flame once and for all. 

The last card in this twin flame tarot spread shows the outcome based on their current relationship status, and the Ten of Cups comes up, which means if they support one another and keep working with one another, even if Lucy stays in her marriage, they can think of themselves as their own family of support. 

Based on this twin flame tarot spread, Lucy has a complex relationship with her twin flame, which is expected. Lucy is rigid and goes by the book, which she sees value in, and that is what her twin flame is supposed to learn from her since he is rebellious. However, she admits she is self-centered and thinks about her needs first, and her twin flame is there to teach her that the world does not revolve around her. Based on the cards, he was her partner in a past-life who was kind-hearted and loved the finer things in life. However, she likely was cold and not overly nurturing, which has likely manifested in her current life based on her rigidity and self-centeredness. 

Therefore, she needs to learn to be more nurturing, and her twin flame also needs to work through his issues so he can complete his karmic cycle with her. Both need to develop inner strength, and Lucy is ambivalent about whether to stay in her marriage or end up with her friend. Either way, they can create their own family with a strong friendship if they support each other and learn their lessons. What does your life with your twin flame say?