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Prophetess Phyllis
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Prophetess Phyliss is one of the most experienced, well-reviewed advisors on the platform. was lucky enough to have a quick chat with her about her experiences as a psychic. Hey Phyllis –  How long have you been a professional psychic for?

Prophetess Phyllis: I have been a Spiritual Advisor for over 35 years. And when did you first know you were psychic?

Prophetess Phyllis: As a little girl, I was prayed over by my grandmother, men and women of God.  One of the greatest awakenings was and when I came home from visiting, I just knew things, for example, a certain person would be coming to visit and they would. I also knew without a wavering doubt, I was gifted when I heard the Holy Spirit of God told me the exact day my mothers passing so I could prepare the family.  After that, whenever I would spiritually hear dates regarding people and situations often. What are the most common things people ask for help on for a reading? 

Prophetess Phyllis: Men and women are concerned about having a faithful companion, true love. Their second concern is usually finances. What tips do you have for people having their first psychic reading? 

Prophetess Phyllis: I advise that they are alone and in a quite place. The spiritual advice is for the person calling only, It may be different for the listener. Did anyone in your family have psychic abilities?

Prophetess Phyllis: Oh YES!!!  My father and mother were VERY SPIRITUAL.  My father could even predict an accident down the road before we arrived or saw any sign of an accident.  My mother could call a person long distance and tell that person exactly what was going on in their life, even if they were trying to hide something. Do you use tools like tarot or others?

Prophetess Phyllis: Yes, I LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. Accuracy is guaranteed. What do you love most about your job?

Prophetess Phyllis: I love the fact that I am using my gift to help others and the answered prayers that  I and others see manifest. What do you feel are the most common misconceptions about psychics?

Prophetess Phyllis: Most callers don’t know difference between being a Psychic and having a Spiritual Gift.  People will automatically think you are a “psychic” because you know things about them and their situation. I imagine doing readings can be quite demanding on your mentally – how do you protect yourself from this and being affected by the energies of others? 

Prophetess Phyllis: I have been spiritually trained how to release any negative energy that may try to attach itself to me.  BEWARE of the sender LOL… Thanks for speaking to us Phyllis, really appreciate it!

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