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Our Independent Guide To Keen Psychics

Is legit? It is trustworthy? Are the readings at Keen psychics accurate?
These maybe some of the questions you have right now.
Well – I’m here to answer them in this review. is one of the best loved psychic sites online. I’m a huge fan of it but like all sites, our visitors want to know if it can be trusted.
In this review I’ll show you everything that’s good (and bad!) about Keen Psychics so you can make up your own mind.

Well, I’ve used it a bunch of times for guidance and I think it’s one of the best psychic sites today. Keen is full of warm, experienced advisors you can really trust and get instant readings from.

It offers a huge range of expert psychics from all walks of life. It has tons of different services and, most importantly, accurate, insightful readings. Read on with our Keen review to find out why it will be a great fit for you:

How Much Does Charge For Readings?

Readings at cost anywhere from $1.99 to $20+ per minute. The price depends on the type of reading and how experienced your advisor is. Well-known psychics tend to cost more as they have higher demand.

Remember that as a new user you can get your first three minutes free, regardless of the advisor’s rate.

What Readings Can I Get At Keen? offers a huge variety of accurate readings that will appeal to anyone. Perhaps you’re looking for more life balance.
Maybe you want to find the answers you’ve been looking for, or how to live a truly brilliant life. Whatever you need, they have readings for.
The main types are:

  • Psychic readings (e.g. relationships/love, career, finance)
  • Psychic mediums (communicating with those passed on, or your spirit guide energy)
  • Financial outlook (e.g. abundance, money struggles, investments)
  • Love and relationships (e.g. advice on marriages, breakups or finding love)
  • Life questions (people find these can help with key decisions)
  • Tarot readings (to get guidance on any area of your life)
  • Spiritual readings (to help you become more spiritually aware or determine your life’s purpose)

There are also some niche services like Mayan Astrology and Aura Cleansing. This is great to see as it shows Keen want to serve as many people as possible. Basically, if you have a type of reading in mind, you’ll find it here!

We were especially impressed with the love readings. Not only were the readings highly insightful, but we found the advisors to be very empathetic and caring (even when delivering quite blunt messages).

I’ve always been super impressed not just with their amount of readings Keen offers, but also how many advisors they have in each category. And all of them are truly wanting to help you find clarity, peace and a better life.

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Mobile Readings At Keen

Keen have done an amazing job of taking the service and creating a free app from it. The Keen mobile app is available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

If you don’t already have a account you can quickly create one within the app in seconds. The Keen app is one of my favorite psychic apps because it offers:

  • Easy, instant access to an advisor
  • A ‘get matched’ function to help find the right one for you
  • Free daily horoscopes
  • Games including tarot reading and fortune cookies
  • Easy messaging function to chat to your psychic advisor

The app is super fast, easy to navigate and intuitive. Highly recommended!
Here’s what the Keen mobile app looks like:

Who Are The Top Rated Psychics At Keen?

With over 100 advisors at, you’ve got the benefit of a huge choice. With specialists in everything from tarot to runes, you can be sure to find a psychic that meets your needs, 24/7.

They have some of the most experienced and gifted psychics on the internet. Many have tens of thousands of positive reviews.
These are psychics with true talents and gifts. And with it, warmth, compassion and honesty.

Here are just a few of the best psychics at

Psychic's PhotoPsychicUser RatingFree Minutes
Visions By The Phoenix Rising

Visions By The Phoenix Rising

  • One of the most experienced psychics on Keen, with over 68,000 readings done. 
  • 'Reality based' advice and predictions
  • Love, relationships
  • Careers
  • Spirit guides
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Ask Fran

Ask Fran

  • Over 30,000 readings given
  • Love, relationships
  • Divorce, breakups
  • 40 years psychic experience
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  • Over 31,000 readings given
  • Intuitive astrology consultant
  • Women's issues
  • Money, prosperity
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Affiliate Disclosure: If you visit one of these sites and sign up, we may receive a small fee.

How To Get Started At Keen

It’s easy to register and get your first reading at Keen. Simply go to the ‘Register’ button and fill out the short form to start. Or you can quickly set it up using your Google or Apple account.
Then you just need to choose your psychic advisor!
Remember, if you get stuck, head over to the help or customer support section.

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Keen Pros & Cons

Whilst we love all the psychic reading sites we list on our site, none are perfect.
And I want to ensure you know the bad bits as well as the good so you can get the most from this review. Like all our reviews, we want to give you a holistic overview of the site.
So, here’s my round up of the pros and cons of Keen:

What We Like
  • Well established site, celebrating it's 20th year!
  • Great range of experienced advisors
  • Keen app available on App Store and Google Play
  • Superb customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • First 3 minutes free
Could Improve
  • Customer service only available via support ticket
  • Daily horoscopes are limited in their scope

What Customers Are Saying About Keen

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s some quotes from people like you that have used Keen Psychics, taken from Trustpilot:

  • “I was recommended by a great friend! And I found a wonderful lady to visit with on Keen!”
  • “It’s the best I’ve had I’ve tried others and nothings comes as close”
  • “I didn’t have to tell her anything about who I was calling about she tapped in right away, and started giving me information.”

“Getting clarity really helps me to ease my thoughts if I needed to. Thank you to all the psychics I’ve had the pleasure of getting a reading from.”

– A happy customers

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Keen Psychics At A Glance

❔ Number of psychics118
⌚ Free minutes3
💲 Reading prices$1.99 upwards
🀧 TarotYes
♈ AstrologyYes
📱 Mobile appYes

Keen Psychics – Our Summary

Overall I absolutely love the Psychic service. I’ve had about ten readings there (for the most recent ones I’ve used the app).

Keen offers a huge range of services including tarot. and advisors and a price range to suit anyone. It’s a great place to help you find the answers to your burning questions. Lots of visitors say it’s helped them massively with relationships and finding someone their true soulmate.

That said, there’s two areas I would like to see improved.
Firstly is the customer service options – the support team are great (although I’ve only had to contact them once), but I’d love the option to speak to someone on the phone rather than just messaging.

Secondly, although I appreciate the horoscopes, I found them quite basic in their breadth.

I’m nit-picking though – most important is always the readings and advisors and I have no complaints here at all. The advisors I’ve had seemed empathetic and genuinely caring. That’s super important when you’re talking about things that make you vulnerable.

Life can be a complicated thing to navigate on your own. Keen makes that journey easier by connecting you with people who can help.
And they do that with empathy, warmth and intuition.

I’d highly recommend Keen psychics, whether it’s your first reading or 100th! Try it today with your three free minutes.

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Keen FAQs

Does Keen have a mobile app?

Yes they do – there is a free Keen app available on Google Play and the App Store. It’s a great way of accessing their psychic services quickly and easily.
It’s also more intuitive to use than the normal mobile site. You don’t have to use it though – you can just use the site with your browser.

Is there a promo code for Keen?

No, you don’t need a promo code to get started with Keen! All new users get 3 minutes free!
Simply click on our links on this page and you can claim them and get started instantly.

How many psychics does Keen offer?

When I last checked, there were an impressive 118 advisors at Keen. That means you have a huge range of psychics and can get a reading within minutes.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! Keen has amazing customer service and will credit up to $25 back if you’re not happy.
That’s reassuring as you know you’re dealing with a company that takes your happiness seriously.

What’s the Trustpilot score for Keen?

It’s a 3.9 which is ‘great‘.

Who owns Keen?

Keen is owned by Ingenio LLC, which was founded back in 1999. That means you’ve got the backing of an established legit company.