Psychic Attacks – What They Are & How To Deal With Them

Today I’ll unpack with you the topic of psychic attacks. You’ll get to properly understand them and – perhaps most importantly – how to stop them.

What You Need To Know About Psychic Attacks

Are you feeling like you are dealing with a string of bad luck? Or are you having strange experiences that are upsetting you? Perhaps you are feeling down and out of sorts, as if you do not feel as if you are yourself at all. Sometimes those things happen out of the blue. However, there is nothing to worry about if you have one or two days of bad luck and things start turning around for the better. For it to be worrisome, you must face a string of days, at least a week of bad luck or weird experiences. And if that happens, then you are likely under a psychic attack!

What Are Psychic Attacks?

Psychic Attacks
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Psychic attacks are also known as spiritual attacks, and they happen when someone intentionally sends you harmful energy. For example, when you think badly about someone because you don’t think they are friendly, it impacts them, but one thought or two will not do anything. The negative energy that comes with a psychic attack has to be forceful and sometimes intentional. The individual who sends you negative energy to the point that it becomes a psychic attack wishes you ill. For example, the individual may be jealous of you, and because of that, they are focusing on you failing or losing whatever you have, making them dangerously jealous.

Perhaps, you have a successful home-based business, and the one sending you the psychic attack cannot seem to get their business off the ground. The individual who is jealous of you never liked you, and you established your home-based business simultaneously. However, their psychic attack is causing you nothing but bad luck that has to do with your business.

But sometimes, the one who is sending you negative energy is not aware that they are sending you a psychic attack. In that case, the psychic attack is not necessarily intentional, but it is still a problem for you. So I will elaborate further and discuss the signs that you are under a psychic attack.

What Are The Signs You’re Under A Psychic Attack?

Once again, if you have one negative situation, that does not mean you are under a psychic attack. Sometimes s**t happens, and there is no other way to explain it. I will review the signs that you are under a spiritual attack that you must know. The first thing is, as mentioned, you will have a string of bad luck that is happening for over a week, or it may be less than that if the psychic attack is weak.

These bad luck situations can be subtle, such as spilling your coffee on your shoes, or they could be significant, such as getting into a car accident, even if it is minor. But, it has to happen when you get a string of bad luck. And when it comes to the jealous guy who could be sending you a psychic attack because of being jealous of your business, that will result in you losing clients and the clients going to your competitors. But, simultaneously, you will also discover that someone is tarnishing your reputation online because there was a discovery of something shady you did ten years ago that should not affect you today.

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That is one sign that you are under a psychic attack. Another sign is that you have complex emotions, and I am not talking about a one-off day you are having because you are down. You will be feeling emotional off for days or longer. You may fear you are slipping into a depression. The demeanor changes because you do not feel as if you are yourself. You may find yourself confused or dissociating as someone is talking to you, which means you are not listening to what they say.

You may also find yourself depressed one day, exhausted the next, and full of rage and anger the next without putting your finger on why you feel that way. Unfortunately, you may feel this way before the string of bad luck is happening too, and the bad luck string will not be helping your demeanor either.

There is one more sign that you are under a psychic attack, and that is you are having nightmares.

If you have plenty of nightmares, you could also be under a psychic attack, especially if you are dealing with a string of bad luck. If you don’t have nightmares, at best, you may feel paranoid, uneasy, and unsettled to the point that you might be jumpy if you hear a loud noise or someone calls your name. You may think that others are giving you negative vibes even though they are not, and you may even feel that way about your friends and family who you love.

So you can see how someone’s ill feelings towards you, whether they intentionally send you negative energy or not, can negatively impact you. But the good news is that you can stop it from happening and protect yourself from a spiritual attack.

How To Stop A Psychic Attack?

The best way to stop a psychic attack is to realize what is happening to you. Yes, isolated bad luck events happen which have nothing to do with anyone intentionally sending you negative energy. However, the string of bad luck, the nightmares or paranoia, and your overall demeanor changing and not for the better is a sure sign that someone is attacking you spiritually.

There are several ways you can stop the psychic attack from harming you further. First, if you know who could send this negative energy towards you, and they are a jealous friend not known to be dangerous, you may want to approach them. Don’t be accusatory, but you will want to ask them if they have an issue with you and ask them to be honest.

It would help to remember that those attacking you struggle to process their emotions. If they were secure within, they would not need to attack you. What you will want to do is help them gain some closure and make peace. Think of anything you may have done to upset them, and apologize for it.

However, even after you talk to them and the attacks are still happening based on your experiences, you will want to speak to your spirit guides and angels to help you stop the attacks from happening further. The same goes if you realize the one sending you the spiritual attacks is not someone you can reason with; stay far away from them and rely on your angels and guides to help.

If you are not sure who is sending these attacks, you will want to consult a reputable psychic to provide insight into what is happening. They may tell you who could be behind this and then listen to their recommendations to stop it. But, once again, even if you get intuitive help regarding these psychic attacks, always rely on your spirit guides and angels to help you through it. You may want to get some reiki healing after the consultation, so you are back into balance.

Even once these current psychic attacks stop, you want to protect yourself from future ones because there will always be people who are not fond of you and will send you those attacks out of anger, hatred, resentment, and jealousy.

How To Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

There is one thing you need to do to prevent future psychic attacks from happening, and that is to begin to start adopting spiritual practices. Start getting to know your spirit guides and angels, and realize they are there to protect you. They will not protect you if you don’t ask them to do so. Therefore, you will want to begin asking them to protect you after you have an argument with someone or you end up seeing someone you know and you don’t get a good vibe from them.

You may even ask them to look out for you before you start your day each morning. The way to communicate with them is through meditation and prayer. As you communicate with your angels and guides, envision a pink bubble surrounding you, protecting you and keeping you safe from anyone who has any ill will towards you.

You will also want to begin carrying some crystals that can keep you safe and protected. You can wear crystal jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets. You can also keep the crystals in your pocket. The best protective crystals against psychic attacks are:

  • Clear quartz – This stone helps to deflect negativity and brings in positivity. However, if you want to use clear quartz for protection, you need to set a clear intention with this stone to help keep you safe from negativity.
  • Black tourmaline – This tone is excellent for helping you create a positive work and living space. If you happen to be living or working with toxic people capable of attacking you psychically, keep black tourmaline with you as it will help keep the negativity at bay.
  • Black jadeBlack jade is beneficial for protecting yourself from people who give off a lot of negativity. That is why you will want to keep this stone with you if you go to crowded places. Or, if you have to be near someone who does not like you or vice versa, keep this stone with you because it is your protector.
  • Black obsidian – When someone throws a psychic attack at you, you must be receptive for it to affect you. And the black obsidian provides calm and positive energy for you that will help you stay in a positive frame of mind. Therefore, you will not be receptive to any negativity that anyone can toss your way. Consequently, it is a good idea to keep black obsidian with you when dealing with people or situations that can frustrate you, which could open you up to a psychic attack.
  • Pyrite – This stone is meant to help you detox from technology, and social media can be a cesspool of drama. Therefore, someone on social media who has never met you but has decided not to like you can also send you a psychic attack. If you feel drained after spending too much time online or on social media, pyrite can help by removing the effects of technology. You may want to use the clear quartz if you worry that someone has already started sending you psychic attacks to help ward it off.

All you can do is cleanse those crystals once a week by putting them in a bowl of salt, on the window sill overnight for moonlight, or during the day for sunlight. Because between using those crystals, meditation, prayer, and consulting with your guides and angels, you can easily protect yourself from dealing with future psychic attacks.

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